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Binary Options

Binary options is a form of trading that’s different from Forex. In binary, traders predict whether the market is going up or down for a specific period of time, with a set profit or loss per trade. In this category, we have reviewed over 70 different trading products all developed with the goal of helping traders win more trades. This market is not as fruitful as Forex trading, and certainly isn’t my main recommendation. Over the past few years, new regulations have set in, which make binary options trading increasingly difficult in several major countries. This, in conjunction with the fact that many binary trading brokers are crooks, has made this a less appealing market.


If you do have a reliable broker and regulated, like Nadex, HighLow, or, then you are in the clear, and the products in this category can help you win more trades. The top ranked systems are all located in the Binary Options Lab, a specific part of the Forex Robot Nation website dedicated to binary trading.


When choosing a binary options software or signal service, you will want to analyze multiple factors to ensure that you pick a system that meets your expectations. First off, you should figure out what expiry time you want to trade, because system specializes in providing different expiry time trades. For example, if you like fast trades, then you would benefit from Binary Today 5, a product that specializes in 5 minute expiry time trades. If you want trades to settle into the market, then I recommend Binary Strategy, which provides 15 minute expiry times, and happens to be the #1 rated system on Forex Robot Nation.


So, while this market isn’t my personal favorite, and I’d much rather trade Forex. There are a couple reliable binary options software programs if you are interested in receiving trading signals. Feel free to work your way through the full list of binary options product reviews now.

Binary Brain Wave

Binary Brain Wave has hit the market and everyone is taking notice. I take great pleasure in introducing the readers here at Forex Robot Nation to systems that work for me. If you read my site often you know that most of my time is spent reviewing systems that don’t work, today that changes with the introduction of a real …

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Home Earners Kit

Home earners kit is a new free application being provided to traders looking to make money in bit coin trading. The closer a look at the system though, it shares a very similar resemblance to many of the free binary options software’s that have been flooding the market over the past few months. I’ll let you know my thoughts in …

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Auto Bitcoin Cash

Auto Bitcoin Cash is a new free bitcoin software that forces you to open an account with Cedar Finance to use it. In looking at this quickly you can tell that this is another binary options free system but masquerading as a bitcoin software because it trades bitcoin on a binary broker. Today I will review this software and let …

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New Year Profits

New year profits is another one of these free binary options systems that aren’t free at all. While it may seem great up front, the deeper you look the worst these systems get every single time. Today I will be providing a full review and telling you why you should stay away from this product in any other product of …

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Binary Loopholes Exposed

Binary loopholes exposed is a new binary options software developed by Joseph Williams, a stockbroker who recently got into options. Joseph believes that with his software users can automatically bypass scams and start making a full-time income from home. Today I’ll be providing a full review and below the article you’ll be able to find comments from other Forex robot …

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Binary Options Bullet

At last, the wait is over, I promised weeks ago that I have been testing a successful system and today it is released, Binary Options Bullet. As many know I have been involved in quite a few tests and today I am EXTREMELY happy to announce the launch of the one system that I have been using successfully. This is a …

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Rich Binary Jerk

Rich binary jerk is a new binary options system that shows a bunch of screenshots and trading accounts as proof. The developer claims to be an obnoxious jerk who’s lazy and doesn’t care because he’s filthy rich. Today I will be providing a review on this binary options system so that you know whether or not it is worth your …

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Trading Slayer Review

Trading slayer is another one of these free binary options systems that force you to use their broker in order to access it. Up until this point every single one of these systems that is been tested have failed. Today I will be providing a quick review and letting you know whether or not I see a change in the …

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Profit In 60 Seconds

Profit in 60 seconds is a new binary options software that is going to be garnering a lot of attention over the next couple weeks so I want to get ahead of that now. This system is set to release Wednesday, the 6th of November so it is just around the corner. This page will provide as a review and …

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Fast Cash Formula

Fast cash formula is another one of these free binary options systems. I’ve basically come to a conclusion about all of these systems already and so I will quickly tell you my opinion on this system and the others and get it out of the way. This review will be short and sweet. Fast Cash Formula Review All of these …

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