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In this category, is a growing collection of recent Forex managed account reviews and tests. Often referred to as PAMM or MAM, these accounts are growing in this market as traders look for new ways to increase their passive earnings. Both of these types of accounts are 100% managed by an account manager, but finding the right manager is not a simple process.


Profit Allocation Money Management (PAMM)


This type of Forex managed account is facilitated by a Forex brokerage, which makes it safer than investing directly with a person. In PAMM accounts, the manager will trade on the clients behalf, and often use Forex robots to do so. The benefit of this type of managed account is that it gives traders access to diversity, and expertise. It’s a good way for traders to make some profits, without having to make any trading decisions on their own.


Multi Account Manager (MAM)


The other popular Forex managed account service is the MAM. In this managed account type traders deposit their money directly with the manager, which comes with a higher level of risk. With an MAM, the investor funds are pooled and then profits are distributed based on the original deposit with the manager.


If you are interested in hiring an account manager, or a Forex account management service, then I recommend reading all of the reviews here at Forex Robot Nation. This list is growing every single day as we pick out new management services to analyze and test.


Top Global Traders Review (Managed Accounts)

Top Global Traders is a Forex managed account service that works with over 100 brokers by “award winning traders.” They are inviting the community explore their trading opportunities and copy their trades. They promise a professional approach to the markets, and feel that their integrity sets them apart from their competitors. Today we will be providing a complete review, and …

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Xeconds Strategy Review (Managed Accounts)

Xeconds Strategy is a managed Forex account service that wants to give the public access to the currency market, even if they have no prior experience trading. With this service, traders can select from a collection of different portfolios that are “managed by experienced trading managers with profitable track records.” Today we will be providing a review and letting you …

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Signal Detector 47 Review (Signals & EA)

Signal Detector 47 is a new Forex signal and expert advisor service that’s focused on providing “lower cost” options in a rather expensive market. They also offer managed account services, and claim to have over 4,500 clients. We will be analyzing each and every claim provided by this vendor, to let you know if it’s a viable investment opportunity. There …

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Standard FX Review (Managed Account)

Standard FX is a Forex managed account service that claims to “realize 20% weekly” through trading your Forex, bitcoin and binary options accounts on your behalf. This is obviously a significant return, which means we need to remain skeptical, because 80% per month is unrealistic. Today we will be providing a review, and letting you know if this service provider …

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Aeir Capital Review (Asset Management)

Aeir Capital is a Forex managed account service promising 100% automated trading, a 2.45% drawdown and an average 1500+ pips per month. These are certainly impressive numbers, which is why it’s very important that we provide a complete review and let you know if you should expect those numbers if you decide to join. We will analyze their trading strategy, …

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Forex92 Review (Managed Trading Accounts)

Forex92 is a managed account service that requires a minimum investment of $5000 to $50,000 depending on the package you sign up with. Each package promises a specific percentage in monthly return, and takes a portion of them monthly return as a performance fee. Each package comes with a dedicated account manager and promises provide a simple and straightforward service. …

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Surge Forex Review (Managed Accounts)

Surge Forex is a a new trading program advertised as professional Forex managed account services. Yet, in going through the website the service comes across more as an expert advisor or Forex robot provider, and even explain that they are developers of “automated trading strategies based on algorithmic trading rules.” It really doesn’t seem like the developers of the service …

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Service Review: TopstepFX

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex combine, where traders attempt to prove their trading skill in order to qualify for a live funded account, TopstepFX. The developers of the service make traders go through multiple phases to prove that they can profit, and manage risk before allowing them to trade with money directly from their company’s account. This is a …

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Signals Review: Risecap FX

Risecap FX is a Forex provider that provide services in cashback rebates, manage accounts and trading signals. It’s extremely rare for companies in this marketplace to offer services in more than one area of expertise, let alone three. The main concern with developers providing too many services, is that it could certainly weaken each offering, as the time is being …

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Review: Managed Forex Ltd

Managed Forex Ltd is a new MT4 based managed account service looking to provide traders with impactful trading systems and “alpha returns.” Their fully automated trading approach utilizes an institutional class expert advisor, which they believe gives traders the opportunity to make use of their “experience, knowledge and professionalism.” The team is located at 50 Clooney Terrace, Londonderry BT47 2TQ, …

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