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EA Review: Forex Major Bot

Today I’m reviewing the latest expert advisor from Anna Monti, Forex Major Bot. This new trading system comes with a profit statement of over $12,000, auto money management and auto profit trailing. Anna believes that this, her latest robot is capable of providing stability and increased accuracy. Anna is always extremely busy creating new trading systems, so I’ll be sure to highlight some of her past products and give you the full breakdown.

There is no address for Anna ‘Forex’ Monti, or any of her products, but support can be contacted via For all 2017 robot reviews go here.


Forex Major Bot Review

Anna tells us that her, and her team, paid close attention to market feedback in the creation of the Forex Major Bot software. In doing so, she felt that most clients asked for trading safety, and that she promises to have delivered. This time, she says that she “personally controlled each step of the operation” to ensure of its value to the community.

In listening to feedback, I wish Anna listened to the reviewers as well. For a very long time now I’ve been urging Anna Monti to provide us with more complete trading results. I’ll let you know if she followed through on what I’ve been requesting in a minute.


Type: Forex Robot
Price: $99/license
Strategy: TrendMarker
Timeframe: H1

Anna ‘Forex’ Monti

Well, Anna is back at it again. Is Forex Major Bot the best of her releases? Only time will tell. Anna is certainly building a large repertoire of trading robots, but despite breaking highly for all of her systems in Google, there is little to no feedback ever. It’s quite strange that none of Anna’s clients ever leave comments anywhere on the Internet. It’s almost impossible to find a real client review for any of the systems.

Here are some of the latest trading system she’s been behind:

Out of the 4 of these products, all of which I rank at the top of Google for, I have heard nothing from Anna’s clients. I’m not sure how to explain this. Maybe it’s a good thing, because most comments are negative and if people are looking to lash out, but maybe the products are doing the job. Regardless of what is behind this phenomenon, if you are using any of these systems please let me know how they are working, I’m urging you.

Trading Results

The trading results section is one of the only issues I consistently have with Anna Monti, and it’s no different with the Forex Major Bot. This program is retailing for $99, based on 1 month of trading history, that can’t be verified. It’s 2017, and Anna is one of the only Forex robot developers that is still relying on short-term trading statements to prove the validity of her products. With websites like my FX book and MT 4 live readily available, there is no reason for anyone to be using such archaic methods. Screen shots, and 1 month statements are a thing of the past.


If Anna ever decides to provide real trading results for the Forex Major Bot, then I’d be more than willing to test the system myself and provide more than just a 3 star rating. Yet, until that happens I just won’t be able to provide a full recommendation to any of the Forex Robot Nation readers. Anna if you are reading this, please give us what we are asking for.

If you are using one of these products, or you’ve use them in the past, please help us out by leave a comment and telling us how it worked for you.

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