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Trading Slayer Review

trading slayerTrading slayer is another one of these free binary options systems that force you to use their broker in order to access it. Up until this point every single one of these systems that is been tested have failed.

Today I will be providing a quick review and letting you know whether or not I see a change in the horizon.

Update: Trading Slayer was an unsuccessful system. Please head to the Binary Options Lab here for our binary tests and winning systems.

Trading Slayer Review

I will make this one short and sweet because trading slayer does not deserve a lot of my time. It also does not deserve a lot of your time because all of these systems have been failures to this point. While binary options for a lot of people is something new these free binary systems have been popping up over the last few months left right and center.

The goal of the free binary product download developer is to make you sign up with their preferred broker. By doing so they will earn a commission which is as good as a payday if not better. The problem with this and I’ve mentioned it in past reviews is that once you are signed up with the broker there is no more accountability. They have already receive their commission and the product they gave you doesn’t even have to be supported anymore.

trading slayer review

The quality of these systems like the trading slayer have always been very poor. These are binary options downloads that are quickly forgotten about and always disappointing. I have to also mention that this system is in auto trading system. Considering that every single binary options broker is using internal software there is no way any broker would allow an automated system to be successful. This is why at this point we have to still stick with signal providing software in this market.

I’m sure by now you realize that I’m not going to be recommending the trading slayer system. As much as I enjoy trading binary options this is not the type of system I would use to earn money in this market. If you have something you would like to add I would appreciate it if you left a comment below this article. As always thank you for reading Forex robot nation and please come back again soon.

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  1. Hi can u please give a review on Alex Johnson (instantDollar) Automatic trading.

  2. Can u please give me a review on Alex Johnson, (instantdollar) it is automated trading.

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