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Signals Review: ToolsTrades

Today I’m looking at a trading signal provider that just arrived on the market a few months ago, and is starting to get some attention, ToolsTrades. The creators of the service claim to offer “the most accurate trading signals for the Forex, CFD, Stocks and Crypto markets.” They believe that they have an edge over their competition because they stay up-to-date with all the latest news and developments in all of these markets.

There is no direct information as to where the company is located, or who the signal providers are. We are told that they are “the world’s most successful trading signals provider,” since they were founded in 2012, but all of the evidence I see indicates that this service has only been available for approximately 3 months. In fact, the WHOIS records for the domain, show that it was first registered in late September 2017. I’m not sure why the discrepancy, but it’s something I will be following up on throughout the review.


ToolsTrades Review

The ToolsTrades approach and platform is different than most signal providers in the Forex marketplace. They tend to keep everything in-house, with all of their signal results, and trading opportunities all within their own platform. The signals are provided twice a day Monday-Friday, at 11:00 GMT, and 16:00 GMT, under the titles morning signals or evening signals. In looking at the signals right now without a membership, there are 4 trades available in the morning, and 4 in the evening. The morning trades include Silver, Gold, USD/JPY, EUR/USD opportunities with specified trade direction, strike rates, stop loss and multiple take profit levels. I assume that the multiple levels are for traders that are willing to let the trade run for longer periods of time, like a Forex EA would.

In the platform, is also the ability to click on the chart, to monitor the price and to help plan for the trade without having to open your broker.

I appreciate and commend the way in which trades are provided, but the majority of my questions and criticisms will likely be in the trading results section of the review.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: Free ($200)
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: Any

The signals are advertised as a free service. After registering for free access to the signals, you gain access to 2 free daily signals. In order to get access to more signals, you have to chat with one of the ToolsTrades agents, and then provide them with your phone number. It seems as though, the entire website is a funnel, directing traders to this chat.

When you click on the unlock signals button, that is available on the signals page, it automatically sends a message to the agent, who will start talking to you right away. After I started this chat, I was asked for my phone number, and I told him I didn’t have a phone number but I still wanted access to the signals. At this point I was told that I could pay $200 to get access to 28 signals per day, fore life. All I would need to do is buy 0.013 bitcoins through this website, and I would have lifetime access.

The process is a bit convoluted, and not as straightforward as I would appreciate.

Trading Results

In the ToolsTrades platform, there is a history that shows the clients trading results, and there is another section that shows the developer trading results. I’m not sure how this works exactly, but for some reason the trading results are different.

Considering the developer is providing the signals, I don’t see how these results could or should be different in any way. When I questioned the online chat operator, he told me that there are different signals and different plans but currently they only have spots available with the standard plan. Then, told me that most of the members are using the pro-club membership, which is not available to me.

You would think that someone in the entire members results section would be using the standard plan, but when I do a search through the strike rates in trades, there isn’t a single match.

Before I consider this service, I’m going to need a much more transparent account of trading results. The developer needs to upload their accounts, and trading signals to a service like FX Blue or Myfxbook. This is the only way we can really see if this service is working or not. It’s hard to trust any signal provider, when there are discrepancies like the ones we are seeing here.

Client Feedback

The client feedback under the review is spotty. There are both positive and negative reviews from clients. We do find it a bit concerning that every time we ask one of the positive reviewers to prove their claims, they disappear. This could mean that these are fake reviews, and many of them read the same too which make us feel like that’s probable.

At the end of the day, all we want to see is some verified results.


At this point in time, I won’t be recommending the ToolsTrades signal service. The website comes across as professional, and I appreciate the fact that they have live chat support available to help around the clock. Yet, the discrepancies in the trading results section does have me skeptical inquiry that the signals may not be as profitable as presented.

Please let me know what you think about the service, by leaving a comment or question below this article now.

ToolsTrades $200
  • Price
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  • Support


ToolsTrades is a Forex signal service with a confusing presentation.

Comments Rating 3.83 (6 reviews)


Professional website Live chat support Trading signals


No verified results No strategy insight Possible fake reviews

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  1. good

    I am so happy cares for their clients’ needs. I came to them as a newbie and now I’m intermediate. I have friends who rely on me for trade signals and I owe it all to this amazing platform. Very soon I’ll be referring them to this site so that they can have a first-hand experience as well.

  2. Testimony Adara

    Legit signals

    A friend referred Toolstrade to me when I wasnt making much progress in trading. This site helped me to get more profits and lesser losses. I love their cool features and great customer support

  3. relible and smooth platform

    love the app! been using it for a while trying to hone my forex trading skills. easy to navigate, timely run without lag. executes smoothly and reliable. I will continue using it and help educate others as I share this app.
    now it’s a lot easier to trade literally anywhere, buy and sell are instant and it has every tool for the graphs I care to use. super easy process would be excellent for beginners.

  4. I have recently started trading with them. Their signals are fairly good and give you a fair idea where to invest. I am having a good experience with them and am satisfied with this platform. They also have a good customer support service as I keep on getting great guidance from them. They solve all my issues. I would recommend this platform to everyone.

    • HI Sana, do you have any results you can share? There are quite a few positive comments here, but none of them come back to provide results. I’m unsure if they are real clients.

  5. I was on a 4 signal package and I wasn’t generating a profit, I was told to invest more so that my account is bigger, when I arranged the money they asked me to use another broker. I am now on an unlimited package and have lost a lot of money on both trading platforms, obviously due to their signals. I am not pleased at all with their empty promises. Once you give them your business, it’s very difficult for them to avail themselves.

  6. Trading has never been easier. Over the years I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with some trading platforms. I barely made any profit no matter how much I tried. I started using toolstrade recently and so far I am very happy with the results I’m getting. I like that they provide daily signal to use and trade every day. I highly recommend them

  7. Slavisa Bogdanovic

    Tools Trades-reliable platform

    My personal opinion is that Tools Trades platform is reliable. There are no guarantees, trading is something where no one can promise you success, but with reliable signals, your chances of getting some money are increasing. I am using it for a relatively short period of time, but so far I am satisfied. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

    • Do you have any trading results? Based on all the comments I’m seeing here, it’s starting to feel like they aren’t from real clients. They are all too similar, and none of them actually respond to me.

  8. Hello, I cant be left in congratulating the hard work done by trade tools customer to ensure that signals are provided on real time basis. It is coupled with challenge of slow working signals but they are working at long last. This calls for patience while working with the application. To the new newbie in the business patience and being inquisitive is paramount to be successful. I give a credit of 4/5

  9. What an amazing Forex service provider. I love how reliable they are. I feel confident in Tools Trades and using their services and would continue to do so. The customer service is top-notch and they get back to very quickly to sort out any issues. I totally would recommend them for Forex Trading.

  10. I have been a user of Tools Trade for 3 months now. I am a complete beginner so at first, the site was confusing. But their trading signals are legit. I still feel that they should work on their website more to make it more user friendly, make it look less scammy. It’s definitely not a scam as I’ve made money on this site. There is a free trial for those who are a bit weary and not ready to take any kind of risk yet. I’m still using them, and I recommend them for your trading needs.

  11. I have been an user of Toolstrades for a couple of months and their trading signals are generally on point. Their first impession on me was that their website looked (and still looks) a bit confusing and needed to be improved, which made me think that website was completely scam. However, after having tried the free trial, I saw that the trading signals on the site are generally accurate. For those who are in doubt of using their signals because of the chances of its being scam, there is a free trial. Therefore, you can check it out without taking any risk. I have been using their signals and will keep using Toolstrades, so I totally recommend them, especially for beginners.

  12. It has been 2 years since I started forex trading – I was not successful earlier but when I joined ToolsTrades – things just changed. I got more success in trading because of the signals provided by them – It is a very easy and goof platform and they help their users become successful in their trading.
    They have a chart station, new feed and new announcement as well as 24/7 customer service.
    And you can give it a free try as well 🙂

  13. tools trades is an excellent site. all I’ve found is that they supply reliable and free signals to help most of the traders. they are also providing chat support to help you get support immediately. they assist traders by providing a chart station and live announcement to facilitate increasing your experience. needless to say ith none payments. if you’re really trying to find a legit site for trading signals so that is the right one!

  14. I am using Tools Trade signals for nearly 3 months now. Professional support and technical guiding are very satisfying. They assist me with comprehensive details of Forex signals. The mobile app is very helpful for easy access all the time. The quick chat in the site is very useful to clarify my doubts immediately. I recommend this as a reliable platform Thank you Tools Trade!!

  15. I try their system end it’s not good end they are..idi…..ots.
    They give you for example 10 signals form that 7 are winning ( 15 pip each ) now the 3 lost signals the stop loss it’s( 50pip each ) at the end of the month you close the account.
    Dylan then asks me to pay for the signal if I want more.
    I told him about my loss end he sends me the signals lists it’s 73% wins :)))
    When I screenshot my account with the loss he block me

  16. I think people are too quick to call trading signal providers a scam because they make losses on the market… Signals are only there to give you a hint, not a definite answer on trading.There are no guarantees that you’re going to profit of it but you can always minimize their risks if trading signal provider is good. I have contacted their Costumer service and they are responsive and give you pretty detailed information on trading signals.

  17. I had my doubt joining toolstrade but ever since I started following their trading tips and signals, I’d no choice than to continue using their services. I wouldn’t say I have made millions but I can boldly say I have made some cool profits with their signals. Oh I forgot to tell you that it’s free to join and customer service is five star.

  18. The signals provided by this platform are reliable. For your information, signals are not a guarantee that you won’t lose money. They are supposed to guide you but you have to apply your knowledge if you are looking to win big in forex trade. I have been following signals from toolstrade over the last couple of months and have severally applied them. After having previously tried signals from other sites, I would say this site has an edge of others. I also did interact with John, to try and understand how their signals work and I like the customer service. John answered all my questions and I am convinced toolstrade is no scam.

  19. I have been using toolstrades for more than 3 months now and they have been helpful till now. As a newbie its easier for me to do through them cause their signals are very accurate and prompt. I wont say i am making millions but i am making good profit of what i have traded. Also their customer service is very supportive and resourceful. Do give it a try and it will be a good decision.

  20. I don’t think toolstrade is a scam because of my experience with the platform. I’m not a professional but I’ve been able to earn some profits. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the platform but the way some people apply their signal. Always remember that signals are there to guide you and help you have a better idea on how to trade well. The customer service is also okay. So, I’ve not come across anything that is fishy since I started using toolstrade.

  21. I was referred by a friend to ToolsTrade and the experience has been awesome. I like the fact that their signals are easy to use (especially for newbies) and how easy it is to monitor trades. I’m going to give it an extra 3 months, but this time I will be trading its signals on an account exclusive to ToolsTrade to verify the claims here. Will update you all on how it goes.

  22. I am only an “amateur trader”, doing it as a hobby and to make some additional money. So most likely my needs are different compared to those who do this all day long or handle amounts of 3 million USD.
    But for me, ToolsTrade has proved useful since I started using them 6months ago. I use their free signals as a tool to make my own decision and globally I am at a win, which is what matters.
    Also, it is true that the site is often redirecting to the chat. I personally like this, as it is good for me to be able to discuss with someone if I have doubts or questions.

  23. Tools Trades guarantees 85% effectiveness or at least that is what the user support service offers, which can be accessed in any language 24/365. I was monitoring the statistics for a week and it certainly is not 85% performance but it is 70% accurate predictions that are still a good rate. This is a platform as innovative as risky, just look at some of the movements raised to understand that it is certainly aimed at investors who decide to take risks to earn more. The word “Conservatives” is not exactly one of its characteristics.
    I am not the biggest expert in the field, but it seems that the work of the page is acceptable.

  24. Hello,
    actually you can open account with regulated IB broker with minimum deposit 250 USD, and signals will free. But I am yet it not tried.

  25. It’s a good signals giving platform. I’ll rate it an 8/10. For most of the trades i make based on their signals, i get a profit.I would recommend for anyone looking for tading signals.

  26. From my up to today experiences with Tool Trades, I can say that it is definitely worth investing. Awesome support, very clear and understandable website and easy to start on, which I think quite was challenging for me. Also, it is actually helping me to grow my understanding of Forex signals. They even have good only chat that very responsive and help you to get a better understanding of Trading Signals. So far so good. For sure will recommend to all friends.

  27. I use the toolstrade for long term signals, sometimes for a short term, mostly for btc and eth sell, because I am dealing with mining and it means to me at what time and for what price I will sell the excavated coin, at the same time I keep prices at other exchanges so that in time I sold what I planned. I’m not a gambler, while I keep the signals I get, I always sell at a good price, as soon as I get greedy everything goes down, so I do not see anything bad in the use of trade signals.

  28. hey, guys! just wanted to wager in here. I see that you must have an old interface for the signals service here, but I started using toolstrades services not so long ago and they now have a totally different signals concept now which is pretty cool. I tried one of their brokers and their support as well as all of the explanation were given quickly and respectfully. It is weird to see reviews like that as I really liked the service.

  29. One big scam stay well away

  30. I’m sorry Mark one of their members is been trying to manipulate me

  31. do not join toolstrades. they are a scam like so many companies based outside england. you will lose every penny of your money. thier signals are rubbish and contradictory. they have no better clue then anyone else. i followed them over 14 working days and lost money on the whole. i could have done better on my own. majority of thier trades are inter day and many times against the trend. you are bound to lose unless you just want 5 pips which even a blind monkey can do. also once you deposit the money just kiss it goodbye.

  32. They got me to open accounts with brokers that proved to be unregulated and I couldn’t get my money back. They did not want to know. I think they are party to these scams and I would avoid them.

    • Exactly Mr. John. Tools trades is a scanner supporters. They referred 8-9 brokers and compel to deposit each platforms 500 USD 200 USD like that. In that I made 3 million USD by Nov. 2017 and till now didn’t get any fund to me. I approached tools trades, they asked to contact my broker. They didn’t support to get back my fund

    • That’s exactly what made me invest in an unregulated broker.
      After many letters and chat and ringing on the phone where I wanted to put money in another broker and promised to help in my case (which never happened)
      I could not get my money back.
      And for 4 months they changed their name three times

    • Reliable platform

      Toolstrade is a platform that works on making decisions on signals. Your success is not guaranteed. And like any other trading signals platform there are risks involved here as well. They do have good customer support. I do think it’s better than most trading platforms. Give it a few months here and see how your progress goes.

    • Good to read your review. However, for me using Tool Trades premium trading signals has been instrumental for the profits I’ve made in two months from trading crypto currency. Their numerous awards including the one from Bulls and Horns first encouraged me to trade on the platform. And I also appreciate their effective customer service. I don’t regret using the platform.

  33. Their Twitter account says Joined September 2014 ?

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