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10-YEAR+ Best New York Session Forex Trading Strategy

From the dawn of time, I have been using the best New York Session Forex trading strategy and haven’t shared it with anyone. I am the King of New York

“Dawn of time” might be a bit dramatic, but I have used this strategy for over TEN YEARS to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve always saved it for selling in a trading course, but I don’t have any of those and am unsure if I’ll ever make one. 

Since I love you guys so much, I’ll just give you my New York strategy in exchange for you to watch the Youtube video shared above. Hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, and maybe follow me on Instagram


Best New York Session Forex Trading Strategy Results

When recording the video, I had a couple of live trades active in my trading account up to around $5,000. If they all closed in my favor, I’d have made over $11,000 on the trading day.

Screenshot of live trades in Meta Trader of the Best New York session Forex Trading Strategy.

I’ll update you on the result later.

However, on the previous day, the New York Session strategy banked me over $6,000 on one NASDAQ trade. Hence, I’ll share the result.

The price hit my first take profit level for $2,000 and the second for around $4,000, but why did I take this trade? Let’s get into the strategy.

Best New York Session Forex Trading Strategy Rules and Procedure

Firstly, take the following steps to use this strategy during the New York Session:

  1. Open and log into TradingView.
  2. Select the M5 time frame.
  3. Open the indicators tab and install the Session on Chart by AUROCKS_AIF.
  4. Open the indicator’s settings and disable the London and Tokyo sessions to have only the New York session on our chart. 

NY Session Strategy Pattern

Now, why did I take this strategy? It all comes down to a pattern I’ve been using this for over a decade.

For buy trades, as seen above, the price comes down; has a pullback before breaching the earlier swing low. It returns above but tests that same level it broke, then finally goes up.

The price first creates a support level, which we can mark with a trendline to enter the trade after the lower low for a liquidity grab.

It’s a perfect pattern I’ve used for so long, even before people brought up the liquidity grab concept.

In essence, this is the pattern we want to see:

The price pushed down; we want a pullback, then another pushdown, breaking the former level before a final pullback. Then it should retest that earlier level and then push up.

It’s really that simple. That’s your buy trade. 

For the sell trade, the price comes from the bottom. We wait for our pullback, breaking up, then a move back down. We will retest that area before going down finally.

As you can see, there’s a support level on both the buy and sell trade patterns to use easily. 

For the buy, there’s a first leg, pullback, and break before retesting, signaling our trade entry. On our sell trade, we move up and then pull back for the liquidity grab, waiting for the retest to enter. It’s a phenomenal strategy. 

You can always return to the screenshot above because you must understand this pattern for the strategy. 

Live Trades With The New York Session Trading Strategy

As for the live trades shared earlier, I smashed take profit on the EURGBP one. You can also use this strategy on the NASDAQ, US30, Gold, etc.

I had two Australian trades active at $2,200, expecting up to $4,000, where I’ll take profit.

EURGBP Live Trade (BUY)

Firstly, we ensured we were in the New York session (the area is red). Hence, we started anticipating the pattern.

We got our price pullback then we broke through that area. We got a pushback; the price retested the area and moved up in our preferred direction.

I’ve been using the strategy for years. It works excellently, as you can see here.

We created the support with the earliest price movement up after the initial downward move. We got the break (liquidity grab), then a final pull-up before retesting the level. It smashed my take profit beautifully.

As for the take profit, I like to target the first pullback or around 2% per trade.

In this live trade, the first level was around 1-2% and the second about 1-4%. For you, start with one take profit level focused on a risk-reward ratio of 1-2%.

For your safest stop loss, put it below the liquidity grab, but that’s not always going to be an option on these trades.

AUDUSD Live Trade (SELL)

The sell trade closed while producing this content. As shared earlier, I ensured my chart was on the 5M time frame before looking for my pattern.

I had the initial pushup, then a pullback right before another pushup and the final break. Subsequently, the price retested that level before the pushdown, which I traded.

There is my pattern. That’s what I’m seeking. Hence, we had another New York session banger.

We had the support level created earlier with our liquidity grab, and it turned out to be a sell example because the trade did go in my direction. It smashed my first take profit for a couple of grand and hit the second before I manually exited for a nice win. 

I exited it earlier before reaching my target because I was worried we might get to that 5 p.m. closing period. I didn’t want it to spread too wide and for me to pay any extra swap fees. Thus, I preferred to take my money. 

My stop loss was above the liquidity grab, which is a really safe spot. The first take profit was my first pullback as I generally like to target with this strategy.

I like to go for around 18-20 pips and have figured that’s the best way to use the strategy.

The second take profit is a runner, as I targeted the previous swing low. Therefore, the pattern is safe and smart. 

USDCAD Live Trade (BUY)

My last live trade example with this strategy was on the USDCAD, another major. What did I do?

We had our move down, got the pullback, came down, saw the break of that earlier level, and finally, the retest before the price drove up. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. 

Unlike the others, I didn’t like this trade so much.

I went for too much profit – about 30 pips in the first and 40 in the second. I should have targeted the swing high earlier because that’s the pullback area. Usually, that’s the area I like to target.

My second target was also very high. However, the trade eventually went in my direction, smashing the first take profit before the second later.

I want the trades to finish faster.

Also, I hate the liquidity grab being as low as it was here and prefer it to be shorter.

Therefore, this is a lower probability setup because we’re getting so much of a move down before returning to our support level, and you really don’t want to trade a move like that. 

Moreover, I want to make a note on some of these trades that I use the Fibonacci.

I looked for a buy in this current market structure, so I used my Fibonacci from the lowest to the highest, as shown below.

I did that because I wanted to take my trades in the premium zone (between 50% and 100% levels).

I also used the concept in my previous trades, ensuring I was below the 50% level when drawing the Fibonacci on the current market structure.

You can also do it with other strategies.

New York Session FX Trading Strategy Backtesting Result

I backtested the strategy 100 times and got a whopping 915% gain on them, as seen here:

If you seek a broker to trade this strategy, try the best in the business, Hankotrade. That’s the broker I used for this strategy and this trading account.

Live Trading Results With The New York Session Forex Trading Strategy

You can see here I banked $23,000 on a $50,000 deposit.

Admittedly, I went a bit crazy with the risk-reward, and you should be doing about 1% to 2% on something like this. However, I went heavy because it’s good for videos.

Besides, I started the video (shared earlier) sitting on a Porsche, so that’s saying something. 

I won eight out of eight trades, which was really just four positions and two take profits each. However, despite being four out of four, I’ll take the eight out of eight. It sounds better.

If we scroll down, we can see all of those trades.

I had my NASDAQ trade for $6,000, AUDUSD trade for $5,500, EURGBP trade for almost $6,000, and the USDCAD trade for nearly $6,000


This best New York Forex trading strategy is fantastic. I’ve been using it for years, and it banked me over $20,000 this week. Regardless, I think this is something you should really try on your accounts. 

If you need help with the strategy, comment below for help. I will produce more videos on this strategy, but I don’t want to take too much of your time today.

Please wash the Youtube video above, smash the like button, subscribe to the channel, and leave a comment. You can join my free telegram group for free signals and the VIP community for paid ones. We’re always kicking ass in there. 

Much love. 

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