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Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy (TRY THIS!)

Today, I’m going to give you my profitable Forex scalping strategy to help you win more trades quickly and put you in a position where you’re buying yourself a brand new car.

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Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy

You don’t need any experience to use my profitable scalping strategy. You just need a free tradingview account, any ability to follow some simple steps that I’ll outline for you. In exchange smash the like button, subscribe to the channel. Only 23% of you watching this video are subscribed to the channel. Let’s get that number up to 50%. Now let’s show you the strategy.

I know a lot of you don’t have a ton of time to trade, which is why I’m giving you a scalping strategy with an average trade length of around 60 minutes. The setups are really easy to find. You could enter the market, grab 20 to 30 pips and be on your way. 

Last week, I used this scalping strategy to hit nine trades in just a few hours. I’ll show you all of those trades. I’ll show you my live trading results verified with Myfxbook. So let’s get into the charts right now and I’ll show you exactly how you can use this strategy.

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All right, so I’ve got the chart up. It’s time to show you my scalping strategy to get you 20 to 30 pips quick. So you can sit down, make some trades, and get out of the market. Now, here we are in trading view. Make sure you open your trading view so you can follow along. If you have to pause, rewind, do anything, do it. It’s fine. 

Strategy Installation on Teamviewer

Now the first thing we want to do is go to the indicators. Once we are in the indicators, the you can see, we have three indicators for this strategy. We have the three smooth moving average, the relative strength index, and the Williams fractals. All you have to do is search for them in the search bar. You just type three smooth and it will pop up very, very easy. 

So once you have all three of these, just click on each of them one time and they will all be on your chart and you are now ready to see some of the rules. 

So the first thing you want to do is just change this one. Just double click on the RSI, go to style. You don’t have to change the inputs. You just want to go to style and set this to 50 and set this to 50. So they’re all at 50. And I usually change the colors of the band, both to yellow, like this. It’s just a little easier to see when you’re using this profitable Forex scalping strategy. Now, what we want to do is show you the rules. This is easy stuff too. 

Okay. Let’s say we have a sell trade. What we are looking for is for the candles right here, for example, to be closing beneath these three bands. We want them to be below all three bands. That’s rule number one. The second rule is we want to have a fractal like this one, the fractals are actually telling you that the market is going down. This fractal here is telling you that the market is going up. So it’s a bit opposite from a lot of your indicators, which point up or down; the fractals actually point in the opposite direction. 

So once we have the three moving averages, once we have the fractal, then we just want to have the relative strength index below 50. Like we have it right here. And then we have a sell opportunity. In terms of the trade itself, we are looking for about 10 pips take profit. And then you set your stop loss either above or below the fractal. So you set 10 pips take profit, and then you set your stop loss. Either below the fractal here or above the fractal here. This makes it a very easy strategy and something that you can use on a daily basis. And you can see the fractals are really, really effective. If I scroll through this chart a little bit here, you can see this fractal right here is telling us that the market is going down. That’s solid. And as I scroll through you’ll see when the market is really trending. This is a great fractal here. It’s telling us that the market is going to reverse. That’s what fractals do, right? So this is telling us the market’s going to reverse again. And then we do, and this is going to tell us that that’s we’re at the bottom again and it is. So fractals are a very important part of this strategy. And they are really helpful for scalping when used in conjunction with other indicators. 

It is also worth noting, as you can tell by what I just did there, that this strategy works better in trending markets, right? This is a trend here. It’s working really well. This is a trend here. It’s working really well. The strategy won’t work as well when we are enranging markets, which is what we are seeing right here, because there just isn’t as much movement. You see this fractal, this fractal, this fractal only this one is pretty good. This one is okay. But for the most part, if we’re in a range, you don’t want to trade it. Just switch pairs. 

Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy Trading Examples (Day One)

Now let me get into some trading examples, show you exactly how you can use this profitable Forex scalping strategy. Show you my exact trading results. How much money I made in just a few hours last week.

Okay. This is day one of using my Forex scalping strategy. Let’s throw a tally down, start at $0 and see how I do this week. You can see here. This is my first trade. You can see, we have the candles closing right here below all three moving averages. We have a fractal here telling us that the market is going down and we have the RSI below the 50 line right here telling us we have a selling trade. 

Now let’s take a look at what happened with this trade. It went in our direction. Let me just scroll back here and you can see it went in the direction. Here you could actually see, let me point out that we have the third moving average. So you know that the candles were below all of them. And then for the trade itself, you can see here that the trade did win. This was a pretty easy win. We placed the trade right here. We had our stop loss below the fractal there. Like I said, we had the 10 PIP take profit. We hit the 10 pips. And so this was a very easy win. I banked $638.

Day Two Scalping Strategy Trades

After hitting a $600 win yesterday, I am jumping in heavy today, there’s a lot of movement on the markets. Let’s start with my first win. In this trade we have all three rules being met. You can see the price here is below all three moving averages. We have our fractal right here and the RSI right here is below the 50 mark telling us we have sell opportunity. 

The trade goes directly in our direction right here, and we win the trade, which is 10 pips worth $1,190. The only mistake I made with this is I used the previous high for my stop loss. When I probably should put that stop loss above the fractal right here, giving me a better risk reward ratio. 

Now let’s move into trade number two. For the second trade of the day, you can see the candles closing below the three moving averages. You can see, we have the fractal right here telling us the market is going down. And the RSI is also below the 50 mark giving us a good sell opportunity. This immediately went in our direction for an easy 10 PIP win worth $1,020. Let’s go into the third trade of the day. For my third trade of the day. It was my first buy using these Forex scalping strategy. You can see the candles here are all closing above the three moving averages. We have our fractal and our RSI above 50, giving us a buy opportunity. I should have bought earlier, but I did buy, I got my 10 pips and won $916. 

Now let’s move into the next trade, which was a US dollar buy trade. You can see here, we have the candles closing above the moving averages right here. The RSI is above 50 right here, and we have a fractal right here. All three conditions are met. We hit this trade. It was a very quick win worth, $936. Then right after this trade, I moved into a New Zealand dollar US dollar sell trade. You can see here, we have our fractal right here. We have the candles right here, closing beneath all three of our moving averages. And the RSI is also below 50 at this level. So all conditions are met. The trade went immediately in my direction for 10 pips worth $1,080. And the end of the second day of my trading was a major success.

Day Three Scalping Strategy Trades

On the third day of trading, I was really struggling with this Forex scalping strategy because the market was ranging. It was choppy and this strategy worked better when the market is trending. You can see here, I had the RSI below 50. I had the fractal right here and the candles were all closing below the three moving averages as shown here. So I thought this was a good sell opportunity, but because the market was so choppy today, I just wasn’t getting good opportunities. And I ended up losing this trade for a loss of $1,460.

Day Four Scalping Strategy Trades

After my loss yesterday, I’m not discouraged at all. I’m just going to stick to the profitable Forex scalping strategy and avoid ranging markets, cause it clearly works better when the market is trending. And right now you can see, this is in a clear trend, which means we have a sell opportunity. You can see here. This is the fractal I’m using. The candles are closing here beneath the three moving averages and the RSI is below 50. So we had a sell opportunity. It went immediately in my direction, right here for a win of $1,575. Shortly after that trade, I saw that the market was trending again on Euro-Japanese yen, not ranging. So I know I’m looking for opportunities. I wanted a cell opportunity. Again, you can see here. I used this fractal right here. The candles were starting to close right here above of all three of the moving averages and the RSI was below 50. So all the conditions were met. I placed my sell trade right here. It quickly went into a winning position of 10 pips and a profit of $1,446, which is a great way to cap my 9 trades. 


Now let me tally it all up, show you the results and let you know my final thoughts.

So now you have complete access to my profitable Forex scalping strategy that made me $5,800 in the last week and a lot more than that over the past 13 years. So if you have any questions about that strategy, leave a comment right now. And if you got this far in the video, go to my Instagram account, send me a DM. Tell me that you got to the end of this video and the first 5 or 10 people I’ll give you free access to my VIP signal group so that you can start winning trades with me. Now that’s all I have to say guys, please subscribe to the channel, like the video and keep watching. I love you guys, peace.

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