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82 Percent Win Rate 15-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy Tested Fast

Can you win 82% of your trades? Today I’m trading a 15-minute FOREX scalping strategy with $50,000 to see if we can. 

Today’s strategy comes from a smaller YouTube channel, Golden Bull Trading, that promises the craziest 15-minute Forex scalping strategy with an 82% win rate. Sometimes I watch smaller channels because you never know what you’ll find.

I will trade this live on my $50,000 trading account to see if it’s good and join my free trading room, where we recently won a massive trading signal. 


82 Percent Win Rate 15 Minute Forex Scalping Strategy

I first backtested the strategy (looking at historical data) to see if we could get that 82%-win rate promised.

I used TradingView to plot the trades historically and then put them in trader edge. I will backtest about 20 times to see if it works.

However, I will backtest about 100 trades for every strategy for future videos.

Hence, let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in by leaving a comment below this article – If you want to see me do more backtesting in my Youtube videos. I’ll make sure to add these to my weekly tests for you. 

From the backtest results, my win rate is 65%, not 82%, but this scalping strategy is still pretty good and promising because our P&L is 27.49%. That means I had 13 wins and 7 losses over these 20 trades.

Forex scalping strategy back testing result with Patrick Ryan in a circle explaining it.

I would have grown my account by 27.49% because I’m gaining 3% from every profit trade and then losing 2% from every loss.

My most consecutive wins were four, and my most consecutive losses were two. My max drawdown was only 3.96%. Hence, I took these results into my first live trades.

Live Trades With 15-minute Forex Scalping Strategy

My first live trades were on my $50,000 live trading account. 

The first one went very well went in my direction, smashing my take profit to make me over $3,300 because I traded it a big 15 lots.

In my verified, live Myfxbook account, you can see the win of $3,300 (30 pips) in just 2 minutes – a gain of 6.72% on this trading account. 

I only use two indicators for this – the Backtest single EMA Cross. For its Style, I switched off the “Trades on chart,” and for a select EMA at the bottom in the Inputs, I inputted “24” and “34” on the “Select EMA 1” and “Select EMA 2.”

The [blackcat] L3 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator is the second indicator. I will also tweak some settings in its “Style” by turning three of its “PlotCandles,” shared in the video above.

Rules For The 15-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy

There’ll be a “SELL” indicator on the chart for sell trades, but I also want the Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator to be in a bearish move. 

It is in a bullish move for buys when green and a bearish move for sells when red.

Live Trade 2 (Buy)

My second trade was going in my direction before smashing my stop loss eventually. It cost me a couple of thousand dollars, but I followed all the rules.

I had the buy indicator on a candle and the bullish move on my second confluence, so this was a buy trade. I followed the rules well, but it didn’t work out and stopped me out. 

If I were with a worse broker than Hankotrade, I would have lost this trade somewhere earlier because the spread would have stopped me out.

Thankfully, Hankotrade has the best spreads in the business. It’s the number one broker on the market, and you shouldn’t look any further if you’re seeking where to start trading today. 

Live Trade 3 (Sell)

My third trade of the week was a sell that also went against me. It smashed my stop loss about 40 minutes into this trade.

I had my sell on a candle and had the bearish move, but it just didn’t work out. I got knocked out of this trade, and I started to feel like this wasn’t the strategy for me at this point. 

Myfxbook Results

In the first trade, I banked $3,300, but in the second, I lost $3,000 in 40 minutes. On the third trade, I lost $3,000 in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I decided this strategy wasn’t for me.

I don’t show losing strategies because you have no interest in losing strategies. You want to see me win, and I get the most views in such videos.

Besides, why would you want to watch a losing strategy?

However, I felt the importance of sharing a losing one to ensure you understand that not every strategy works

Not every strategy works every time, and not everyone will suit you. This strategy may be perfect under other market conditions and for other traders, but it wasn’t a fit for me.

Hence, I decided to cut bait, and I think this is just a dose of reality for everyone.

I’ve got another fantastic strategy lined up, and if you didn’t read my last article, it made me over $18,000. I really love that strategy and am still trading that strategy to this day. Thus, make sure you read the blog post.

If you want to trade with me, consider joining my free trading room (link shared earlier) or my VIP trading room.

Thanks for reading up till this point.

Much love.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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