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Margin Signals Review (FX, BTC & Crypto)

Margin Signals is a new service claiming to “offer the best leverage margin and standard signals around.” Traders can test the signals with their free trial offer, or sign up for VIP access to get a full suite of options including the opportunity to purchase an Auto Trader. Today we will be providing a full review, and letting you know if this service meets our expectations.

The service is run by two traders located in Australia, Robbo and Alex. Their partnership started because they both took part in a Facebook signals channel where Rob was one of the signal callers and Alex was the community administrator. Susan their location, traders can expect signals betweem “10am – 10pm time AEST Monday to Friday, and sometimes through the weekend.” While they don’t provide an exact location or any last names, we do appreciate that they introduce themselves and give us some insight into their journey. When dealing with the signal service, it’s important to understand who is providing the signals, in order to have any confidence in the outcome.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form located on the website.


Margin Signals Review

The Margin Signals website is professional looking, with a handful of different sections including, an about us page, contact us page, pricing details and a few brief reason why traders shoud choose the service. As a whole, the website fails to provide much in terms of detail. Outside of the about us page, there are really only a few sentences about the service which is disappointing because they offer so many different features. The vendor isn’t doing themselves any favors by not telling us about each aspect of the service. The best Forex signal providers in this market, provide more information.

There are 3 reasons why these signal providers believe their service is ahead of their competitors:

  1. They provide leveraged BITMEX signals, which often result in “average gains per trade in the 30/40% range.
  2. They use advanced risk management, and teach their traders utilize proper techniques to increase their portfolio over time.
  3. They offer market and news updates, but the description for this section the exact same description they used for the first point, which is unprofessional to say the least.


With a lack of detail on the website, you would think that the Margin Signals service is in trouble with their strategy rating. Yet, they do provide details about the trade analysts, and have a YouTube channel with a handful of videos. While these videos just started being posted over the past 2 weeks, and only have a few views each, they do give insight into the knowledge of the signal producers. They have videos on market analysis, trade recaps, indicators, fibonacci retracement, fibonacci extension and how to set up Bitmex.

This is over one hour of content, all giving good insight into the knowledge of the signal providers. Instead of having us search for this YouTube channel the vendors should link to it somewhere on their website, it even have a strategy section where they include some of these videos.

All of all, their strategy insight is ahead of most other services in this market, as you can see in our reviews of SMFX Analytics, FX Leaders and Strike Trader Elite.


  • Type: Signals for Forex & Crypto
  • Established: 2018
  • Price: $60/month
  • Strategy: Fibonacci
  • Trading Time: 10am – 10pm time AEST Monday to Friday
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed

For traders interested in the Margin Signals service, traders can sign up for a free trial or VIP access. The free trial is a limited time offer that comes with 20-30% of the normal signals, and very little news, updates or support. The VIP packages all come with full access to the signals, up-to-date news, full support with multiple platforms, portfolio management tools, portfolio tracker tools, insights into trade setups and the ability to purchase their Auto Trader for an additional fee. You can purchase the VIP package for $180 for 3 months, $324 for 6 months, or $612 per year.

The really don’t give any details about their management tools, tracker tools or their auto trader which is disappointing. The auto trader comes across as a bit of upsell, and not a cheap one as it’s an additional $396 in a yearly plan. It’s difficult to understand why they are selling this at all, if they are providing us with any details about it.

Trading Results

Surprisingly, the Margin Signals service doesn’t provide any trading results. Normally, every signal provider will show us some sort of trading result, but this vendor isn’t showing us any at all. Without proving that their service is profitable, it’s very difficult to charge up to $612 a year.

They desperately need to upload their accounts to Myfxbook, to show us their progress, and prove that the service is worth our time.


Without any trading results, we won’t be able to recommend the Margin Signals service to any of our readers at this time. We appreciate the majority of the sales page, their strategy videos, and the fact that they introduce us to the traders running the service. Yet, none of this information is enough when there are no trade results at all. So, we will revisit this review soon, and hopefully the vendor has taken our critiques and made the correct adjustments.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comment below the article now.

Margin Signals $60/month
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Margin Signals is a Forex signal service providing trade alerts based on market analysis.

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Good company information
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Trading in Australian time
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