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Binary Pro Bot

binary pro botToday I’m looking at Binary Pro Bot by Jacob Garrison. From what I can see from doing a little snooping this is the same developer that gave us binary options magnet as they have the exact same members area layout. The binary options software which is being promoted in a webinar form is being sold for $497.

Binary Pro Bot Review

So I got an email today with a link to a webinar but it doesn’t seem to be in actual webinar. This is most certainly a recording of some sort with fake names and fake chat messages. I am not sure what purpose this serves but it isn’t the right way to gather trust.

He also says there will be no weekly this web which is obviously not true because once you have the link you can go back here and start it over at anytime.

Binary Pro Bot Details

The software itself is not described in great detail but I do have access to the members area so I can show you how that looks if you’re wondering.

binary pro bot members
The members area

As you can see in this screenshot I have also highlighted where it says binary options magnet in the members area. The only reason this really worries me is I hope they are not selling the exact same product and just changing the name.

You can also see in the members area that you are recommended to use their favorite broker and then you have access to the software and you can plug in your license key.

Binary Pro Bot Conclusion

From what I’ve found out so far I cannot recommend the Binary Pro Bot system. I am obviously worried about some of the information that came to light during this review and I will follow up on this information and hopefully get some answers.

If you have something you would like to contribute please leave your comments below about the Binary Pro Bot.

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