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Rock Forex Robot

rock-forex-robotRock Forex robot is a new automated trading tool by the Anna Monti group. She believes that her new software is stable because it was developed for the current market conditions and its algorithm contains the basic indicators required to be successful in Forex trading.

Today I will review Anna’s Forex robot and let the readers of this blog get an in-depth understanding of what this software has to offer the community.

Rock Forex Robot Review

The rock Forex robot is an expert advisor that runs on the M15 timeframe with the AUDUSD, EURAUD and GBPAUD pairs. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a robot actively trying to attack the Australian market like this so I do have some interest. Sadly, Anna’s reputation in the Forex market has not been very strong in recent years as she has had a string of unfortunate luck when it comes to her released products. In my estimation the last 3 or 4 robots she has released did not perform the way she expected.

As for results, we can see that the rock Forex robot made 5 effective trades during the week of March the 26th. The live statement on the webpage stop showing results on March 12. This is important to note because we are now at the end of April and there doesn’t seem to be any updated results anywhere on the webpage. I will send an email to Anna and see if she is still interested in promoting her software but often when robots stop updating the results for over a month they have died and gone to Forex robot heaven.

For Anna’s sake I hope that she responds to my request and that she provides me with some updated results for the rock Forex robot. I will also be asking to see if she has any my FX book or mt4live accounts so that I can verify that these systems are running successfully over the long-term. I won’t be providing a conclusion today because I’ve not yet tested the software but if you have something you would like to contribute please leave your comments and remarks below the article. I’ve been writing a lot more on Forex robot nation recently and the feedback I’ve been getting is good so far so I plan on contributing more. Thanks for spending time on Forex robot nation and I hope that my articles in help will benefit you and your Forex trading.

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