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Welcome to the VIP Trading Room

Welcome to TWP VIP

This is my passion project, currently providing signals and educating hundreds of traders daily!

By joining & using TWP VIP, you agree to the terms of service & disclaimer.

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First step, watch this video covering where to use the signals, how to use the signals and more:

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I provide both Forex and GOLD signals in 2024.

Forex Broker for Forex Signals

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ALL Countries & USA

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Free Trade Copier

You can now copy all the VIP signals directly to your trading account.

Updated 10/30/2023

By downloading the TWP VIP Free Trade Copier, you agree to the terms of service & disclaimer.

There best was to take profit in 2024 is by opening 1 trade at a time, and managing that yourself when possible.

You can set TP1 only, or TP2 only and then manage that trade as it goes.

I don’t recommend opening 2 positions, 1 for each take profit level. I find this method unprofitable.

Every trader is different, so how you like to use our signals, will be different from other traders. Find what works for you, and profit with us!

If you have any issues with the Copier I suggest moving to the MT4 version, as that’s the version that I use.

The best way to use the signals is opening 1 position at a time, and being involved in the process completely. Your ability to let trades ride, cut trades short, set break evens properly is going to give you the BEST possible result.

NEW: Select Channel! (works for GOLD as well)

Watch these videos to learn how the copy trader works.

Frequently Asked Questions (About Trade Copier)

Thanks to our VIP family member Mark R. 🏆 for writing the majority of the FAQ!

What is the Forex Robot Nation Trade Copier?

The Trade Copier is software that takes signals from the VIP member’s area and copies them to the member’s trading platform.

How does it work?

VIP members install two pieces of software on their Meta Trader 4 platform. First, they install a Telegram connector, currently named TelegramToMT4. Second, they install the Forex Robot Nation Copier v1_00 in the appropriate folder. Complete installation instructions are included with the software download.

Does this need to be left open?

Yes. Everything needs to be open!

MT4, The TelegramToMT4 & Telegram itself need to be open in order to receive trades. All of these programs can be minimized, and they will still work.

You need to be a VIP member in order to receive trades.

Required GOLD Setting Change

If trading GOLD in the GOLD room, you will want to set your PIP TOLERANCE to 20.

I entered the wrong Phone Number, what do I do?

Just double click on the account file in the same folder as the Telegram_Connector.

You can enter the correct phone number, like if you forgot to put a +1 or something.

What If I can’t leave my computer on?

There is no reason to turn off a computer in 2022. They are built to be left on.

But, if you want a separate server for your copy trader, or your robots, you can pay monthly for a VPS.

These are the two VPS companies I use:

Worldwide Clients:

United States Clients:

A VPS is just a computer on a high speed network. You can connect to your VPS from your phone or your computer at anytime to change settings, monitor results etc. The server stays on 24/7.

Installing files to a VPS is very easy, you simply login to your VPS, then you will see a desktop just like your own. You will be able to open the web browser on the VPS, go to websites, download robots, copy traders and install them normally.

When getting a VPS, you just need to make sure it’s Windows. Start on one of the lower plans, you can always upgrade later if you want to add more robots / copy traders on your server.

TelegramToMT4 Requirement

It is important to see a blinking cursor inside of TelegramToMT4, if you do not see this blinking cursor, it means that TelegramToMT4 is PAUSED. Simply, click your mouse inside of the TelegramToMT4 window and you should see blinking again.

This is no longer the case always (we have reports that it can work without a blinking cursor)

TelegramToMT4 Crashing

One VIP member said the program was crashing because he forgot to add +1 for the country code.

After he did this, it stopped crashing.

How to use only TP1 or only TP2?

If you want the copier to open a trade exclusively for TP1 or TP2, simply put -1 in the Lots TP1 or Lots TP2 above.

In the image below, since -1 is in the Lots TP2 section, the copier would only open a single trade for TP1 at 2%. It would not open a trade for TP2, because -1 is in the Lots TP2 section.

Using TP1 only, is a low risk way of using the VIP copier.

The best way to use the signals is opening 1 position at a time, and being involved in the process completely. Your ability to let trades ride, cut trades short, set break evens properly is going to give you the BEST possible result.
Why is Forex Robot Nation Copier showing a sad face or generally not working :(?

Your chart should look like this, with a happy face.

You need to allow autotrading / live trading.

Go to Tools > Options

Then click Expert Advisors tab and Allow Automated Trading

Or Right click on your chart, go to expert advisors > properties

Then go to the common tab and tick Allow live trading

This will resolve the sad face issue.

How many charts do I install this on?

You only need to install the Forex Robot Nation Copier on 1 chart.

You DO NOT need to install it on every chart.

What to do with pairs that look like USDJPYi or EURUSD.HKT?

In these cases you need to add a suffix. This is shown in the video above.

So next to suffix you would enter .HKT or i

box color=”black” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]I can’t enter my password into Connector[/box]

If you can’t enter your password into the telegram connector.

Just simply type and press enter.

The password is just hidden for privacy purposes.

If you struggle with doing it this way then put your password in a notepad, then copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it (CTRL + V) into the connector that way.

I actually had to do this myself, and it works.

Does this work on MAC?

Yes, the MAC installation guide is now included in the ZIP download file.

This installation guide was graciously provided by our member Joey G 💪

Why was it written?

The number one issue our VIP members face is “missing the signal.” So, we wrote this software to “copy and paste” the signal to their trading platform for them. It does this while they are working, driving, eating, sleeping, spending time with family and friends or watching Trade with Pat videos 🙂

Who is this for?

VIP members only who are serious about trading.

What does it cost?

Currently, it’s included with the membership. You’re welcome.

How do I get it?

Join the VIP group and follow the setup instructions.

Why do I have to be a VIP to get the software?

The Trade Copier is ideal for those traders who are trading multiple signals a day. It does not make sense for inactive traders.

Who is responsible if I lose money?

You are. You have always been responsible for losses, poor risk management and any other risky behavior in the market.

Will I get rich with this?

No. Many of our members use these signals to grow their accounts. Some, quite successfully. Even with the fantastic results our members see in the VIP group, it will not make you rich. Trading is a disciplined skill and only the most elite traders are able to become unreasonably wealthy by trading. However, if you want to grow your account and “earn while you learn” then VIP membership and the Trade Copier could be ideal for you.  

How are Results Reported?

Currently, we report results based on the best conditions of a single position.

Which is why, we recommend opening 1 position at a time, and managing the trade to the best of your ability.

If a trade hits SL it is triggered at -1%.

If a trade hits TP1 it is reported at +1%.

If a trade hits TP2 only TP2 is reported, so 2-3%, whatever the TP2 is.

So, if a trade hits TP2 and the TP2 is 3%, we don’t claim the trade won +4%, the same way we don’t claim -2% if we hit a SL.

I do believe this is the best way of reporting because it is in line with how the majority of our clients use our signals, and with proper trade management, these are the best possible results.


1) Check blinking white cursor on script
2) Check if that specific message was parsed corrrectly and visible into the script window
3) Check on MT4/MT5 if that signal was handled correctly

Solve problems

1) you have accidentally paused the script
2) internet connection problems or copier possible problem due to bad message format
3) if signal not arrived to metatrader, copier is very probably not installed correctly

If all 3 steps are ok, no reasons for not seeing trades opened rather than broker related or misconfiguration problems (like opening 100 lots with $100, set acceptable lot sizes / risk %)

The Main Trading Strategy Used in VIP

If there is anything else you would like to see in here, any questions, anything at all. I will make specific videos for each.

I look forward to growing your accounts!

Much love.



  2. Hi Pat, hope you’re well. I’ve recently joined VIP. I just wondered what the contact email address is please because I’ve got a few queries?

  3. again why are my comments beiing deleted?

  4. what is the suffix for oanda mt4? or how can i find it,

  5. hi pat on mt5 do we still need to do the telegram connector?

  6. Hi Pat,

    Just joined. Using a MacBook and MT5. Went to follow your instructions on the installation but only part of it works. No Telegram connection for some reason. Settings on the MT5 platform different. Assistance would be appreciated as want to get moving on these trades with you.

  7. Hi Patrick, I just got in your Forex VIP room a week ago, it’s great but I don’t understand one aspect.So you are giving us a signal with 2 trades , 1 for 1:1 RR and 2 with 1:2 RR. So we are risking 2% for each signal? I’m asking you because when is a loss is 1% and when TP 2 is hit , is a 2% Win. Can you explain please?

  8. Salut Patrick!
    I cant find instructions on how to install the robot on mac. The file in downloaded folder contains only the code. i cant find detailed instructions

  9. HI PAT, I am already a VIP MEMBER for FX and have setup accounts on MT4 with Latest updated version of EA, Just i took subscription for Gold. So is the same Ea work for both Fx and Gold. Please explain.

  10. Hi Pat,

    I emailed about the trade copier and got your response, I have tried everything but can’t seem to get the mt4 connector to have a blinking cursor, any idea how to fix this as my trades are not copying when everything else seems fine?



  12. The trades aren’t being canceled
    /deleted when the instruction is sent in Telegram. The bot works with everything else and there’s no error messages at all. Is there a solution or new update?

  13. Hi

    How can I activate partition close option in trade copier?

  14. Hello. Every trade that is opened is closed at TP1, even though in Telegram it says the trade remains open. Is this just a setting in the EA that I am overlooking? Thanks!

  15. Hi Pat,

    I want to know does the trade copier work in MT5

  16. Hello,

    I need to change my TWP VIP access to a different telegram account. I no longer have access to the account that I subscribed with. How do I go about getting access with my new account?

  17. It’s say great for propfirm accounts but as far as I know they don’t allow copy trading (multiple traders placing the same trades) is there a way around this or a solution?

  18. Hi Pat. I got the lifetime membership. Is it supposed to be for both forex and gold, or just forex pairs?

    Also, when are signals mostly posted?

  19. Hey I need some help I have both the VIP room and the Gold room and I have the copy trader ea on 2 different hankotrade accounts and it’s only copying the forex VIP and not gold and I want one to just do Gold and not forex and the other to do forex but both are only copying forex. What am I doing wrong I cant find the info sorry?

  20. Is it possible that the gold copier opens limit orders as market executions?
    Is there a way to fix this?

  21. Hi Pat, where I can set the bot to still take 1% of fixed capital? For example – initial capital 50k usd, I want to always risk 500usd. If losses occur, for example on 45k usd capital, I still want to risk 500usd ( 1% of 50k )

    Thank you

  22. The trade copier software seems ti be only compatible with windows. Is there a trade copier you apply with MAC compatibility?

  23. Hey Pat. Been in the VIP and Gold room for a few weeks now and signals have been amazing. I have the TWP copier setup on VPS and it’s working beautifully. However, one trade in the gold room got stopped out last Friday and I noticed that you closed it manually in the group 30 minutes later since the price returned back to the entry price so you didn’t get stopped out on your trade. I’m with Pepperstone and have super super tight spreads but maybe not as tight as HKT. It only just hit my stop loss by a teeny fraction. I have my pip tolerance set to 20 pips in the TWP copier for the gold room. As it was fractional what would you suggest I suggest the tolerance to? do I need to make it lower to maybe 10 pips perhaps?

  24. hello,

    i am having issues with typing in my password for the telegram connector. typing seems to not be functioning, it doesn’t allow for copy and paste either 🙁

    thanks in advance

  25. Hi Pat, for some reason the telegram connector is closing by itself after a few hours. Any thoughts?

  26. Hey bro so with the VIP are all these open orders gonna ever close? I have like 3 open ones lol. And can I run gold and fx with your bot on the same account? Or would I need 2 separate accounts? I want to give gold a try. I currently use the FX one you provide and I get good results from that so far.

    • We have 3 open swing trades. We are close to hitting TP2 on one of them, and the other the market bias is good. You run in the same account, just open another chart and make sure magic number is different in ea properties.

  27. Hi..I can’t get the telegram connector .exe file to open on my mac. Can anyone advise me please?

  28. Hi Pat, Why is my querry on the code needed to be entered missing form this list if Q & A?

  29. Hi Pat, While trying to install the telegramtoMT4, the prompt ask that a code that was sent be entered. Where was this code sent to? was it my email or my phnoe, This was immediately after I entered my phone number tith the + sign.Could someome assist me here please. Thank you

    • I ran into the same issue, I was waiting for it to show up via text… however it actually sends it to your Telegram account. Found the code, works perfectly.

  30. Hi, I have just joined your fx room for signaila .while trying to install the telegramtoMT4 on thepc ,after putting in my phone number ,it asked me to enter the code that were sent.where is trhis code sent to ? isd it my email or my phoneas I can t seem to find the code.Apprecoate if someone from your end can assist me in this matter,Thank you

  31. Can i have the trading bot running in both the fx and gold room? if so how?

  32. Hi Pat, I set everything by your manual.. but copier its not working.. I have Purple trading acc.. so I set symbol suffix to _raw. Emoji in MT4 is smiling .. so idk where is the problem ( auto trading allowed, etc .. ) .. Today mornig you sent signal to Telegram, but my telegram connector dont recieved any signal.

  33. Hi there,
    The Signals from Telegramtomt4 did not publish to my mt4 hanko account. In the Application(Telegramtomt4) was a several error occured like:
    warning: closed the connection error while receiving data

    I don’t know what this errors mean….

  34. Today in mt5 filed canceled order CHFJPY, please check this error, I have screenshot

  35. Hi Pat im on the VIP GOLD Room and use the copier robot. The problem is that i put 1% risk on TP1 and TP2 but the robot use more than this 2%, can you tell me why and now to fix?

  36. Can the copy trade only be done with an account that was opened with meta trader 4 directly? I have an MT4 account with but I am having trouble getting it to work with it. It is its own software.

  37. ATTENTION ALL MAC USERS: The Trade Copier works with MAC computers including the Telegram Connector. Getting the .exe file to work is the key! I finally got mine installed properly and it is working flawlessly.

    Pat I have to apologize for making your world a little hectic with my comments saying it don’t work for macs. Thanks for an amazing EA.

    I’m willing to help anyone that needs help with their MAC installation.

    • Hello that’s great to hear I’m having trouble with my mac and mt5. I see the telegram connector read the signals but they are not copying onto my MetaTrader.

    • Hi…can’t get the telegram connector .exe file to run on a mac. Can you help? Cheers

    • hey mate I would love some help with the telegram copier for MAC!

      any chance I can reach out? I think I need your help! thanks mate! hope to chat soon


  38. Does this still not work for MT5? I see a MT5 download for the trade copier but not a download for the telegram one

  39. Hi Pat, regarding the Copier, I wold like to know if he issues coments on trades? Because I wold like to use it in a prop firm

  40. How can I run the copier for both VIP and Gold? Can I attach both EA’s onto different charts on the same MT4 platform? or do I need to run separate MT4’s for them?

    • Hi Jason, did you receive the answer to your question? I have the same question so keen to know the answer. I assumed one EA can take commands from both VIP telegram chanels.

  41. My broker have a high spread (between 20-35) so what do i put the pip tolrence to?

  42. Hello Pat, I just want to ask how many pips is your breakeven? because you sent in the VIP room that SL sent to BE and then later TP was hit but my breakeven was triggered.

  43. when u say “close the trade manually” will the Robot then do i or do i have to do it myself?

    • The copier will follow our commands. But open your phone, make sure that it closes when we tell it to, don’t just rely on it all the time. Get involved.

    • And my brookers spread is really high. half of them are around 30 and the other half are around 20. So what would u recommmend to put my pip tolerernce.

  44. Hello, I have the ea up and running. I wonder if it’s possible to manually adjust the risk % for the lots calculation. According to what I see, the EA is supposed to trade with 1% per trade but it’s actually taking way less than 1%. And the TPs are way smaller than 2% in profits for me as well.


  45. Hi, I followed Mac guide but it’s not very clear It only tells you to copy and paste files but still can’t connect my telegram account. What should I do? anyone with the same problem?

  46. Hi Pat! I have a question , if I dont use the Hanko trade broker or the others that you recommended , wouldn´t the copy trader work? Because the broker that I use is Roboforex and since yesterday I am inthe TWP Gold VIP group and I have configured everything even with the smiley face in MT4 and it does not execute any operations. Is it because of the broker? or is it another kind of problem?

  47. will this Copy trading work on Demo account

  48. I’m new to VIP alerts, you haven’t posted one with the Gold for 2 days ago and you don’t have a VIP group where we have direct contact with you. You tell us to close the operations manually. Remember for those of us who have funded accounts, these losses are fatal, I think I will continue with my strategy. Thank you.

  49. hi pat

    let say i opend a trade manually and you sent break even the trade, will the robot do it? or becouse i opend it manually the robot wont interfe?

  50. Hi, I had joined FX and Gold , but the copier only copy FX VIP group, dont have copy for Gold.
    I had sent email to your team but not yet got reply, any solution?

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