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Trading Strategies

There are many ways to trade the markets, and I love showing you different Trading Strategies I’ve used in my 15 years in Forex.

Every trading strategy has its time and place.

If you want to be successful with any of these strategies, make sure to trade from key levels.

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Unstoppable Supply and Demand SECRET SNIPER Entries ||  Free Course EP 2

Brace yourself for this short and fascinating article about supply and demand. It is the second content of the free trading course, and it’s time for you to start getting perfect entries on every trade. You enter a trade that never goes into drawdown until you win it successfully. That’s what we’re doing today. Hence, watch the Youtube video above, …

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Unstoppable Neural Network Free Forex Indicator For $117299 GAIN

The Forex market is a complex puzzle that millions of traders tap into daily to make money. In my recent deep dive into Artificial Intelligence, I discovered a tool, a free Forex indicator based on a Neural Network. The process simulates the human brain and allows computer programs to recognize patterns, solving problems in AI and deep learning. It does this …

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10-YEAR+ Best New York Session Forex Trading Strategy

From the dawn of time, I have been using the best New York Session Forex trading strategy and haven’t shared it with anyone. I am the King of New York.  “Dawn of time” might be a bit dramatic, but I have used this strategy for over TEN YEARS to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve always saved it for selling in …

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Sky-Rocket Small Forex Accounts With This Scalping Strategy NOW!

I have a scalping strategy that just flipped $1,600 into $5,600 in 7 days. A trading strategy truly built to grow small forex accounts fast. Hence, if you only have $50 and are about to click off, stick around; this is for you.  I will show you real, live trade examples I took and even give you a template file I made to plug into your MetaTrader account so …

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82 Percent Win Rate 15-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy Tested Fast

Can you win 82% of your trades? Today I’m trading a 15-minute FOREX scalping strategy with $50,000 to see if we can.  Today’s strategy comes from a smaller YouTube channel, Golden Bull Trading, that promises the craziest 15-minute Forex scalping strategy with an 82% win rate. Sometimes I watch smaller channels because you never know what you’ll find. I will trade this live …

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How I made 18780 with a FREE Reddit Forex Trading Strategy In 3 DAYS

There are 279,000 traders in the Reddit Forex community. Today, I will trade a forex trading strategy from them on my live account, and you don’t want to miss what happens. I spend a little time in the Reddit Forex sub, laughing at several videos and sometimes looking at different chart setups. However, I took a deeper dive the other …

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My Results From The 99.3% Win Rate Forex Strategy!

The scalping strategy I’m testing this time is by Trader DNA – a video with over half a million views. This trading strategy has a win rate of 99.3% using two EMAs and one stochastic. Hence, I’ll teach you how to use it to grow your trading account. Then, I’ll show you some live trading examples I took from the …

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FREE AI Forex Trading Strategy (ChatGPT – Part 2)

The last time, I thought outside the box, building a trading strategy with chatGPT. Today, I’m back inside the box using that same AI Forex trading strategy with $50,000 and making it much better for all of us so we can all make some money. It’s only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence (AI) wins and robots take over the world. …

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Best Funded Account Trading Strategy Pass EVERY Challenge

Trading with $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 is much better than using a small account. That’s why today I will teach you a trading strategy that my actual viewers used to pass their challenges to get a funded account and make some real money. About a month ago, I went on Fiverr and bought a swing trading strategy for $45. It was supposed to be a …

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The Easiest Forex Trading Strategy You’ll Ever Use

I don’t care if you’ve never even looked at the charts before; this is the easiest forex trading strategy you’ll ever use! I’ve made over $1,000 daily using it for the past week. I backtested it 100 times for an 801% gain and will show you exactly how I did it so you can do it too.  Just share this article and …

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