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FX Secret Immortal Review (Reliable or Not?)

FX Secret Immortal is advertised as a new automated expert advisor and a private community of successful traders. The robot utilizes 3 different strategies, while focusing on high profitability and drawdown control to ensure that their clients win the majority of their trades with limited risk. Today we will provide a full review, and let you know if this is flashy trading program is a worthwhile investment, or just a flash in the pan.

The sales page claims that the company behind this service was first established in 2012, but in developing robots since 2009. They provide no other information about who they are or where they are located. It’s our additional research that shows they are the owner of the Forex-Store website, and have produced many EA’s including FX Stabilizer, FXCharger, and Forex inControl Reborn. This is apparent, because if you do a WHOIS search, you will find in this website and many other Forex websites are all hosted on the same server. We are unsure why the vendor isn’t transparent about their ownership of multiple products in this space, but it’s likely just an oversight they haven’t considered.


FX Secret Immortal Review

The FX Secret Immortal website is very slick, and aesthetically pleasing. The design of the website is also very simple all of the other products this vendor has created, which makes it even easier to see the obvious ties between each product. Though, the website is lacking in detail as their descriptions don’t really cover as much as we would like.

When dealing with investment opportunities, especially in the field of expert advisors, the more information available the better. It’s clear that the best Forex robots almost always provide more detail then their struggling competitors.


The vendor doesn’t provide a clear breakdown of their trading strategy. All we are really told is that the FX Secret Immortal expert advisor utilizes “3 different systems that are reliably and profitably combined on one account.” The clients have the power to modify the settings and even choose between the multiple strategies they want to have been able to anyone time. Then, the software will automatically calculates lot size, stop loss and set risks based on the settings selected by the client.

In terms of actual strategy, we believe that this is some sort of grid based approach mixed with some night scalping. It’s worth noting that grid trading is risky, and generally not a trading strategy that we prefer because of how often it can blow up accounts.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $549
  • Strategy: Grid/Scalping
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Pairs: EURUSD

For traders interested in the FX Secret Immortal robot, they can acquire a single license for $549. This package also comes with unlimited account changes, settings for easy setup, and lifetime support. The price is certainly high for this marketplace, and it’s a little annoying that they only offer a single license so you can’t even run a bunch of different demo accounts for testing purposes.

The vendor claims that the software requires a minimum deposit of $1400 for reliable trading or $700 for aggressive trading.

Client Feedback

We found very little client feedback about the FX Secret Immortal service, despite the fact that it’s been on the market for some time. The only review available is a two star review, but considering it’s a single review, we can’t put too much stock in it.

Trading Results

The vendor provides a single Real USD Cent verified Myfxbook account with the Forex4you brokerage. This trading account started trading May 27th, 2013, and is showing a gain of over 7500% with a drawdown of 65.84%. During the 6 years, the robot has made nearly 2000 trades, with an average trade length of one day, and a risk reward ratio of 1:1 with an average win of 46.90 pips, and an average loss of -45.78 pips.

When looking at the numbers briefly, the trading program looks extremely effective, but as is the case with all grid trading strategies, there is a fair amount of risk as well. For many years the robot was trading consistently, and in 2019 it started to show some major gains again, but also some major losses. This is apparent in the performance tests the vendor tried to complete on FPA.

It’s clear that the system can grow quickly, but it can also blow your account if you happen to sign up of the wrong day. For example, if you purchase the software at the end of May or August this year, you would’ve blown your trading account. On multiple occasions the system has lost a few thousand percent over a period of a few days. So, if you happen to access into your live trading account during this period, you may not be able to recover.


While it’s clear that the FX Secret Immortal product is risky, it does also have a fair amount of upside. If you are willing to risk your trading capital, then this may be an expert advisor for you to consider. Though, we would recommend testing it on demo thoroughly, and getting well acquainted with the potential risks.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the review now.

FX Secret Immortal $549
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FX Secret Immortal is a Forex robot that utilizes 3 different trading strategies.

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3 strategies
Verified live myfxbook
History in the market


Grid trading strategy
High price
Risky trading

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  1. I bought a trio from the Forex Secret website. Fancy website – great sales pitch “we are a group of traders”. I tested all their bots for months – stabilizer, charger, in control and they are pretty useless. Stabilizer blew the account a couple of times. I remember communicating with them to ask them about this – and they gave a rather nebulous answer about markets showing a sustained downturn. So, I would not touch any of their products. Risky.

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