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Robot Review: Happy MartiGrid EA

Happy MartiGrid EA is an automated Forex robot promoted as a stable and sophisticated trading software. Generally, stability is not something ever associated with grid or martingale trading strategies, and this is certainly something we will keep in mind throughout the review process. We will look to see if there are any important aspects that are mitigating this risk, and helping traders avoid the potential blown account, which is a common outcome of this trading approach.

The software is produced by, an expert advisor developer that believes in earning stable profits through their 9 products. Some of their products include Happy News, Happy Breakout, Happy Gold, Happy Market Hours, and many more. We certainly appreciate development teams that produce many different trading strategies, but this vendor is lacking information about their location, and their trading history in the Forex market. In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the sales page. There is no direct email address or phone number.


Happy MartiGrid EA Review

According to the developers, the Happy Martigrid combines a “martingale/grid strategy with technical indicators and with News filter.” They claim that the system requires a lot of attention, which we assume means that traders have to manually intervene with the strategy frequently. This isn’t ideal for any Forex robot, as robots are built to operate on their own, without a requirement of manual intervention. This is generally the main purpose of an automated system, which seems to be missing in this case.

Outside of these few sentences, the strategy isn’t discussed in any real detail. Considering that this is a dangerous trading approach, we were hoping to learn much more about the trading strategy to understand how they are mitigating risk.

It’s unlikely this EA will quality for Best Forex Robot status without providing more detail.

Product Updates

One of the benefits of the Happy Martigrid EA, is that the vendor provides frequent updates, and they are now up to version 1.71. In v1.1, the vendor added the ability for traders to restrict trading time. In v1.2, they made the system faster back testing, and added the news filter. In v1.3, they put the news filter lines on the chart, and fixed a lot calculation issue. In v1.4, they fixed a news filter issue, and added 5 different settings packages made up of “MaxProfitUSD, MaxLossUSD, MaxProfitPerc, MaxLossPerc, ProfitOrdersBeforeNews.” In v1.5, they added the AUDUSD pair. In v1.6, they added a 2nd Cal calendar. In v1.7, they increased back test speed again, and finally added new multi pair settings in v1.7.1.

It’s certainly a benefit to utilize a system that’s being updated often, because it shows that the development team is active and cares about their clients.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: €199
  • Strategy: Grid/Martingale
  • Timeframe: H1

Happy Martigrid EA isn’t too expensive because the package comes with access to all 9 of the Forex expert advisors provided by the Happy Forex team. The purchase also includes free updates, a 30 day moneyback guarantee, one license for unlimited live or demo accounts, and the complete user guide.

Trading Results

The vendor provides both back tests and Myfxbook accounts. We don’t really care about back tests, so we will jumper it into our analysis of their active trading accounts.

The main account provided has been running since June 9th, 2013. This Happy MartiGrid EA account is showing a gain of 200%, with a drawdown of 22% over the course of 6 years. During this time, the software has placed nearly 3000 trades, with the average win coming in at 26 pips, and the average loss coming in at 72 pips. This is approximately a 3 to one risk reward ratio, which is acceptable by our standards. The average trade length is 2 days, and the system seems to be quite consistent.

The only notable negative about the account, is that the majority of the gains happened between 2013 in 2016. From 2017 to 2019, the software has been very stable, but the best month they’ve had in this entire period is just a gain of .98%. In 2013 the software was gaining anywhere from 4% to 17% per month, and this gain rate has gone down steadily over the years.

It’s very possible that this system peaked 6 years ago, and while it still stable now, it just doesn’t provide anywhere near the returns that used to.


The Happy MartiGrid EA offers both advantages and disadvantages. It’s clear that the Happy Forex team has a solid grasp of the market, and Forex strategy in general. It’s also great that they provide frequent updates, and live trading results. What they are missing, is insight into their trading strategy, and trading results that are providing large enough gains in 2019 to stomach utilizing a martingale trading approach. At this point, we’re really on the fence with her determination. While the system looks stable, it’s difficult to want to use a martingale trading approach which is historically very risky to make small gains every month.

If you have anything you’d like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Happy MartiGrid EA €199
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Happy MartiGrid EA is a Forex robot using a martingale / grid trading strategy.

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Upfront about their trading strategy
Showing stable gains
Myfxbook trading results


Always a risk of disaster with martingale trading

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