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Forex President EA – Review

forex-presidentForex President is a new EA by Anna “Forex” Monti. The software is built to run on the USDJPY, AUDUSD pairs on the M30 timeframe and take advantage of new disciplined safety patterns.

This review will analyze the software so the Forex Robot Nation readers understand if it can be a trust automated tool.


Forex President Review

While it’s certainly a new product the Forex President Robot website looks like it’s from the early 2000’s. The images are poorly put together, contrast heavily and create an extremely unprofessional eye sore. Obviously this isn’t the most important element of a product launch but it certainly calls the judgement of the developers into question. Speaking of which, the developer of this EA is Anna Monti. The majority of the community believes Anna is a character and this is likely the case as her image is a stock photo that can be purchased online. She comes across as a cheap imitation of the more popular and also fake character Rita Lasker.


Anna Forex Monti

anna-forex-montiTo further diagnose the Forex president it’s important to look at Anna Monti’s older product releases. There’s really quite an extensive list of systems.

At a certain point there is such a thing as too many products. Where that line is drawn is up to the discretion of the consumer but in the case of Anna Monti it can be argued that this is too many products to properly support. It’s the opinion of Forex Robot Nation that developers should be doing their best to specialize in 1-3 systems and continue to update and better them over time. Anna is not providing regular updates for her products and it’s been reported that they fall off a cliff over time.

Trading Results

As for the Forex President EA results, there is very little. On the website there is a trading statement from October 11th to November 11th that shows an $11,527 profit. Yet, it is important to realize that it just dies at November 11th. There are no trades from this point on. It wouldn’t be difficult to speculate that this software easily could have collapsed on the 12th with 100’s of negative trades floating. In fact, there is no myfxbook account so there is no way to verify the drawdown at all.


At this point, there is no reason to purchase the Forex President EA for it’s $99 price tag. The sales page does not do an adequate enough job to sell this product. Anna Monti’s reputation is not the best and the lack of trading results is enough to push this product into the avoid category.

If you are a Forex trader looking for a proven automated solution try checking out the Best Forex Robot Testing page here. If you have anything to add please start the conversation below.

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