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Binary Options

Binary options is a form of trading that’s different from Forex. In binary, traders predict whether the market is going up or down for a specific period of time, with a set profit or loss per trade. In this category, we have reviewed over 70 different trading products all developed with the goal of helping traders win more trades. This market is not as fruitful as Forex trading, and certainly isn’t my main recommendation. Over the past few years, new regulations have set in, which make binary options trading increasingly difficult in several major countries. This, in conjunction with the fact that many binary trading brokers are crooks, has made this a less appealing market.


If you do have a reliable broker and regulated, like Nadex, HighLow, or, then you are in the clear, and the products in this category can help you win more trades. The top ranked systems are all located in the Binary Options Lab, a specific part of the Forex Robot Nation website dedicated to binary trading.


When choosing a binary options software or signal service, you will want to analyze multiple factors to ensure that you pick a system that meets your expectations. First off, you should figure out what expiry time you want to trade, because system specializes in providing different expiry time trades. For example, if you like fast trades, then you would benefit from Binary Today 5, a product that specializes in 5 minute expiry time trades. If you want trades to settle into the market, then I recommend Binary Strategy, which provides 15 minute expiry times, and happens to be the #1 rated system on Forex Robot Nation.


So, while this market isn’t my personal favorite, and I’d much rather trade Forex. There are a couple reliable binary options software programs if you are interested in receiving trading signals. Feel free to work your way through the full list of binary options product reviews now.

Auto Binary Spy

Auto binary spy is a $37 binary options software by Donald Penderton. The developer claims this is the first binary options commodity trading robot and that is 100% automated. Today I will go over this new binary options system in my review and find out the goals of Donald and the potential of his software. Auto Binary Spy Review To …

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Wall Street Killer – Wallst Review

Wall Street Killer is a new binary options products the developer claims can be used make an effortless $150,000. The video on the website shows an account with this money in it. I am not saying that this is a fake account but it is easy to contact the broker and have them deposit $150,000 in a free demo account …

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Binary Profit Cloner

Binary profit cloner is a new binary options software that is expected to make $200-$1000 a day on autopilot by Andrew Bateman. Do I believe that this system actually provides these type of results, probably not but read on to find out if there is any potential. Appeared Forex robot nation we are always the first to provide an in-depth, …

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60 Second Binary Options

60 Second Binary Options is a new trading system that does not really a and aims for quick 60 second binary trades. I have not had a lot of success with 60 second binary options systems in the past but I’m interested to see what the developer claims this offers. I will provide a full review giving detailed analysis …

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Auto Binary Signals

Auto binary signals is a new binary options trading formula that claims to secure weekly profits of nearly $60,000. The developer claims it is a top-secret software that exploits unknown loopholes for guaranteed returns. In my review I will take a look at these boisterous claims and resolve whether or not they have any legitimacy. Auto Binary Signals Review The …

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Winning Binary Signals

Winning binary signals is a new binary options service that claims to earn up to 72% of your original deposit in a single day. This option signal provider sends three signals per day. The signals come with a market analysis and a full description of the conditions leading up to the trade. I will review this new binary options alert …

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MT4 to Binary

MT4 to Binary is an interesting new application that claims that it can automatically copy all Forex trades to a binary options broker. The developer believes that this will lead to twice the sources of profit, power and of course reward. MT4 to Binary Question I have one main question and concern about this new software. I think that this …

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Binary Pro Bot

Today I’m looking at Binary Pro Bot by Jacob Garrison. From what I can see from doing a little snooping this is the same developer that gave us binary options magnet as they have the exact same members area layout. The binary options software which is being promoted in a webinar form is being sold for $497. Binary Pro Bot …

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Instant Options Income

Today I’m looking at Instant Options Income by Bill Poulos. This is a new binary options trading system with a very heavy price tag. Instant Options Income Details Bill is known for providing very expensive Forex solutions. Obviously he is decided to try his hand at binary options strategies. Being as this is his first time with binary options I …

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Binary System X

Today I am looking at Binary System X a new binary options trading system that claims to have earned over $13 million dollars. I will review this product and let you know if I think it is worth your time. Binary System X Review As I get onto the website I find myself faced with a promotional video and a …

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