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Forex Hercules System Review (Indicator & Robot)

Forex Hercules System is a new Forex indicator and automated robot in one package. The vendor claims that a new profit record has been set and that this new “Forex profit generation tool” shows phenomenal results that exceeded all of the development team’s expectations. The vendor claims that they’ve been able to earn 4055 pips in a single month using the product. We will analyze all of the results provided, and let you know if they have any verified results to prove the claims they are making.

The product is produced by Rita Lasker and the Green Forex Group. Rita is very active in the Forex marketplace, and tends to release a new product every 3 to 4 months. The problem with this approach is that the old systems are quickly forgotten and don’t receive the necessary market updates required to keep a product profitable, because the developers move on to their next trading program. So, if you are interested in the system, you have to be aware that each successive the product may be fleeting, as many clients mentioned when discussing or 2 most recent releases, Fibo Quantum Scalper and Daily Forex Robot.

The green Forex group headquarters are located at 1531 Concord Pike #303 0, Wilmington, DE, US. To get in touch with support, you can email


Forex Hercules System Review

There are quite a few aspects of the Forex Hercules System covered in the sales page, as it’s a few thousand words long. A lot of the content is fluff which should be whittled down, but the vendor probably wants us to feel like we might as well buy the software if we already invested a significant amount of time reading the sales page.

While the program is advertised as an indicator and a Forex robot, the majority of the discussion is about the indicator. According to Rita a group of 12 people were to create this system, and it’s “the best Forex product we have ever created.” Let’s dig in a little deeper are strategy analysis and see if this holds any water.


One of the main advantages of the Forex Hercules System is that it utilizes 3 separate indicators as part of their trading algorithm. The trend indicator, which monitors the strength of the current trend. The power indicator, which measures the decision-making ability of the algorithm. Lastly, the safety indicator which ensures traders are exited safely. This all comes across as very non-technical, and something that may have been written by someone who has actually been a part of the development of the product.

The indicator also has 3 adaptive exits. A simple exist, a recommending exist and an emergency exit. Apparently these 3 exits can be used to ensure profitable outcomes in all market conditions. Again, this feature or strategy aspects is vague and not explained very well.

There is a section of the website labeled how the system works, but it’s equally as they just the other sections. Here, the vendor claims that the Forex indicator “locate impulse movements and demonstrates their course” which allows for trend detection during the formation phase. It all sounds wonderful, but none of it is technical or advanced enough to make the system come across like it’s an actual best Forex indicator contender.


  • Type: Forex Indicator & Forex Robot
  • Price: $99
  • Strategy: Trend Detection
  • Timeframe: M15, M30, H1

As is generally the case with Rita Lasker products, the Forex Hercules System is priced low and comes with a bonus software. This time, the bonus is “Forex INFO-MASTER Device” that is compatible with all indicators for manual trading. This program is built to help traders increase profits by providing important market information.

It is good to see that Rita has chosen only 3 pairs for this product, because it means the strategy is little more specific than some of her Products which seemed to put most of the onus on the client to find the right approach.

Trading Results

The main issue with Rita Lasker products, is the fact that she fails to provide verified trading results. This is no different this time around, as the Forex Hercules System fails to provide transparency when it comes to the trading results. Instead, Rita provides us with a handful of screenshots showing the the program can be efficient, but there is no real long or even short sample size for us to peruse. Usually she provides a trading statement, but this time she has even decided to skip that portion of the presentation.

When it comes to Forex indicators, it is more difficult to provide results than Forex robots because someone has to manually place the trades. Yet, this system provides both the Forex robot and a Forex indicator, which means we could easily see automated trading results verified by Myfxbook. This is definitely something that the green Forex group should have considered before releasing the product.


As it stands, we won’t be able to provide a recommendation for the Forex Hercules System at this point in time. All we are really waiting for this verified trading results, so when Rita and her team decide to upload these to Myfxbook, we will certainly revisit the review. Until then, we are stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for a little bit more transparency.

If you have anything you’d like to add to the review, please leave a comment now.

Forex Hercules System $99
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Forex Hercules System is an indicator and robot solution offered by Rita Lasker.

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Low price
Multiple bonuses
Indicator and robot


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Convoluted sales page

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