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FX Fortnite EA Review (MT4 Robot)

FX Fortnite EA is a new automated robot developed to work exclusively with the MT4 platform. The vendor promises a “professional software of the highest quality” and wants to bring a system to the market that’s easy to use. Today we will be providing a complete review to let you know if this is the type of software you should be utilizing on your trading accounts.

At this point in time, we know very little about the developer. We know they just launched the software 19 days ago on 09-06-2020, and that their server is located in the Czech Republic. Outside of this information that we found doing our own additional research via a WHOIS search, there is nothing. The vendor fails to provide any details about who they are, so we cannot verify their identity or check to see if they have any reputation in the Forex market. Ideally, we prefer much more transparency than this, to ensure that we aren’t using products from inexperienced traders. We do hope that they add this information to the website after seeing our critiques.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website.


FX Fortnite EA Review

The FX Fortnite EA website is very simple, with only a few sections covering a brief description, backtests, packages and trading results. There are three reasons they feel their MT4 robot is head and shoulders above the competition. These reasons are that the software is easy to use, that it’s fully automated and that they provide 24/7 online support. As much as we appreciate these aspects, they are really not anything new, and certainly not something that sets them apart from any other system. In fact, every best Forex robot in the market makes these promises.

If they want to set themselves apart, they will have to provide more detailed information, which the website lacks. Traders in the Forex robot market are getting smarter every day, and with this market being over 10 years old now, they expect a lot more than what’s being delivered on this sales page.

Trading Strategy

In terms of trading strategy, the FX Fortnite EA “uses a combination of Trend/Hedge with High/Middle/Low” settings. It trades the EURCHF pair on the H1 timeframe and works with a leverage requirement of 1:100 or higher.

Depending on the market conditions, the robot will select either a hedge or trend following approach “in an attempt to achieve superior risk adjusted returns.” The system also uses a lookback straddle approach in order to analyze the trend and provide winning opportunities while the volatility is high.

The trading strategy explanation is short but to the point, and offers a bit more information than in our other recent reviews of Life Changer Bot, Rob Booker’s Robots and FX Binary Bot.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $149-$249
  • Strategy: Hedge/Trend
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Pairs: EURCHF

For traders interested in purchasing the FX Fortnite EA, it is currently going from $149-$249 for a lifetime membership. All of the plans come with free upgrades, the EA files, SET files and an installation manual. The only difference in the plans is how many accounts can be run based on the package purchased.

The bronze package goes for $149, providing traders with access to 1 real account and 1 demo account. The gold package goes for $199, providing traders with access to 2 real accounts and 2 demo accounts. Lastly, the platinum package goes for $249, providing traders with access to 3 real accounts and 3 demo accounts.

Trading Results

The FX Fortnite EA team provide backtests and a single FX Blue account that’s been running for 44 days as we write this review. The account is showing a total return of nearly 100% already with a drawdown of 35%. The average trade length is 2.1 days, and the robot is very active placing 19.6 trades per day. The risk reward ratio is approximately 1:1, with the average win coming in at 1.74 and the average loss at -1.94.

So far, the results look impressive, but we would really like to see this account on Myfxbook. Lately, we find that FX Blue isn’t doing a great job at verifying accounts, and we are seeing many strange results on this platform. Just to make sure these results are above board, we hope that the vendor will proceed with our request to upload this to Myfxbook as well.


It’s really too early to give a final determination on the FX Fortnite EA, but it’s a system we will be watching over the coming months. Before we do consider purchasing it though, we need to see a Myfxbook account, and transparent information about the development team. If the vendor can provide both of these in a timely manner, it will go a long way.

If you have anything you want to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

FX Fortnite EA $149-$249
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
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FX Fortnite EA is a trading robot that comes with pre-determined SET files and

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Multiple strategies
Decent price
FXBlue results


Lacking transparency
Lacking general detail
Small sample size results

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