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K2 Trades Review (Signals, Indicators & More)

K2 Trades is the creator of a new proprietary trading system, built to allow “anyone from any background to learn how to trade profitably and consistently grow their account.” Their system consists of video courses, indicators, signals, webinars and a telegram community. Access to all of these services is currently going for $150 per month, which is one of the most expensive services we’ve reviewed in quite some time. Today, we will let you know if the juice is worth the squeeze.

The service is owned by K² Trades, LLC 2019. They do not provide an address for their headquarters but their webinars are geo-tagged in Los Angeles, California, USA. We haven’t been able to find much information on their creator Shawn Calayag, but it’s clear he has a fair amount of market knowledge in their live trading room videos. We would like to know a bit more about Shawn, and the other members of the team. So, this is something that we hope they will consider adding to their website to put our minds at ease.


K2 Trades Review

The K2 Trades website is average in design, with areas for pricing, results, signals, courses, testimonials and more. The aesthetic is not very professional with poorly sized images and many screenshot testimonials.

The goal of the service is to introduce Forex traders to their simple process which “utilizes patented indicators” that make trading easier. They believe that “this system is literally the key to financial freedom.”

On the front page of the website is an introduction video and trading strategy demonstration. In this short video, the creators show their indicator following a 3 step process. The indicator identifies the signal, then the trader has to confirm that the trend meter matches the signal and enter a trade on the open of the following candle. It is a very normal process you see often in the best Forex indicators on the market.


The trading strategy is laid out in detail in all of the K2 Trades weekly webinars. These videos are available for free on YouTube, so you can see the exact methodology before you sign up. There is also a free introduction to trading course with hundreds of different modules. These videos include hours of content dedicated to many different trading strategies.

We are certain that many potential clients will look at this service and wonder why they shouldn’t just buy an indicator for less than a tenth of the price. While there are many indicators like Velocity Finder Neural Trader, Trade ATS and Trader Pulse, not all of these comes with the added value. The main selling point of a system like K2’s is that it comes with the videos, signals, and support.


  • Type: Indicator/Signals/Education
  • Established: 2018
  • Price: $150/month
  • Strategy: Multiple
  • Trading Time: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed

At a price point of $150 per month, the K2 Trades system is one of the more expensive Forex products we’ve reviewed in recent times. Traders can also get access to the system at a $50 discount for $100 per month if they sign up for the entire year. Given the amount of added value that comes with the service, we do understand why the price is high, but it’s still too high for the average reader of Forex Robot Nation.

We recommend a scaled down version of the service that could go for somewhere around the $20-30 per month range. This would help them reach more traders, and especially those that are just starting out. Then, if traders have success at the lower range, they could easily upgrade.

Trading Results

For a service going for $150 per month, we were expecting many verified Myfxbook accounts showing how well K2 Trades works in demo and live conditions. Yet, the vendor fails to provide any verified results at all. The results section of the website simply takes us to an Instagram page that shows screenshots of charts, and images stating their wins and losses.

In order for us to trust any Forex developer, we need to see trading statements and verified results. The results being provided in this case do not paint a clear picture, or instill confidence. This is something the vendor can easily address, and we hope that they will.


There are many positive aspects of the K2 Trades service. They offer a lot of added value, and come across as a professional organization that knows how to trade. Yet, the price is out of range for most of our readers and the lack of verified trading results is concerning. We hope that both of these issues will be addressed soon, and then we’ll revisit the review.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments now.

K2 Trades $150/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


K2 Trades is a full service Forex program with video courses, trading indictors and signals.

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Video courses
Trading indicators
Daily trade alerts
Weekly webinars


No verified results
No strategy insight
Little transparency

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