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Underground FX Profits

Underground FX profits is a new Forex trading system by Daniel Malano. Daniel believes that his formula is a foolproof way to generate at least $1500 a day. Again these type of expectations are too high so we have to be careful.

I’ll be providing a full review of this software today to tell Forex robot nation readers what to expect.

underground fx profits

Underground FX Profits

The sales page for the underground FX profits is very similar and reminds me of a sales page that I’ve seen 100 times before. The video is placed in the same way, the author name is placed in the same spot and the my FX book screenshot that doesn’t work is another troublesome feature.

I always find it interesting to look at these my FX book screenshots and see what is being ommitted. In this one we can see that the highest balance was 10,668 and in the screenshot that is the balance today. We can also see that this screenshot is therefore from August 13 which makes the most recent results for the underground FX profits system very old.

underground fx profits review

With these types of results it is very important to do extra due diligence. At this point in time I simply won’t be purchasing the underground FX profits system because the results being used to promote the system are so off base. I find it hard to believe there is a good Forex software underneath all this convoluted information being provided to us. The fact that I was able to look at this page and find these errors within a matter of minutes means that there are not even tricking us well.

If you have something you would like to contribute to my underground FX profits review please leave your comments below. I appreciate the thoughts and contributions of all Forex robot nation readers and hope that you will take some time and look around our website some more.


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  1. Where am I able to download the software, mine got corrupted, I still have the undergroundprofits running in memory but lost the program.

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