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In this category, we provide the community with in-depth reviews of every single Forex signal provider in the market. In doing so, we analyze free and paid services, to make sure that every trader can find some signal help, regardless of their budget. In reviewing hundreds of different programs, we have determined which are the best Forex signals providers, and how you can take advantage of accurate market entries with very little risk.


We review Forex signal providers that send signals via apps, MetaTrader 4, telegram, e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter and many other mediums. As long as the signals come fast, and frequent, this is not a major area of concern.


In order to come to reliable conclusions, we analyze many different factors to determine the viability of a Forex signal service. First, we analyze the company. We find out who the analysts are, where they are located, and what type of trading history they have in the Forex marketplace. Next, we distinguish their trading approach. In this section, we analyze their strategy to see what type of trading approach they subscribe to, whether it’s scalping, day trading, trend trading, martingale, grid trading or any other methodology. Then, we sort through their trading results and client feedback. This way we know the initial community impression, and what type of performance numbers they’ve been able to accrue since their service first launched. Once we have all of this information, we add it all up and rank the Forex signal service according to where they stand in comparison with their competitors.


Most Forex signal providers miss on at least one, if not multiple key elements that we test for. One of the most frustrating, and concerning areas is the lack of transparency that is rampant in this market. Very few Forex signal services provide verified, trustworthy performance statements. This is one of the main reasons why we review Forex signal providers, and always stay on top of who is new, and what is currently the most popular.


Please read our Forex signal reviews and pick the one that best suits you, and your trading methodology.


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Forex Pips Signal Review (Trading Signals)

Forex Pips Signal ( is a trading service claiming to provide well structured signals that maintain specific take profits and stop losses to ensure clients get the account growth they desire. The team provides a “minimum +800 pips profit guarantee per month,” which is a very large number, and one that is extremely difficult to achieve even for pro traders. …

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Signals Review: Copy Trade Profit FX

Copy Trade Profit FX is a Forex signal service that promises to provide “fast, premium and real-time trading alerts.” They believe that the best way to trade is by copy a team of professional traders that have over 6 years of experience “making consistent profits from the Forex markets.” This group of traders claim that they are in the perfect …

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BulletProof Traders Review

BulletProof Traders is a Forex trading club that provides traders with courses, signals and a promise of a 5% to 10% monthly return on investment. They claim to be better than their competitors because they offer more than just signals and trading room sessions. Instead, they provide a classic membership site “with a full spectrum Forex trading support package.” We …

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Best Forex Team Review (Free $100)

Best Forex Team is a Forex service developer promising $100 for free to any level of trader, that is looking to earn in the Forex marketplace. The vendor claims that they want to invest in any trader available no matter the skill level, as long as they are serious about trading. The offer is very strange, and requires the traders …

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Platinum Forex Signals Review

Platinum Forex Signals is a new trading service offering trading signals and a trading course. The most significant part of their offering is their signals which is quite obvious given the name of the website. They believe that their group of professional trade analysts will be able to provide accurate trade alerts for many years to come. Today we will …

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Signals Review: JKonFX

Today I’m reviewing a signal service that provides market insights and trade ideas directly from a professional trader, Joel Kruger’s JKonFX. Unlike most other signal services, this one provides traders with much more insight into the trading approach, and build up of each trade. Joel wants to help traders win, but at the same time help them grow to become …

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Trade Surfers Review (

Trade Surfers is a Forex signal service and training program to help traders learn while still placing trades. They advertise the service as an opportunity to “trade Forex with the pro for three months for only $17.” They feel that many other products in the Forex marketplace charge way too much for Forex coaching programs, and they want to put …

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Signals Review: Apollo Trading

Apollo Trading is a is a new service providing traders with signals for both Forex and Stocks. As this is a Forex review website, we will be focused on the Forex signals today. We will do our best to walk you through the entire presentation, and then let you know if this is a viable trading service. The website is …

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Signals Review: Pips Life (

Pips Life is a Forex signal service that operates on a pay-as-you-go model, where traders can purchase each signal for $1. This is the first signal service of its kind, and the developers feel that it will liberate traders from monthly, yearly or lifetime plans that simply cost too much. The vendors even claim that they will refund traders “for …

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Signals Review: Forex Specs (

Forex Specs is a signal service, with a 200 pip monthly guarantee “with high success rate and big reward ratios.” The creator of the service, Vasil Burlyanov believes that skill and confidence are the key aspects in turning a failed trader, into a successful one. Today we will provide a full review, and let you know if these signals are …

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