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Forex Pipper Not Forex Piper

Forex Pipper is a new meta-trader four indicator that is supposed to make the learning curve much easier. One of the aspects this system claims to base everything on is the easily identifiable setups.

Today I will be providing a review and taking a further look at the system to see what type of benefits it will provide us. Be aware that this is not the Forex Piper, do not confuse this software with that training program.

forex pipper

Forex Pipper Review

The Forex Pipper is a that system works on the higher time frames, in specific the H1 and H4 charts which they feel makes it easier for new traders to place trades. The software takes advantage of strong reversals and there approach is to find entries at the beginning of the trend.

After purchasing the Forex pipper software the customer will receive a PDF manual and a meta-trader four template that can be placed on the charts. They believe that their system is simple to use and easy to add to any manual traders normal routine.

forex pipper chart

As well as lifetime support in the future they claim they will be providing access to a Forex robot that will be using the same strategy. At first glance I thought the product was $29 and really that made sense for a manual strategy but at $299 and not having much of a history at all I’m having a hard time recommending this Forex pipper.

At this point in time I’m going to have to wait before I can really recommend this software because that price is a little too steep for me and most of the Forex robot nation readers. If you something you would like to contribute to this post please leave your thoughts below. I appreciate it and I look forward to listening to what you think about this new Forex pipper.

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