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Auto Bitcoin Cash

auto bitcoin cash

Auto Bitcoin Cash is a new free bitcoin software that forces you to open an account with Cedar Finance to use it. In looking at this quickly you can tell that this is another binary options free system but masquerading as a bitcoin software because it trades bitcoin on a binary broker.

Today I will review this software and let you know exactly what you need to know.

Auto Bitcoin Cash Review

The Auto Bitcoin Cash may as well be another binary options scam. They have a quick video telling us how much money they are going to give us just for signing up with their broker but just like any other binary scam I’m sure this will end in heart break. There has yet to be one free system that requires a broker signup that works, and I’ve tested over 20. It’s time to give up on these type of systems, if there’s a video, an email sign up and then a broker sign up, move on.

Another thing that I found disturbing is the fact that I downloaded the file and I got the same day profits executable. Which means this auto bit coin cash isn’t even a new software it is an old software being repurposed. The same day profits software was released months ago, I believe in the summer and it proved to be terrible.

auto bitcoin cash wrong download

At this point there is really nothing else I can say about auto bitcoin cash except stay away and smarten up. The fact that you even ended up on this bit coin page shows that you’re looking in the wrong places. I will not be recommending the system today and I will not be recommending any binary options scam that forces you to sign up with their broker. You should always have a choice and if you don’t then you’re probably in the wrong place again.

Please tell me your thoughts on auto bitcoin cash it if you have experience with software is like these I would appreciate it if you leave your stories below.

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