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Ghost Trader EA is a new automated robot claiming to be behind the next greatest revolution Forex trading, due to an algorithm that has more than 10 years of strategy testing results. Considering it’s Halloween today, we find it extremely fitting that we review this system as it is certainly the most spooky of all the programs we’ve reviewed this year. We aren’t so sure that being spooky is something we want to see from potential investment opportunities, but we’ll be breaking down today in full detail.

FX Ekspert is the company behind this new system. They are locatedd in Harjumaa, which is in Northern Estonia. The team has a limited reputation in the Forex marketplace, with their only other robot release being the FX Ekspert Moving Average EA. This software never gained much in terms of popularity or fanfare as our review didn’t have a single comment from the community. The development team claims to be a group of long-term experienced traders, but they do not give us any details about who those traders are, or the type of experience they have trading.

If you have any questions about the service, you can email for support.


Ghost Trader EA Review

While the Ghost Trader EA spooky theme may not be the most professional approach to automated trading product, the website is aesthetically pleasing and well put together. The first thing that the development team want us to know about the service, is that it’s 100% automated, requires no previous experience, can be tested on demo accounts for free, and tends to keep the majority of trades short. They also boast 10+ years of strategy testing results, but this is less impressive in 2019 where the majority of top developers don’t rely on strategy testing at all due to live data.

In order to utilize the software, all traders have to do is download the expert advisor, install it within 2 minutes and begin trading. It is worth noting that the vendor does take 24 hours to activate licenses, which means you will have to wait after ordering the software before you can use it.


The vendors promise to utilize a truly balanced strategy, where the “Ghost Trader Expert Advisor exploits market volatility to deliver profits.” The robot uses a market following algorithm to open martingale-based trades and then attempt close them with a profit. During this time, the EA will also open hedging trace of the opposite side in order to secure the investment properly. The system will always avoid market volatility, but claims to be able to handle large one direction movements without destroying the account.

It’s clear that the vendor has a good grasp on the markets based on their short description of their strategy, but there is always going to be concern when dealing with any martingale-based system. Martingale trading is known for being the riskiest way to trade Forex marketplace, and it’s the reason why many traders have blown accounts over the years.

There have been quite a few martingale-based expert advisors released, but none of them have been able to completely mitigate the inherent risk with this type of approach. Generally, we do not admit martingale expert advisors into the best Forex robot ranking page.

EA Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: €499
  • Strategy: Martingale
  • Timeframe: H1

For traders interested in the Ghost Trader EA, they can acquire the program for €499. This is a very expensive price, and over $300 more expensive than the top recommendation here at Forex Robot Nation. With the package traders get access to a single live account, unlimited demo accounts, support for 15 currency pairs, a 60 day moneyback guarantee and free updates for life.

While the service is expensive, the vendor does claim to provide access to a free demo version. Although, we have been unable to find access to that version on their website.

Client Feedback

At this service has hit the market, there is no client feedback at this time. Hopefully, this product is more popular than their last, and we do see some feedback from the community in the future.

Trading Results

The vendor provides two live verified Myfxbook trading accounts. One is with the FBS broker, and the other with RoboForex. Both of the accounts are still very new, with the longest account trading for just under three months. It’s also worth noting that the longer trading account is no longer trading, as the vendor claims “trading is stopped” on that Ghost Trader EA account.

The stopped account is showing a gain of 140%, with a drawdown of just over 40%. Generally, we prefer systems with a drawdown below 30%, especially when dealing with martingale systems that frequently margin call via the drawdown. This trading account traded 1070 times, with an average trade length of one day, and average win of 23 pips, and an average loss of 39 pips. The winning percentage is 66.5% and the worst trade they’ve ever had was -542.10 pips.

The account that’s still active is showing a gain of 27.59%, with a drawdown of 16.41%. In less than a month, this account has traded 369 times, with an average trade length of one day. The winning percentage is 71%, and the risk reward ratio is 2:3.

Both of the trading accounts look acceptable, but risky as you would expect from any martingale trading approach. That being said, we appreciate the live trading accounts, as it’s something we don’t see often, as you can tell in our recent reviews of AI Market Pros, Forex Gump, and Forex Hercules.


At this point, it’s really too early to decide whether or not we trust the Ghost Trader EA with our accounts. We test this system based on the fact that it’s a martingale expert advisor, then we wouldn’t recommend it to any of our readers. Yet, we always want to give vendors the benefit of the doubt, so we will reserve our final judgment when we start to see client feedback and real client trading results.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Ghost Trader EA €499
  • Pricing
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Ghost Trader EA is a Forex robot that utilizes a risky Martingale trading strategy.

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2 live accounts
Professional website
Decent developer reputation
Free demo version


Martingale strategy
High price
High drawdown

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