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Forex Profit Track By Anna Monti

Forex Profit Track is a new unique trading robot with 4×4 power, developed by Anna ‘Forex’ Monti. Anna is a regular in the Forex market and she feels that her latest EA has the capabilities of providing traders with positive performance and unequaled stability.

Today we will be providing a review for the Forex Robot Nation readers and the overall trading community. You will be able to leave your thoughts and comments below the article if you feel the need to contribute.


Forex Profit Track Review

According to the sales page, the Forex Profit Track EA is an award-winning strategy that’s been extensively tested with specific forward tests and comes with tight stoploss management. This racing themed sales page is not very professional at all but we will try to look past this in our review.

There are some specifics behind the strategy, which is a plus. We are told that the developers use the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) to analyze the trend and the Williams Percent Range indicator to determine an entry point for the trade. The software works with 2 pairs that Anna feels are optimized perfectly to avoid volatility and win trades.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $99/license
  • Strategy: N/A
  • Timeframe: M15

Anna ‘Forex’ Monti History

Anna ‘Forex’ Monti is another developer in the Forex market that pumps out new trading systems and strategies on a regular basis. She has a lot in common with Rita Lasker, Karl Dittman and Alex Tanuka. It seems that these are the 3 most active product producers in the Forex market. This isn’t necessarily a positive.

Much like all the other developers Anna creates new trading systems every couple of months, which makes it very difficult to believe that strategies like the Forex Profit Track are being supported and updated properly. Here are some of her most recent trading systems.

There are 11 more trading robot stating back to the first released in mid 2014. Despite there being over 15 robots now, there is little to no real customer feedback for these trading systems online. That being said, somebody must be buying them, so if it’s you please leave a comment with your thoughts and experiences.

Profit Track Results

The trading results for the Forex Profit Track software are lackluster. Anna Forex consistently disregards the importance of trading results and live trading statements in each and every single one of her product launches. She relies upon trading statements and screenshots that reflect extremely short periods of time. In this case, the trading statement provided shows us one month trading from the 25th of July 2016 to August 26th 2016. Considering we are well into 2017, these results are far from effective.


As much as we would love to give a positive review for Anna Monti’s Forex Profit Track, it just doesn’t seem possible. Until Anna can provide us with longer trading statements and real time my FX book accounts we are going to be able to rate her products anywhere above the 3 stars.

If you have anything you would like to add, now would be the time. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to contact us at any time if you need help in the Forex trading market.


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