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Binary System X

binary system xToday I am looking at Binary System X a new binary options trading system that claims to have earned over $13 million dollars.

I will review this product and let you know if I think it is worth your time.


Binary System X Review

As I get onto the website I find myself faced with a promotional video and a get started button. With no other option I decide to click the get started button. Upon doing so I am faced with a payment of $37 for the Binary System X.

Obviously I’m going to have to look at this annoying video in order to provide you with an opinion on whether or not this is a suitable binary options software.

Binary System X Video

The video is your typical marketing story. The video starts out by telling us how an investment banker lives a life of excess thanks to binary options. Now he is releasing his Binary System X to an exclusive amount of traders.

He then goes on to discuss undiscovered markets that this system can take advantage of. The video narrator claimed he’s going to show us the new binary options system in action. After going to the clock to prove the time and show an exorbitant account he shows us a 60 second trade.

Binary System X Results

So he does just this. He opens a trade and then 60 seconds later it is a winner. One problem I do have with this is that trader doesn’t show us how he comes to the conclusion that he should place a put trade. He just places the put trade.

Then he continues to show us more statements and more sample trades but I want more.

Binary System X Conclusion

I am not sold on the Binary System X. I do not recommend purchasing this software. Websites with videos like these are more often than not scams and they need to be avoided.

If you have anything you would like to contribute I would like to listen to your opinions on Binary System X.

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