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Breakout EA Review

breakout ea

Breakout EA is an automated breakout strategy that was developed with the goal of turning a $250 account into a $10 million account. Obviously this goal is little lofty and in any scenario is overshooting.

Today I will be providing a review and letting Forex robot nation readers leave their opinions as well.

Breakout EA Review

As I look at the website I see that the breakout EA is developed by someone named Adam Johnson. I’ve never heard of an Adam Johnson in this market so he is a relatively unknown trader. When it comes to results for the system they show a third-party verified statement and this is a screenshot from a my FX book account. As I look at the screenshot further I noticed that it cannot be clicked and so I am very unsure that this account exists or it is very possible that the account blew up in this is why we can’t access it now.

This type of results is really deceptive and it certainly is a big red flag when it comes to the breakout EA. We can see that the system trades two pairs, the eurusd and gbpusd. On average it trades once per day and it seems to keep a draw down of around 30%.

breakout ea myfxbook account

Obviously this information is a little flawed because it is coming from the back tests they have done for the breakout EA. There is certainly been many breakout EA’s released in the past and none have really come through with the goods.

At this point in time I will not be recommending this new Forex robot. I do not like the results that are being provided as there is no proof that they are real and the fact that the breakout EA my FX book account isn’t accessible is a large red flag. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments below as always I appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions on the breakout ea.

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