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Trader Pulse Review (Indicator & Signals)

Trader Pulse is a new Forex development team offering signals, analysis and their range band indicator. Through their app, and website, they want to make their expertise more available to the entire community. Today we will be taking a closer look at all of their services, and letting you know if they meet our expectations.

The service headquarters are located at Sunset Lake RD Suite B-2, New Castle, DE 19702. They claim to be a group of traders with many years of experience in the Forex markets that frequently take part in international trade expos. Though, they do not introduce any members of their team, so we can’t verify their reputation. We would like to know who they are, and potentially see some images from these trade expos to help ease our minds.

To get support, traders can email or use the livechat function on the website.


Trader Pulse Review

There are three main services provided by the Trader Pulse team. This is obviously their signals, analysis and range band indicator. So, let’s take a look at each, and see what promises are being made.


The signal service utilizes an application available on Google Play, the iTunes App Store and the Google Chrome Web App. Traders can sign up for free or for the premium version which goes for $57.00 per month. The free service doesn’t provide any live signals, so it looks like it’s purpose is just to show traders that the service works.

The premium plan comes with market orders, signal notifications, live signals on 18 pairs, target levels, stop loss and take profit. The team believes that the main benefit of their service is letting their expert traders handle all of the “complicated analysis.”

Sadly, at this point in time, the Trader Pulse team provides no verified traidng results, and no extensive insight about their trading approach. This, in conjunction with the fact that we don’t know who their analysts are, make it very difficult to consider this a best Forex signal service provider.

Range Band Indicator

The Trader Pulse team claim that their indicator is one of the most popular in the market. It’s purpose is to provide precise entry points without repainting.

According to the developers it “takes into account more than 15 different factors like Monthly range, Weekly range, Daily range, Hourly range, Min based range, Volatility range, Panic Range and so on.” The indicator window shows multiple timeframes, the order status and the overall trend view which makes it easier for the trader to make quick decisions.

They feel that they set themselves apart from the market in a few different ways:

  • Their indicator doesn’t repaint.
  • They only provide entries at the beginning of a candle.
  • The indicator doesn’t blink, and only provides cleans signals.
  • Their use of a histogram ensures that the trend is clearly visible.
  • It is compatible with all timeframes and pairs.

All of these aspects are excellent, but our analysis always comes down to two main factors. That is of course the trading results, and the strategy. Yet, much like the signal service they offer, the indicator fails to address either of these factors. If they truly want to be considered for best Forex indicator status, or pass our basic tests, they will need to prove that their service works.

Analysis Application

The third product provided by the Trader Pulse team is their daily Forex technical and fundamental analysis. Each analysis comes with a visual explanation and detailed information to help traders learn to become better traders. This service goes for $39/month, and comes with 3-4 analyses per day.

In a way this can be considered a more detailed signal service, just with less alerts. The team promises an 85% average success rate, using simple but unique trading strategies. In order to promise a success rate, the vendor should be able to provide us with verified results but they do not. So again, just like the other two services they provide, they are missing the main elements.

While we do believe this group has trading knowledge, so we aren’t worried about the strategy as much, we are worried about the results. If they want to claim an 85% success rate, we believe it’s their job to prove that with real trading statements.


For the most part, the Trader Pulse services are very professional. They are presented well, and appear to come from a team that has an established space in the market. However, they do not provide trading results, trading strategy details, or introduce us to any of their team members. Until these holes are filled, we will not be able to recommend their product line.

If you have anything you would like to add to our review, please do so now.

Trader Pulse $57/month
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Trader Pulse is Forex service that provides trading signals, and indicators.

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  1. It does not repaint yes and it gives a clean signal but not a good signal. It’s a 3/10 in my opinion. And they do not refund so don’t waste your money.

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