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Instant Options Income

instant options income

Today I’m looking at Instant Options Income by Bill Poulos. This is a new binary options trading system with a very heavy price tag.

Instant Options Income Details

Bill is known for providing very expensive Forex solutions. Obviously he is decided to try his hand at binary options strategies. Being as this is his first time with binary options I would hope the price would be a little bit lower but it is actually a $1000 product.

Obviously I speak for myself but I do have a hard time investing this type of money in trading systems of any kind. I prefer to spend somewhere under $200 and for binary options generally under $100 because that seems to be the asking price point. This is different of course for training systems like bill’s Instant Options Income but you have to be careful.

Instant Options Income Site

At this point in time the site is just a 20 minute video that introduces you to Instant Options Income and the strategies that Bill Poulos implements. The strategy that Bill discusses is the credit spread strategy. He claims that this strategy will bring trades in both an upward market and a sideways market giving the opportunity to produce wins 66% of the time.

I do appreciate his goal as it is modest. Bill claims that he wants his members to gain 2% of their account every single week which makes a goal of 8% a month. If you add it all up at the end of the year you’re looking at nearly doubling your account so if you’re dealing with big money you can consistently rely on a strategy.

Instant Options Income Conclusion

While at first I wasn’t sure about the software I am coming around to it a little bit. I think that Instant Options Income has some potential because of the angle Bill is taking. He is not promising us 10% a week because that’s unrealistic. His goal is to earn us a couple of percent every single week so that this becomes a reliable source of income.

Whether this strategy works or not is still up for discussion. If you have any thoughts or comments please leave them below about Instant Options Income.

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  1. It works until you have one big trade go against you then you lose enough in one trade to make up for the previous 8 or 9 winners. I have traded credit spreads before and its all good until one bad trade knocks out the previous small winners….and it DOES happen.

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