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Forex 100 Trades Robot

forex 100 trades robotForex 100 Trades Robot is the latest software from Rita Lasker, yes she is back again. This new automated system is supposed to be the first unique robot that brings hundred percent profit and doubles deposits within the first hundred trades.

Today I will provide a review and find out whether or not this robot can truly double a deposit at all.

Forex 100 Trades Robot Review

This new Forex robot trades the EURUSD pair on either the H1 or H4 timeframe. Really claims that customers that use the Forex 100 trades robot will double their deposit in their first hundred trades or they can have their money back. I’d like to see her give the money back for those lost trades if if it isn’t doubled, that’s for sure.

As always with we do Lasker products she provides an expected profit image that shows the amount of deposit and then low medium or high risk settings. I don’t know where these numbers come from but they are always there and they are fun to look at. So the following is the Forex 100 trades robot risk chart.

forex 100 trades robot risk chart

Rita actually claims that these results can be achieved in one month, I don’t think she’s seen any of her other robots trade before. This software uses a trailing stop which will follow a winning trade and then stop at the breakeven point to try and lock in profits. Here is an example of the system on a chart and they also show the Forex 100 trades robot trailing stop.

forex 100 trades robot chart

I really don’t have much more information to add about the software so I’ll go right into the conclusion.

Forex 100 Trades Robot Conclusion

I’ve never had much success with Rita Lasker and any of her products so I can’t give the Forex 100 trades robot any approval. At this point in time I would suggest avoiding this software and putting your trust into something else.

If you have anything you would like to add to my review please leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts and opinions on the Forex 100 trades robot.



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