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MT4 to Binary

MT4 to Binary is an interesting new application that claims that it can automatically copy all Forex trades to a binary options broker. The developer believes that this will lead to twice the sources of profit, power and of course reward.

MT4 to Binary Question

mt4 to binary

I have one main question and concern about this new software. I think that this concern is likely the same that most people have. I’m really not sure if this software is going to work with every single binary options broker on the market.

This of course is very important to me because I only use one binary options broker currently and I definitely don’t want to switch.

On the website this is not specified in any way so I am hoping that the developer will come to Forex robot nation and clear this up for us.

MT4 to Binary Information

Let me list some of the aspects of the empty for to binary software. The system claims it can convert any MT four to generate binary option trades. It is the first software built specifically for automating binary options trading. Filter trades by the magic number time and currencies being traded. The ability to use Forex expert advisors for binary options trading.

mt4 to binary sources

I am really not sure how the Forex robots are going to work with binary options but I am interested in seeing if anyone can find success doing so.

MT4 to Binary Conclusion

At this point in time I am on the fence about MT4 to binary. I think that the idea is strong but I need to know whether or not this works with multiple binary options brokers and any to see a list of these brokers.

If the software can work with multiple brokers then it may be something I will look at to use in conjunction with binary options bullet.

Well that’s it for today, let me know your thoughts and opinions on mt4 to binary.

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  1. I have been trying to research this product but just as stated above can’t get any response from the vendor. Specifically I wanted to know what brokers it had been established to work with. I think it sounds great and enables you to be independent from the ‘scammers’ who require you setup a broker account (typically with a minimum of $200-250) and then you can use their software. If an account gets cleared out within a matter of hours there is no comeback and of course you have never purchased a product – so again no come back!

  2. João Antonio Flores Neto

    Hello, i bought this product, but i have not received any contact and the vendor is out all the time.

  3. I bought MT4 To Binary… And I did not manage to have this product working. I sent 3 emails regarding this problem to the support. I never received any answer. Maybe there are too busy. Product seems very interesting but I couldn’t use it so far. Renaud.

  4. I think you would have to write your own EA for binary options or get some. It can not work with classic forex EA as they do not respect binary optiones expiry times.

    Having developed some sort of binary options bot/EA as google chrome extensions, which did not work as expected, I know for sure that access to the normal broker data could be very very useful. All an EA have to do is to detect the trend with that data and then place the trades with some money management.

    I think this could be a good solution. Better than autobinary EA or some other broker EA where you might think that they want to make you loose with it.

    I think it does not work with multiple binary options brokers as this would be more like 4x or 6x the sources of profit or more, not just 2x.

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