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Free Forex robot is now available, my newest and favorite creation is here to ignite your accounts. As you know I have promised to release another free system and all of you faithful Forex Robot Nation readers have been very patient.

This free Forex robot will auto trade for you 100%. In order to use it you will just have to place the software on the correct MetaTrader4 chart and the software will do the rest of the work.

The free download is available at the bottom of the post.

If this is your first time using an automated trading system don’t worry, I will walk you through the entire process step by step.

With that said, let me introduce you to Forex Fireball & The Free Fiverr Robot, the two latest EA’s in my series of Free Forex Robots.

Scroll down to watch the installation and results videos.


The Free Forex Robot / EA for 2023

With this new free Forex robot you can expect 10-15 trades per month with very low risk and a high winning percentage. The goal here is to give you something you can run along side your other systems without any interference or issue.

  • EURUSD Pair
  • M1 Timeframe
  • Stoploss 50
  • Takeprofit 50
  • 1 Trade at a Time

Now, it’s worth noting that in 2023, we haven’t spent too much time with the robot, as we have found much more success with commercial systems. While, this Free Forex robot is a great place to start trading, and get acquainted with automated trading, it’s not recommended for your live account.

This is a great robot, but it’s main purpose is to introduce you to automated trading. It isn’t meant to grow your trading account at a high rate. While it’s a free Forex ea that works, you shouldn’t rely on it, as it’s not tested to the same standards as commercial products.

If you truly want to earn in the Forex markets, you need to use a well known robot, from a reputable company that provides frequent updates, and verified trading results.

There are currently two robots that we utilize on a daily basis that meet all our expectations. These are not free, but we feel once you are done fooling around with a free system, you will want something more serious:

Getting MT4 or MT5 Installed

Step 1: If you don’t have MT4/MT5 you will need to download it now. MT4/MT5 is Free.
Click on HankoTrade below and fill in the information, you will be sent an email with your free link to install MT4/MT5.

MT4 Downloads

Both of these brokers offer MT4 and MT5, but for the current Free robot, your best bet is to start with MT4. Both of the platforms are similar, and work nearly the same. Some prefer MT4, some prefer MT5, but there’s no real benefit to either as it stands in 2023.

For the purpose of using our free bots, you will want to use MT4, as that’s the platform they run on.

Free Setup Video

Using the software is as simple as setting it up and letting it run. In this video I will show you how to quickly and effectively take the free Forex fireball robot and get it working for you in no time.

If there is something you missed in the video you can easily pause as you follow through or rewind. For those of you who know how to install Forex robots already you probably don’t need to watch the entire video. So just download the zip file, put the free Forex robot file in the Metatrader4 experts folder and you will be up and running.

I will be producing another video shortly just updating the process, making it a bit easier to walk through and showing you some of the potential trade results as well. Thanks for spending the time to utilize my free robot, and I hope it helps you learn about automated trading while growing your trading accounts simultaneously.

Your Robot Download

Now you can download the software.

Download Free Forex Robot Click Here (Fireball Robot)

#1 Ranked Free Trading Robot on MQL5

So, here is another video I did using a free robot called Dark Venus EA. This is the #1 ranked free trading robot on the MQL5 website.

It’s a fun video, I took a $1000 live account, and ran the default settings.

Feel free to watch this to see how I did.. and watch the other videos below on more free robots that you can download, much love.

Free Forex Robot #2 (Fiverr Bot)

I’m always adding more free Forex robots as soon as I get my hands on them. So, if you get tired of the Fireball bot, then you are welcome to the Fiverr moving average, trailing stop EA.

Fiverr Forex Robot Video (1 Year Update)

Watch this video to learn about my experience with the Fiverr robot.

Download Free Fiverr Forex Robot Click Here

So now you have two free robots that you can select from and learn with. They can both be used in the same MT4 platform at the exact same time, so it doubles your opportunities.

Feel free to start with just one of these robots, and then come back to use the other when you get the free time.

Free Forex Robot to the Moon (VIDEO)

This video is the Part 2 of the Fiverr Bot video. See how my $1000 account is doing after two months with this free expert advisor.

Free Forex Robot #3 FRN Scalping Bot

This new video is in conjunction with a profitable scalping strategy I put out recently.

After getting such incredible feedback from the Forex Robot Nation community, I decided to code the manual scalping strategy into a robot. There’s still a lot of testing to be done, but please learn more about this recent project here:

If you get a license issue, please use this link to re-download the free robot. I just resolved the issue.

Download the FRN Scalping Bot Click Here (Updated 9-23-2022)

Free Trading Robot vs Free Trading Robot

Download the two free scalping robots seen in this video (2023)

Please make sure that if you like the content on Forex Robot Nation and the free offers we provide that you tell your friends. Don’t keep it all to yourself, thanks for coming by and shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Keep in mind, my system is free so it is a nice and helpful tool but if you’re looking to make larger gains you’re better off with a commercial software.  You can see which paid programs are the most successful here in my best Forex robot tests.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hi iam from germany and my question is:

    Did the forexfury.v6 works on prop Company FTMO?

    If Not what did u think What is the min. Amount i need that your System works?

    Thx 4 u Service

  2. Yo Pat, is it possible to get a trading robot that can scalp a small capital account to something tangible, it will be nice to know.

  3. Hi Pat, I followed the procedure to install your copytrade and all the free bots, at the moment everything seem working apart for FRN SCALPING BOT that tells me “NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO TRADE OPEN” and obviusly i have balance, equity ext.. how do i fix it?
    Thanks a lot for everything!

  4. how can install fireball on Mac

  5. what is the source code for this EA

  6. I don’t have enough experience of trading sir

  7. Hello Pat,
    I tried installing the telegram to MT4 robot copier and after entering my phone number, it prompted me for a password. Please what password is this, since it was not mentioned in the install manual?

    Thank you

  8. Hey Pat

    Does the free Bots work on Pairs like Nas and Dax etc? And is it an MT5 bot?

  9. Is there any minimum range deposit needed to run the forex fireball robot?

  10. After i added the robots under advisors, I refreshed the page and it is not showing up under my navigator.
    Please help

  11. i have loaded everything as directed. when i started the ea in the journal i keep getting:
    buy market 0.01 eurusd sl: 1.05224 tp: 1.13224
    order buy at market 0.01 eurusd sl: 1.05224 tp: 1.13224 failed [trade is disabled]

    over and over
    could you tell me what the problem is for i am getting fustrated.

  12. can you help me ,with robots attaching to MT5,and how can i get your free signals daily

  13. Where can download the KICK ASS folder

  14. I need a robot

  15. Hi,
    Is that your robot work on Android devices
    And what’s minimum amount required for automation

  16. how do i run this robot

  17. Hellow

    I tried to download de Free Forex Robot (Fire Ball) but looks like the link is not working becouse no download startet.

    Please let me know when its fixed.

    Thanks for all that you do for us! 🙂

  18. By the way, Is there a minimum account balance needed for the FRN Scalping bot? When I was testing it out on a demo account with $1000 every time it attempts to trade it states “Not enough money to trade open”. I’m using the default settings and also tried changing the lot size etc always claims there isn’t enough money to trade 🙁

  19. Hey Pat,

    Nice videos, site and bots! I’m new to trading and MetaTrader 4. Came across you’re channel and so far seems useful and interesting with the auto trading 🙂 I was wondering though, for your FRN Scalping bot. I have it set to a time frame of M15 on the chart and and a have auto trading enabled. However it never seems to actually place any trades for me. Is this a bot we need to have patience with? e.g. can we expect only a couple of trades over a period of a few days etc? Or do I maybe have something misconfigured and should change my chart time from M15 to something else? Currently have the bot on GBPUSD pair. In the “Experts” and “Journal” Tab there are no error messages that it failed to place a buy/sell trade etc. So I assume it’s just not attempting to place any trade, so maybe I just need to be more patient for the right conditions to be met, or I have set it up wrong.

    Anyway. thanks for any advice on this and a massive thanks for your informative videos and these free bots to test 🙂

  20. Good robot for the automat trading.

  21. Hi Pat, can I trust Fire boy his fund.
    Q. 2 . Can you provide us Fire boy robot for MT5 platform

  22. Is it available for Android?

  23. Kickass robot can’t change lot size. Is it fix with 0.2 lot? What’s robot I can use for Gold trade – scalping M1 – M5 – M15? Thanks for your reply.

  24. Hi thanks
    What lot / AMOUNT you suggest for your signals ?


  25. Can I receive an mq4 file, please? I can not import the ex4 into my folder on mac for some reason.

  26. Thanks so much for the Free robots Pat.

    Been following your channel for almost a year now and you’ve really stepped up your game. I just joined the VIP room and made a few winning trades thanks to your signals. SO thanks so much for that too.

    I have a free robot I want you to test, can I give to you?

  27. Hello sir I have downloaded the robot but the file shows empty what must I do now

  28. Helo sir can I use this robot on mobile phone

  29. Sir 100usd to start this robot

  30. Hi sir my question is can i scluping FNR 100uds and what the timeframe to use

  31. How can I have robot assist on my trading how to download it…

  32. Hello Sir, Can i Use your free robots to Octafx trading platform?

  33. Hi Pat,
    Is there a way to modify the lot size in FRN scalping bot, whatever input I type it only start at 0,1 lot

  34. Thank you for your free bots, however the manual for the kick ass robot does not match the input for the EA system.

  35. Hi.
    Please how to install fiverr forex robot since i tried to install it but its not showing anything as a robot as other robots like FRN looks like it shows like a blank file
    Please help

  36. I have been set up the fireball robot. But it’s not working.. guide me brother.

  37. ๋Jarukit Takeo

    I can’t add your EA. I followed the VDO but I can’t add.

  38. Hi Do I need to change any setting in free robot before running it? What are the suitable currency pair and time frame to be set on ?

  39. hello de scalping bot

    whats the best timefrime to set on?

  40. Hi, Patrick, can you mail me the user guide of FIREBALL in order to I can know how to change parameters. Thanks!

  41. very intriguing video. i will like you to bless me with a forex robot a promised

  42. Hi Patrick Ryan,
    how can I change filling mode,I get this error “unsupported filling mode”

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