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EA Review: Happy Gold (Happy Forex)

Happy Gold EA is a Forex trading robot focused on the XAUUSD pair. The vendors feel that they have found the perfect strategy for taking advantage of the Gold markets. The robot has been on the market for a couple years, and has been updated 8 separate times, so it’s clear that the Happy Forex team are actively doing their best to make it better. Today we will provide a full review and let you know if it’s a viable trading program as we head into 2020.

The developers of the software own the website. This website sells 12 different trading products including the Happy Martigrid EA and Happy News EA. Despite being well known, the developers give very little detail about who they are, or where their headquarters are located but our additional research shows they are in Slovakia. The community would appreciate it if the vendor provided more transparency when it comes to their identity.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the sales page.


Happy Gold EA Review

As previously mentioned, the Happy Gold EA has gone through a handful of updates, which we appreciate because when you too many vendors neglect doing so. We aren’t sure if the vendor is updating based on the request of their clients, but that’s likely the case.

In the updates we see many new settings including breakeven, setting scalp, trading day/hours, send email, distance, autogmt and trailing stop. So, if you purchase this software when it first came out, and you still have the license we recommend that you can revisit the software as it’s obviously quite different than when it first came out. With many of these like these they can make the software more difficult to understand and utilize, but if the instruction manuals are strong then you shouldn’t have any issues.


The Happy Gold EA strategy is basic. The software “uses scalp/swing strategy with modified ZigZag indicator.” The indicator analyzes extreme points of the chart and measure the distance between these points to create trading opportunities. The vendor doesn’t give us much more detailed than that, other than mentioning their hard stop loss of 24 pips and their requirement for a maximum spread of 20 pips. Any higher and the EA will not perform well enough to be worth the purchase price.

So basically, if you like scalping or swing trading, then this is a Forex EA that you may want to consider. As it stands, we aren’t so sure you’re going to add the service to our best Forex robot testing table, but it will be considered based on the information we’ve seen thus far.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: €299-€499
  • Strategy: Scalp/Swing
  • Timeframe: M30, H1, H4
  • Pairs: XAUUSD

For traders interested in the Happy Gold EA, they can purchase it by signing up with the “Happy Forex Full Pack,” which comes with all 10 of their EA’s. The €299 package comes with 2 licenses, and the €499 package comes with 5. There doesn’t seem to be any option to purchase the robot on its own, and it’s certainly not a cheap proposition to buy either of the packages.

When traders purchase they get access to V1.8(MT4), V2.0(MT5), a complete user guide, free updates, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Client Feedback

Despite providing 12 different trading products, the Happy Forex team have very little client feedback online. The few reviews we read were positive, but they were so hard to come by that there isn’t enough of a sample size to trust completely.

Hopefully traders will leave some comments here with their experiences.


The vendor provides multiple Happy Gold EA demo accounts on Myfxbook. You will focus on their longest running account, which has been active since 2013. This account is showing a gain of over 22,000%, with a drawdown of just under 22%. With numbers like these, we would certainly like to see a live trading account, but that’s a discussion for another time.

During the 6 years, the software as open for of their trades with an average trade length of 22 minutes. The average win is 72 pips, and the average loss is -219 pips, which makes for a risk reward ratio of approximately 3:1. This isn’t day bad risk reward ratio considering the vendor does admit that this incident scalping system, but you will have to expect larger losses than wins.

As is often the case with long-term systems like these, the majority of the winning came within the first years of service. In fact, if you signed up at the beginning of 2019, you would have lost around 7% of your account running this robot. It’s very possible that this strategy isn’t viable as we move into 2020, and it’s clear that the vendor needs to make major market based updates to resolve these problems. We’ve seen similar arcs in our recent reviews of other programs, as you can see with FX Secret and Ghost Trader EA.


It’s clear that the Happy Gold EA is created by a smart group of developers that have an understanding of the markets. Yet, this robot hasn’t performed very well in a couple of years and we believe that it isn’t worth trading at this time, or at least until the vendor makes a few changes.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Happy Gold EA €299-€499
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Happy Gold EA is a well-known Forex robot with verified Myfxbook trading results.

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Myfxbook verified
10 different robots


Not performing in recent market conditions
High price

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  1. One week demo test better result after perchge

  2. Happy Forex is a scam, results are generated with scripts and now these robots do not earn! Please be careful!

    • No scam. I’m angry when someone writes stupid things! Since I am the owner of 10x robots I know that these are no scripts.

  3. I also used a demo account from this broker ThinkMarkets. I have found that has huge slippages than writing members the FPA. After changing the verified broker with this EA everything is fine.

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