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FX Tech Strategy Review (Currency Analysis)

FX Tech Strategy is a currency analysis provider, that also offers trading signals with buy/sell entries, stop losses and price targets. The creators of the service claim that their award winning data “will lower your risk & instantly reveal profitable trade ideas.” The service appears professional, but we are unsure they will have the level of proof we require, in order to be confident. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if this is the type of program that traders can rely on full-time.

The creator of the service, Mohammed Isah tells us they have 6 years of experience in technical analysis, and use a top down approach to analyze each currency. Mohamed worked for FXInstructor LLC as a technical analyst before joining this group, and he’s now their lead provider of currency data. He’s written articles for many different trading outlets including Business Insider, FXStreet, and MoneyShow.

This group does not provide any information about their headquarter location, or introduce us to any other analysts outside of Isah. To get in touch with support, traders can email


FX Tech Strategy Review

The FX Tech team want traders to get more power over their trading “with less hassle.” They provide short assessments about each currency to nearly 3500 traders.

The main features of the service, are that it helps traders make smarter trading decisions. Secondly, it lets traders spot trends faster than they normally would. Lastly, the analysis integrates easily with pre-determined strategies that trader are already using, so they don’t have to change their approach.

The Forex research provided can be used as original trade ideas, or to just get a better understanding of the markets and grow as a trader.

While the majority of the sales page discusses their analysis, it’s important to recognize that they provide trading signals too. So, while the presentation may be different, they surely want to be considered in our best Forex signal rankings. Let’s see how they stack up.


Based on the description of the service, and the professional nature, we expect FX Tech Strategy to excel in this area. We can see in their different market outlooks in their blog, that they clearly have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to the markets.

The only aspect of the strategy portion that we would like to see improved, is giving us some trade examples. We would like to see how they break down each trading signal before purchasing, so we know exactly what we are getting.

Outside of this though, the strategy is strong.


  • Type: Signals & Analysis
  • Established: 2014
  • Price: $29-$119/month
  • Strategy: Technical Analysis
  • Trading Time: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 4-15/month

For traders interested in the FX Tech Strategy service, there are four plans available. Here they are listed in order from least to most expensive.

  1. Starter – $29/month, analysis on 4 currencies, 4 trade alerts per month.
  2. Pro Trader – $59/month, analysis on 7 currencies, 7 trade alerts per month.
  3. Plus Trader – $89/month, analysis on 10 currencies, 10 trade alerts per month.
  4. Premium Trader – $119/month, analysis on 10 currencies as well as 5 commodities, and 15 trade alerts per month.

The real difference in this service, and other signal services really comes down to the signal frequency. With even their premium plan, 15 signals per month is a very low number compared to most, as you can see in our reviews of Price Action Forex LTD, ToolsTrades and M15 Signals.

We also aren’t sure when they provide the signals, and feel this is something they should inform us on, as we have readers all over the world.

Trading Results

The vendor provides a trade performance chart, showing the amount of pips they’ve gained every single month with their FX Tech Strategy, since they launched in 2014.

They do not provide specific trades, and none of the numbers are verified by a third party. The table can easily be fabricated, which is concerning. We hope that the vendor sees our dismay about this one aspect of the service, and starts uploading to Myfxbook, or any other statement sharing website.

On the bright side, they do offer a PDF that shows samples of their analysis and trading alerts, which is quite impressive.


The FX Tech Strategy website is professional, and they have many different plans to help traders achieve their goals. They have a strong background in technical analysis, and we are confident in their skills as traders. The only issue we have with the presentation, is the results section, because they haven’t verified any of their wins with third party reporting. This is a must, and we feel every vendor should prove their service works, before we purchase it.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your feedback below the article now.

FX Tech Strategy $29-$119/month
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FX Tech Strategy is a Forex signal service that believes in quality over quantity. They provide very few trade alerts.

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