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Forex Demm Robot

forex-demm-robotForex Demm robot is the latest automated trading solution by Anna Forex Monti. She creates quite a few systems per year now and seems to be following in the mold of Rita Lasker, I’m not necessarily sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Today I’ll be diving in deeper and providing a full review for the Forex robot nation faithful.

Forex Demm Robot Review

With this Forex Demm robot Anna believes that she is doing her best to give life to a Forex software that really works. She claims that this software was built based on the feedback from her current clients and what they expect that of an automated system. She tells us that she controlled each step of the operation and so she knows that this software can provide true value. The system trades on the M30 timeframe and is being brought to us by Anna, the founder of the Anna Forex trading club. I have never checked out this club, and I’m not sure what the web address is but if you know it please leave a comment below.

The active results for the Forex Demm robot are screenshots from back tests and forward tests. There is also a screenshot from meta-trader for showing a period of 2 days. There are no my FX book or MT4 live trading statements so there is an exactly a large sample size of trades for us to go on here. Anna tells us that she used different momentum indicators to open new orders so that she could catch any market momentum and take advantage of that price movement.

Today I can’t give a full recommendation for the Forex Demm robot because I have yet to test it. As this has only been on the market for a few hours I suggest we sit back and wait to see how the community reacts. I would like to see an MT4 live trading account with a few months worth of trades before I get involved. If you have something you would like to contribute to this article please leave your comments below. I appreciate hearing from all the Forex robot nation readers, you are important to me and the only reason why I still do this website.

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  1. On 06/10/2015, order #5XQ7VETS, confirmed. Need to download. Help!

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