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Sky-Rocket Small Forex Accounts With This Scalping Strategy NOW!

I have a scalping strategy that just flipped $1,600 into $5,600 in 7 days. A trading strategy truly built to grow small forex accounts fast. Hence, if you only have $50 and are about to click off, stick around; this is for you. 

I will show you real, live trade examples I took and even give you a template file I made to plug into your MetaTrader account so you can start using this strategy today with the correct settings and make some money.

In return, all I ask is for you to watch the video shared above (or continue reading this content), smash that like button, and subscribe to my Youtube channel, because if you don’t, you will lose your next trade. 


Live Trading MyFXbook Results With The M1 Scalping Strategy

Below are the live trading results from my verified HankoTrade account.

Screenshot of Patrick Ryan's computer with the results from trading a forex scalping strategy for one week.

I had a deposit of $1,600 and a profit of $4,000 in just one week of using this strategy.

The profitability on these trades was 66%, and I had an average trade length of 8 minutes because I’m using a 1-minute scalping strategy.

Several YouTubers with over 200,000 subs claim they’re flipping $10 into $1,000 and $500 into $9,000, but they never show you the trades. However, you can see all the 68 orders I opened over the week in my verified MetaTrader account because I’m taking these trades and spending a ton of time putting these videos together as a result.

Thus, please smash that like button on Youtube.

Installing The 1 Minute Scalping Strategy

Follow these steps to install the forex trading strategy on MetaTrader:

  1. Open a new chart window from the market watch.
  2. Right-click the chart, hover your mouse to “Template,” then select “Load Template.” 
  3. A window will open for you to load the template I shared for you to download.

M1 Forex Scalping Strategy Rules (BUY)

The one-minute strategy is excellent for counter-trend trades during ranging conditions.

I only try to counter-trade when the price comes away from the Moving Averages, as it does here.

When it comes away from the indicators, I want to trade back, again and again. We’re using a little bit of martingale.

We place our trades when the price starts to come away from the Moving Averages below all four Moving Averages. We close it when it returns to the second Moving Average (yellow line in the example above). 

If it doesn’t return on the first trade, we open another buy position when the price moves about five to eight pips more. Open a third trade if it hasn’t gotten to the yellow line but moves the same distance below.

Now it’s four times the original size of that trade.

If it goes down again, we open another long trade – this time, the position is eight times the size of the original. 

In our example, the last and second-to-last trade immediately goes in our direction, smashing the take profit level.

The first two trades eventually hit their stop losses, but since the other two are much larger, you get a big win on this opportunity.

M1 Forex Scalping Strategy Rules (SELL)

The strategy is the same in a sell opportunity, only reversed.

The price should be above the EMAs this time, and as soon as we get a decent distance, we will place our first sell trade.

If the price doesn’t go in our direction, we keep placing more sell trades, multiplying the orders’ size. Hence, if it’s one lot on the first, there should be two on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, and sixteen on the fifth.

Eventually, the trade went in our direction and smashed the take profit.

Since the last trade is the biggest, it will compensate for earlier losses.

The only issue with this strategy is if you get a massive uptrend, doubling that lot size over and over can crash the trading account. Therefore, ensure you start with a small lot size. 

Regardless, the strategy itself works way better in ranging conditions. We’re in such conditions about 70% to 80% of the time (as shared by Baby Pips), which is highly favorable. 

On a quick observation of the chart before our example, we had single trades, despite normal conditions, that panned out in our favor. The price went below and above the lines and smashed the take profit levels on either opposite side.

Therefore, in most conditions (70% to 80% of the time), you may only place one or two trades for a profitable outcome, which is a much lower risk to grow your trading account. 

NB: Another thing I study when placing a trade is the volume. I want it to be above the ‘yellow’ Moving Average. Without that, I will not enter them because being above means the market provides enough push to get these wins. 

Live Scalping Strategy Trades

Despite knowing how it works, you should see some live examples to use this properly.

Live Trade 1 (BUY)

The first example was one of the last live trades I took on the week using this strategy.

We were underneath all four Moving Averages, so we wanted the price to return to them (looking for a buy trade). Remember, we are counter-trend trading.

I wanted the price to come off the first band before entering my first trade at two lots. It went against me, so I opened the second at two lots, which also went against me.

Finally, I entered my third trade at four lots, which went in my favor as the price moved up to the bands (as it often does), smashing my take profit level. Since it was a lower level than the previous one, I actually ‘won’ all three of those trades.

MyFxBook Results

As recorded in MyFxbook, the first trade was open to two lots, and as it went one pip in my direction, I won 20 bucks.

I opened the second trade at four lots, going in my direction for six pips ($235). The last was the eight lots trade for four pips, making $326. That’s how the martingale works.

If you want wins like this win with this strategy, you have to trade with the Hankotrade broker because you need tight spreads when you’re scalping. They are the best in the business, and registration is absolutely free.

Live Trade 2 (SELL)

In this example, the price was above all the bands (as we wanted it). The volume moved above the Moving Averages, setting the stage for counter-trend trading. Hence, I waited for the price to return to the bands and close at the second Moving Average.

Before that, as the price left the Moving Averages, I entered my first trade, which went against me. I took a second trade, which also hit my stop loss, and, finally, the third one smashed my take profit.

Hence, while the first trade was a loss, the second and last were wins, with the lost trade being the smallest I placed – the beauty of martingale.

Admittedly, it’s risky, but when working with a small account to grow fast (flip), risks are all part of it.

Live Trade 3 (SELL)

In my third live trade, the price was above the EMAs, with the volume above the Moving Average.

Hence, I looked for the price to return to those Moving Averages and entered trades five times before the price eventually smashed my take profit. I could have exited it earlier, but the price moved quickly for an even bigger win.

Therefore, only the first two trades were losses; the third was a break-even, and the last two were wins. Regardless, the first and second ones were the smallest (by lot size), so I still won a bunch of money in this position.

Live Trade 4 (BUY)

In my fourth example, the price was all four Moving Averages. The volume was also above the Moving Average.

The price started coming off of the bands, so I opened my first trade and, subsequently, a second one, doubling the lot size each time. I opened the two last ones later.

Eventually, the price always goes back to those Moving Averages (like on this occasion), smashing my take profit near the lines.

Three trades are wins, with the first and smallest being the only loss. 

Live Trade 5 (BUY)

The last trade was similar to the rest. The counter-trading Forex scalping strategy was within the one-minute timeframe, as usual.

The price started moving from the Moving Average, and I started entering trades. Price went against me the first and second times but smashed the take profit the third time. I won the second and third trades and lost only a little on the first near break-even.

MyFxBook Results With The Scalping Strategy

My verified MyFxbook results show these trades and more.

The results are alike, losing two pips at break even, but with the price smashing my take profit for four-pip-wins. Many trades conclude in two minutes, one minute, 50 seconds, or within that range.

And they are all just one position at a time because we’re trading in that range.

The examples I showed you are the ones where they went against me. It doesn’t always happen most times in a trading range.

Hence you get something like an entry below the lines, but the price eventually goes in your direction many times in your first position, winning several trades.

Is this the best way to flip an account using an M1 Forex scalping strategy? Maybe yes, maybe no. That depends on how you use it and if you like it. However, for me trying to flip an account, I’m definitely trying strategies like these because even if they’re risky, I’m trying to double and triple my trading account. 


All in all, it was a great week. I made $4,000 from a $1,600 deposit, and my drawdown was just 15%. Obviously, I’m taking risks using the Martingale system with this Forex scalping strategy, but it worked.

If you have any questions, comment below, asking me for your help. Since last week, I’ve been producing a five-part video series showing you all my personal 2023 trading strategies. Hence, whether you’re new to the markets or you’ve been in the markets for a long time, I will share my multi-million dollar strategies.

Thanks so much for reading, guys. Maybe join my VIP group. We’re kicking ass in there.

Much love.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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