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Unstoppable Neural Network Free Forex Indicator For $117299 GAIN

The Forex market is a complex puzzle that millions of traders tap into daily to make money. In my recent deep dive into Artificial Intelligence, I discovered a tool, a free Forex indicator based on a Neural Network.

The process simulates the human brain and allows computer programs to recognize patterns, solving problems in AI and deep learning. It does this by combining 30 different market reading indicators into one tool. 

List of indicators combined in the Neural Network.

I used it for a few weeks to make good money, so let me get you access to this indicator and show you live examples from my trading account.


Neural Network Forex Indicator

Here’s a chart showing some of the live trades I placed in prior weeks.

We have my neural network indicator that looks busy on the chart, but it really works. It tells us when to go short like in one instant when I did, and the price smashed my take profit for $4,000+. 

There’s also an indication for a long, which was a solid trade in retrospect.

The only other confluence I use with this is “supply and demand.”

As seen in the photo above, I marked the supply on the H1 time frame, and every time the price reaches there, it pushes down more than once. 

I’ll teach you exactly how to use it.

Installing The Free Forex Indicator

I’ve placed several trades with this strategy and will show them all, including the one that banked me $4054 (18 pips).

Before I teach the installation if you are looking for a place to trade, check out the Hankotrade Broker. It is where I deal.

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Back to the installation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the free TradingView platform and open the indicators.
  2. Search and install the Neural Network by Unknown Unicorn on the chart.
  3. It looks too busy, so open its settings and head to the “Style” section. Get rid of the “Week Long Triangle,” the “Week Short Triangle,” “Tables,” and “Trades on charts.” 
  4. Go to the “Inputs” tab and select only “Only Trade With Trend.”

There’s a page you can visit to learn more about the indicator.

It discusses all the indicators used within, some different release notes, and, below, there’s a performance summary where they tested this strategy over 165 trades on Bitcoin.

However, they aren’t using confluences, so they can’t make it as good as I can.

In my “backtester,” the Neural Network indicator recorded a 63 percent win rate and 1172 percent PNL on 100 trades. At one point, I had seven wins in a row, and the worst I had was four consecutive losses, but it was a solid strategy.

We only get short signals when we are below the 200 Moving Average and long ones when we are above. So it gives us a little extra confluence that we don’t have to look for ourselves.

The rest of the indicator properties are default. It’s really that easy to install.

Neural Network Strategy

As I’ve discussed, I use standard supply and demand theories, so to map out my demand zones, I want to see a strong push in price out of a region.

I’ve explained this better with the video shared in this article.

There’s a demand zone that the price can retest with a buy signal, telling us to go along perfectly. Then the price rises and smashes my take profit in my sample trade. 

Once the price pushes strong out of an area, it becomes my demand zone. Then when it returns, it pushes up again.

I am also using some price action theory here with the indicator. I want to see those confluences agree when it’s telling me to buy or sell.

I use the H1 time frame to map out the supply.

  1. In my example, we are in a downtrend. Hence, that’s the first step – the price should be in trend. 
  2. If you can try and mark up a supply zone, do it. When we tap into the supply zone, the price pushes down. Conversely, it pushes up from a demand zone.
  3. The indicator should indicate it is an excellent short opportunity.

When I have those confluences together, it gives me good trades, like in my example.

Live Trade Examples With Neural Network

Here are some more live trading examples with this free forex indicator.

Live Trade 2 (Buy)

I set my supply and demand zones for this trade but really didn’t pay attention, which was a little clumsy.

I went down to my 1M time frame and was seemingly correct for following the up trend. However, after going long from an indication, there was a little push up that reversed from a double-top, smashing me out.

It was a problem because I had my 1H supply zone where the double-top pattern formed, and when the price pushed into the area, it had to push down. It is something I should have recognized when I was trading, but I made a mistake. 

Price respects the H1 supply and demand zones that I set. The day before, the price pushed into this demand zone and then shot back up, proving the area’s effectiveness.

Hence, I lost some thousand dollars on this trade, but the risk-reward was OK.

Live Trade 3 (Buy)

On my next trade, I scrapped out the supply and demand because sometimes you do it, and other times, you do price action. You have to be flexible as a trader.

Thus, what was I looking for in this trade?

I had a trend line broken at one level to start a new (up) trend. The indicator showed several buy entry opportunities.

When I got on my computer to see a long, I thought it was a great opportunity. I also looked at flag patterns, which price created. The price broke out and formed another flag – another excellent area to enter. 

The price returned and tested the moving average, but I didn’t lose this trade because of my broker’s small (excellent) spread.

The trade pushed up in my direction, smashing my take profit. I chose my take profit level because it was close to a recent significant level (swing high).

The trade was a 2:1 risk-reward ratio, which means I’m losing one percent and gaining two. I put my stop loss at a level close to where I expected a break in structure for the trade to be invalidated. It won me $4,000.

Live Trade 4 (Sell)

I learned from my mistakes on the first USDCAD trade, and this was a much better trade.

How did I learn from my mistakes? I had an H1 supply zone, and the price shot below the area, creating a supply there. Then I came down to the M1 time frame, and even though there was a big push up, I believed the price would respect the supply.

Hence, we broke out of the supply, but I felt this was more of a liquidity grab. Then the price started pushing down, and I began to get my short indications.

Thus, I entered the trade, which initially went in my direction. Then, it popped back up, respecting the supply this time, and pushed down for a solid win.

It banked me another $4,000 or so.

Live Trade 5 (Sell)

We had a very similar situation as last time.

I set my H1 supply zone, and the price almost blows through it. However, I felt it could be an extended liquidity grab again, and the price started moving down.

I got my short signal, and despite the price returning down, I thought it was only respecting that H1 supply level. Hence, I decided it was a great area to enter the trade.

The trade went in my direction and smashed the take profit.

Again, it was a little combination between supply and demand and using the indicator that got me the result.

Live Trade 6 (Buy)

For my last trade, I went back into basic price action.

We were in an uptrend, so I saw several long signals. We got several flag patterns, so I thought I was getting another out of an area. 

It had the “LONG” label. Eventually, it was another solid trade.

I didn’t have to use supply and demand on this. Regardless, the price breaks through a resistance level before shooting up, smashing my take profit for another few thousand dollars.

MyForexBook Results

I lost my first trade but was up 30 percent49 percent, and finally, 65 percent on subsequent days. That means I had a win rate of 83 percent by winning five out of six trades.

It was this good because I used the indicator with my confluences.

We lost $2300. We won $4,000 three times and $5,000 twice.

It was a great week, totaling nearly $20,000 gained on this trading account.

It can be an excellent strategy if you use this indicator with your price action, “supply and demand,” and “support and resistance.”

If you have any questions about the strategy or want to tell me what you want to see next, please leave a comment right now. I’d love to hear from you.

If you want more trades from me, join my free Telegram channel, where we won two free ones consecutively. I also have my VIP channel (we’re always kicking ass there).

Furthermore, I have shared about 15 best forex signals you should try for winning trades soon.

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Much love. 

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


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