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Forex Price Flip

Forex Price flip is a new software to assist traders with entry managemen in a supervised environment. This product is set to release in under a month and is supposed to help traders learn about critical reversals and how to get into trades before big move happen. Today I will be providing a review and building a page that I’ll …

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Trade Sigme

Trade Sigme is a new EA that claims to guarantee 20 to 40% profit and thousand pips every month. The developer of the system is Earl Casler a trader it says he’s been teaching this strategy for many years with great success. Today will be providing a quick review in finding out whether this product is worth our time. Trade …

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FX Seer

FX Seer is a new Forex robot the trades the EURUSD pair on the H1 timeframe. This software claims to have 15 different trading sessions that work to provide both reliability and profitability. Today I will be taking a further look at this system in my latest review and letting you know whether or not there is any potential here. …

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Brill Forex

Brill Forex is a new Forex robot that I plan on avoiding. This seems to be the exact same developer as another Forex robot that slips my mind but they emailed me every day telling me to promote their system. Today I provide a short review about Brill Forex and really just tell my readers to not buy it. Brill …

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Zelta Forex

Zelta Forex is a new Forex indicator that is meant to generate up to 475 pips per week on average. The claims for this system are exorbitant as the developer says that his indicator makes up to 40% per month with 89% accuracy. For someone that I’ve never heard of these are pretty strong claims. Today I will be providing …

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Ninja Morning Trade

Ninja morning trade is a new Forex indicator developed by Steve Gammon, a trader who claims to be have been involved in the markets for over 15 years. He is selling this product for $97 and believes that it is worth more than that. Today I will be providing a review of this new Forex software and providing you with …

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Pip Gunner

PIP gunner is a new Forex robot by the same people to products FX flash at Forex robot. This EA is being sold for $86.50 and has a handful of trading results for us to sort through today. I will let you know in my review if this new Forex EA will be able to provide us with the growth …

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Rapid Pips Formula

Rapid pips formula is a new manual Forex system released by a Japanese-American that he has supposedly used to make nearly $100,000 a month. The developer of this system is former stock broker Kaito Haro and he is selling his strategy for $37. For today in my review I will decide whether or not this strategy actually has any legs …

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Acacia Forex

Acacia Forex is a new Forex indicator being sold at $99. The goal of this system to is to make earning pips an easier and faster process. Today I will take a look at this software in my review and detail whether or not it is worth your time and mine. Acacia Forex Review This indicator can be used for …

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Benefit EA

Benefit EA is a new Forex robot that claims to earn 30 to 300% per month. The software costs $350 and it comes with strategies that work with different market conditions and trading instruments. Today I will look at the system in further detail in review whether or not this is a worthwhile option to add to our investment portfolio. …

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