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Live Trading with a Fiverr Forex Robot

In today’s video I go to, do a search for Forex Robots, and then trade one that I purchase on a live $1,000 account. The purpose is to show you whether or not expert advisors on this marketplace are viable.

Most of you likely already have an opinion on this, but I figured I would weigh in. Please enjoy, subscribe to the channel, and like the video!


Fiverr Forex Robot Trading

Hey guys you ever want to put a Fiverr Forex robot on a $1000 live trading account just to see what happens?

Well, a few weeks ago I scoured the marketplace and found a forex robot. it’s been running for a few weeks and today I’m gonna walk you through the strategy, the trading results, how it works and let you know exactly how it performed. All with with live verified Myfxbook performance results.

Also you may want to stick around because the developer of this software didn’t password protect this thing at all. So if you stick around to the end of the video you might get yourself a free forex robot download.

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Just before I get into the video and show you the Fiverr Forex robot, I want to thank everybody for joining and subscribing to the telegram. We are at over 1 000 people already and we just started it a few weeks ago. We’re giving one free forex signal aday and also if you subscribed, commented or liked any of the videos last month you automatically were in a draw for Forex Fury.

Those winners are announced below this video. Now that I got that out of the way, subscribe, likem do all that stuff and let me show you how this Forex robot did from

Scouring for Robots

Okay guys as you can see I’m here on the website. I just did a search for forex robot and these are the options. The systems range in price anywhere from five dollars ten dollars to up to 150 dollars and they’re sorted by relevance or you could sort by popularity. You can go through these to see if these are worthwhile. You can click on one of them and what you’re going to see. Mostly on Fiverr are screenshots like these as the proof is not that impressive and since they’re selling a robot for just a few dollars what can you really expect. There’s a a few reviews but the reviews don’t actually talk about the forex robot and really in general it’s just not a very impressive marketplace. That being said I decided to go into it anyway.

I wanted to take a look at some of these robots as I wanted to see if these robots could actually perform. Do they do anything? Are they worthwhile?That’s the point of this, So I got thousand dollar trading account. Let’s take a look at the results, let’s see what happens.

Trading Results on my Forex VPS

Okay so here we are in my Forex virtual private server. This is where i have a bunch of trading accounts. You can see here this is a live one thousand dollar account. I bought the kick ass Forex robot off off, I put it on the chart and now we can take a look at the trading results.

You will see that it started out with a small lot size and that I did increase that because no one’s interested in 50 cent wins. So, we started to get some five dollar wins all the way to the point where we’re actually up sixty dollars on the trading account which is actually kicking ass. Though, it’s not really kicking ass you can see here as I go to the trade window that we have an open trade that is down ninety dollars. We are not exactly in the positive but hey at least it won some trades and that ‘smore than I would have expected from a fiverr Forex robot.

The Fiverr Forex Robot Settings

Now let’s also take a look quickly at the settings. If I just go to expert advisor properties here you will see that the kick-ass robot has a bunch of different settings. It’s not a lot of settings. You would see a more advanced tool like my Forex Fury, that’s going to have a ton of different settings and different things that you can do. This is basically a very simple trailing stop moving average baseud trading strategy. Honestly just from looking at this I could probably come up with this system myelin very little time. Which is probably why it’s so cheap and why it’s being sold on fiverr. There’s nothing wrong with the settings. They’re obviously using the trailing stop feature to try and get out of trades efficiently.

I’ve been optimizing some settings lately for Fury doing the exact same thing which is excellent. I do like trailing stop. Now lets take a look at some of the trades.

All i have to do is just pull this onto the chart and then we have a trade right here. A bunch of trades actually you can see this first trade uh it’s pretty good. It goes in the right direction to capture the win. the fact that it comes down we lose some profit you know if we held this trade we would have got profit at the top.

Now if we go to the next trade it’s this one here, held it for a while went in the wrong direction but ended up getting the win. Same thing as the next trade, actually the next trade is very very similar. It does seem like the entry points suck and that’s because they’re really not using an entry strategy as soon as you put the software on the chart it just places the trade. Which is kind of trash honestly. You’re gonna get trades if you use this this Forex robot because it just places a trade every time the other trade finishes and then hopes that the direction is right. But that’s not exactly strategy you want to have, as a forex robot should actually determine you know where you’re going to enter and why you’re going to enter the trade. So, I’m not very impressed with this.

As I scroll down you can see some different trades. I could throw another one on the chart these trades are a little bit better the last few trades we’ve had. They were definitely much faster much more efficient definitely what you want to see.

Myfxbook Results

Now let’s go into the myfxbook account so I can do a little bit more analysis on this and then give you the robot for free. Okay so I just uploaded the fiverr Forex robot that I’m gonna give you for free. I did mention that if you if you stay to the end you will get it for free. Okay so I just put it on myfxbook you can see here that it’s a simple six percent gain with a nine percent draw down.

Everything was going pretty well and then just recently we have this large draw down here which is just not very impressive at all. Now we have the open trade you can see here it’s at about minus 100 pips right now which is obviously not what you want to see. This probably can’t stay open for much longer and I assume we’re gonna take a pretty significant loss with this one. If you look at the history this isn’t bad. It’s been basically pretty solid wins throughout.

We’ve had a 37 pip loss that one I think I actually exited myself so I don’t want to put that on the robot. Because I just wanted to increase the lot size and then we got the lot size increased and we basically just kept hitting five pip wins. The average trade length is about 21 hours which isn’t that bad and we’re up six percent for the month for a robot from It’s not that bad you know I think I only paid like $15 for this thing. So probably shouldn’t be putting it on a live trading account but whatever here it is and it’s not doing terrible.

I’m not sure if this is sustainable as I hate the fact that they don’t actually have an entry strategy but hey that’s neither here nor there beggars can’t be choosers. Whatever you want to say it’s just not really my cup of tea. The risk reward ratio is decent it kind of uses a scalper sort of risk reward ratio as you can see there’s a small five pip gains and then very significant losses of potentially 100 pips. Which is what we have right now so I understand this isn’t a glowing endorsement and maybe you wanted to see this double my account or half my account but I will keep this running and I will give you this robot for free because I promised. So just make sure you go to I’ll have a link in the comments section or wherever some where below the video so that you can download this free forex robot. I’ll give you the instructions I’ll let you know how to install it you just throw it on it’s easy it’s really easy to install forex robots in general. So that’s really it for today I don’t have anything crazy for you. We didn’t we didn’t lose okay we’re still up 60 dollars so that’s a six percent return on investment well minus the $15 I paid for it. So about $45 return on investment it could be worse.

Download Link

I hope you enjoy the video guys, I hope that you enjoy this content that we’re doing at Forex robot nation as I love doing it and that’s it. Just subscribe like thanks for stopping by and just keep supporting, I love you guys keep winning and keep getting pips, take care.

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