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M15 Signals Review (1500-3500 Pips/month)

M15 Signals is a short term Forex signal provider that offers 2-8 alerts per day via Telegram. The group tagline is “helping you reach your investment goals.” In order to do so, the analysts want to work together with their clients to ensure that the entire community is profiting from their service.

The website started serving clients just over a year ago, operating out of Venice, Italy. There doesn’t appear to be information provided about the developers of the service, or the analysts offering the signals. If they want to be taken seriously, this information needs to be provided, and quickly.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can message via Telegram, or fill out a contact form on the website.


M15 Signals Review

The M15 Signals website is quite basic, and really lacking in content. There’s a signal history page, a pricing page and the home page. Each of these areas offers a few tidbits about the service, but nothing that goes into any real detail or depth.

In the about us section of the home page, is just 4 words, which is really disappointing. There is no way this group will qualify as a best Forex signal provider with the current construction of their website.

Trading Strategy

The signal providers tell us that their M15 signals focus on quick, short-term opportunities with an accurate rate of “almost 90%.” Each signal comes with 3 take profits, risk management advice and no manual close.

While we appreciate this information, it really doesn’t give us any insight into their trading methodologies. All we really know is that they prefer short- term trades. They don’t go into why they prefer these trades, or how they analyze the market to come up with these opportunities.

Their competitors, like Margin Signals, FX Condor and SMFX Analytics all do a better job at giving us detail. While this isn’t the end all be all when it comes to signal providers, it’s generally a good predictor of future performance.

With thousands of different services available, vendors need to do something special to stand out. Doing nothing, and offering nothing in terms of strategy, doesn’t help.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Signals for Forex Currencies & Gold
  • Established: 2019
  • Price: $55/month
  • Strategy: Short-term
  • Trading Time: Asia, London & USA Sessions
  • Signal Frequency: 2-8/day

For traders interested in the M15 signals service, the premium service goes for $55/month. The service can also be purchased at a lower cost by paying up for 3 months, or 6 months in advance.

There is also a free plan which promises 2 to 5 signals per day, and “250 to 600 pips per month.” We do recommend that traders start with the free plan, and see if it’s profitable first, before signing up to the premium service.

Trading Results

The M15 signals program provides a “Signals History” page which gives a monthly update on their pips gained. The results start in December 2018, and go to today’s current date, averaging around 5000 pips per month.

None of these results are proven or verified, which isn’t really a surprise considering how impressive they are. As the results stand, they can easily be manipulated by the vendor. They do not provide any information about the trades, and don’t use any third party to verify them.

So, while the results are impressive. They really don’t hold up in 2020, because they aren’t proven in any way.


As it stands, the M15 signals service has a long way to go before they can compete in the Forex signals market. They provide little to no information about their strategy, they don’t provide any verified trading results, and the results they do provide come across sketchy. We won’t be able to recommend this service to any of our readers at this time, because they simply fail all of the main categories we rank for. As always, we will check back in time to see if they read our critiques and addressed them properly.

Until then, if you have something you would like to add, please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

M15 Signals $55/month
  • Price
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M15 Signals is a signal service that provides 15 minute signal opportunities up to 8 times per day.

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2-8 signals per day
Telegram live alerts


No proven results
Limited strategy insight

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  1. Unreliable Signal Provider

    Purchased this signal 2 months back. Very obviously, the signals are overwhelmingly pullback trades. In November, many signals cannot hit the first TP either, some ran days and even weeks. The worst case was EUR-CAD which hit the 150 pips SL the same day.

    I received only one signal, maximum two per day! It doesn’t make any sense at all!

    After many failed signals in November, they changed the SL to 100 pips from the entry price point 1 week ago but the performance remained bad. The worst was AUD-USD 1 week ago, when the prices were running very strong upward, they asked to sell. . . terribly counter-intuitively.

    This signal is for lot size 0.01 and TP 20 pips. If you really want to make some money from day trading, forget this signal. It is a scam.

  2. Marco Labib Anton

    Can I try the free plan for some time for the daily free signals before purchase ?

  3. yeah nope nope nope, what they did is 3 TP means 20 +50 + 100 = 170 pips in 3 positions, while SL is just on 1 position SL -70pips. If they want to do it that way then they must count SL as -210 pips. Pip count manipulation at worst…

  4. I went ahead and purchased this a couple months back. They change their stop losses and let you know after you have already been stopped out, they do not post all their losing trades (I saw a lot), and when they lose it is often 200-500 pips at a time.

  5. i want info on M15 alert signals. I want to start of with free plan, first try it out session.

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