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Forex NonStop Robot Review

forex-non-stopForex nonstop robot is an automated trading solution by the Anna Forex group. These systems remind me a lot of Rita Lasker and her approach and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Anna releases a new system every few months and I feel that she should be releasing less systems and focusing on the ones who clients are using.

Today I’ll review and his latest software so that the Forex robot nation knows if this is a viable investment opportunity.

Forex NonStop Robot Review

The Forex nonstop robot works on the M30 timeframe with the EURUSD and USDJPY pairs. Anna believes that this expert advisor will work for all traders because they built it to work for both novices and professionals. She tells us that the main idea behind the software is based on triple force which is a trend filter into built-in indicators. The Anna Forex group believe that this combination alongside Swiss quality can lead to results of over $15,000 a month. At the top of the webpage there is a screenshot that shows 3 days of trading with the system made over $2000.

The one issue I have with Anna and the Forex nonstop robot is that the results are never in depth enough. Anna takes the same approach that Rita Lasker takes in that the maximum sample size of trading results we see is always capped at one month, and we never get to see a my FX book account. Anna shows us that her system earned over $15,000 from September 8 to October 10 using the two currency pairs. While this is an impressive feat this is certainly not enough of the sample size for us to go on. Also, there is no my FX book which makes very little sense unless the developer is scared to show us the real statements.

At this point in time I can’t recommend the Forex nonstop robot to the Forex robot nation readers because the results are just not there. There’s no reason for us to spend our hard earned money on a development team that is an providing us with all the information we need. All we can really do here is sit back and wait for the Forex community to test this system and provide us with their commentary. If you have tried the nonstop system please leave a comment below this review now and tell us exactly how you did. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you spend more time here at Forex robot nation.

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