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Project Fast Pips

Project fast pips is a new Forex product by Cedric Norwood. Cedric claims that he made 1.4 million in just 27 months while trading Forex for the banks. Today I will analyze and review this Forex investing system and let you know whether or not the system has potential. Project Fast Pips Review I have this sneaking suspicion that project …

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Epic Pips Gainer

Epic pips gainer is a new Forex indicator and trade alert software by Albert William. Albert claims to be it for casino gambler who’s discovered a pattern in the Forex markets can $5000 a day. Today in my review I will look over these claims and provide you with a detailed analysis of this software. Epic Pips Gainer Review It’s …

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Forex Muscle Robot

Forex muscle robot is a new automated trading system that is active during the European and US sessions. The software trades three main pairs and has a few weeks of live testing results available. Today I will provide an in-depth review with my opinions and thoughts on the potential of this new Forex software. Forex Muscle Robot Review At $179 …

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Forex X Code

Forex X code is a new trading indicator built to make consistent profits. The developer claims that this is a secret known to only a small group of traders that will accurately predict future market movement. Today I will be looking at this new Forex indicator and providing a full and thorough review. Forex X Code Review Is this $80 …

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Quantum Forex Success

Quantum Forex success is another Forex indicator, this one claims to make nearly $2500 per day with it’s strategy. The system provides trading signals with take profit and stoploss levels included. Today I will look at the software in my review and determine if it is worthy of the Forex robot nation seal of approval. Quantum Forex Success Review As …

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Quick Forex Profits

Quick Forex profits is a manual trading system accompanied by a set of proprietary indicators used to identify profitable signals. The developer of the product is David Ray and he claims that his software is so accurate that it rakes in at least $1200 a day. Today I’ll be looking at this system in my review and providing feedback on …

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Forex Gain Code

Forex Gain Code is a new metatrader 4 indicator by the Forex mt4 systems team. The trading strategy works with 8 pairs and will provide customers with buy/sell entries without any repainting. If you are interested in Forex indicators continue reading on and I will review this new software to find out if it is a worthwhile option. Forex Gain …

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Pip Splash

Pip splash is a new Forex robot developed by the creators of Forex overdrive and FX flash. The software is meant to make quick profits in short periods of trading. The first thing we see on the webpage is a 20.6% profit in a 72 hour period. Today I will go over the potential in my review and find …

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100 Pips Today Scalper

100 Pips Today Scalper is Forex indicator by Karl Dittman that can earn over 25 pips an hour. Karl claims that this indicator knows exactly where the price of any currency pair will go for five minutes before it moves. Today I will review this new scalping indicator and let you know if it truly can earn 38 pips every …

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Forex Profit Crusher

Forex profit crusher is a new Forex strategy by James Colins which he claims can be used to earn up to $1500 a day. James believes that with little to no experience his strategy can be used to provide part-time or full-time earnings in the market. Today my review I will look at some of these claims and decide whether …

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