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Welcome to the VIP Trading Room

Welcome to TWP VIP

This is my passion project, currently providing signals and educating hundreds of traders daily!

By joining & using TWP VIP, you agree to the terms of service & disclaimer.

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First step, watch this video covering where to use the signals, how to use the signals and more:

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I provide both Forex and GOLD signals in 2024.

Forex Broker for Forex Signals

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ALL Countries & USA

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Free Trade Copier

You can now copy all the VIP signals directly to your trading account.

Updated 10/30/2023

By downloading the TWP VIP Free Trade Copier, you agree to the terms of service & disclaimer.

There best was to take profit in 2024 is by opening 1 trade at a time, and managing that yourself when possible.

You can set TP1 only, or TP2 only and then manage that trade as it goes.

I don’t recommend opening 2 positions, 1 for each take profit level. I find this method unprofitable.

Every trader is different, so how you like to use our signals, will be different from other traders. Find what works for you, and profit with us!

If you have any issues with the Copier I suggest moving to the MT4 version, as that’s the version that I use.

The best way to use the signals is opening 1 position at a time, and being involved in the process completely. Your ability to let trades ride, cut trades short, set break evens properly is going to give you the BEST possible result.

NEW: Select Channel! (works for GOLD as well)

Watch these videos to learn how the copy trader works.

Frequently Asked Questions (About Trade Copier)

Thanks to our VIP family member Mark R. 🏆 for writing the majority of the FAQ!

What is the Forex Robot Nation Trade Copier?

The Trade Copier is software that takes signals from the VIP member’s area and copies them to the member’s trading platform.

How does it work?

VIP members install two pieces of software on their Meta Trader 4 platform. First, they install a Telegram connector, currently named TelegramToMT4. Second, they install the Forex Robot Nation Copier v1_00 in the appropriate folder. Complete installation instructions are included with the software download.

Does this need to be left open?

Yes. Everything needs to be open!

MT4, The TelegramToMT4 & Telegram itself need to be open in order to receive trades. All of these programs can be minimized, and they will still work.

You need to be a VIP member in order to receive trades.

Required GOLD Setting Change

If trading GOLD in the GOLD room, you will want to set your PIP TOLERANCE to 20.

I entered the wrong Phone Number, what do I do?

Just double click on the account file in the same folder as the Telegram_Connector.

You can enter the correct phone number, like if you forgot to put a +1 or something.

What If I can’t leave my computer on?

There is no reason to turn off a computer in 2022. They are built to be left on.

But, if you want a separate server for your copy trader, or your robots, you can pay monthly for a VPS.

These are the two VPS companies I use:

Worldwide Clients:

United States Clients:

A VPS is just a computer on a high speed network. You can connect to your VPS from your phone or your computer at anytime to change settings, monitor results etc. The server stays on 24/7.

Installing files to a VPS is very easy, you simply login to your VPS, then you will see a desktop just like your own. You will be able to open the web browser on the VPS, go to websites, download robots, copy traders and install them normally.

When getting a VPS, you just need to make sure it’s Windows. Start on one of the lower plans, you can always upgrade later if you want to add more robots / copy traders on your server.

TelegramToMT4 Requirement

It is important to see a blinking cursor inside of TelegramToMT4, if you do not see this blinking cursor, it means that TelegramToMT4 is PAUSED. Simply, click your mouse inside of the TelegramToMT4 window and you should see blinking again.

This is no longer the case always (we have reports that it can work without a blinking cursor)

TelegramToMT4 Crashing

One VIP member said the program was crashing because he forgot to add +1 for the country code.

After he did this, it stopped crashing.

How to use only TP1 or only TP2?

If you want the copier to open a trade exclusively for TP1 or TP2, simply put -1 in the Lots TP1 or Lots TP2 above.

In the image below, since -1 is in the Lots TP2 section, the copier would only open a single trade for TP1 at 2%. It would not open a trade for TP2, because -1 is in the Lots TP2 section.

Using TP1 only, is a low risk way of using the VIP copier.

The best way to use the signals is opening 1 position at a time, and being involved in the process completely. Your ability to let trades ride, cut trades short, set break evens properly is going to give you the BEST possible result.
Why is Forex Robot Nation Copier showing a sad face or generally not working :(?

Your chart should look like this, with a happy face.

You need to allow autotrading / live trading.

Go to Tools > Options

Then click Expert Advisors tab and Allow Automated Trading

Or Right click on your chart, go to expert advisors > properties

Then go to the common tab and tick Allow live trading

This will resolve the sad face issue.

How many charts do I install this on?

You only need to install the Forex Robot Nation Copier on 1 chart.

You DO NOT need to install it on every chart.

What to do with pairs that look like USDJPYi or EURUSD.HKT?

In these cases you need to add a suffix. This is shown in the video above.

So next to suffix you would enter .HKT or i

box color=”black” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]I can’t enter my password into Connector[/box]

If you can’t enter your password into the telegram connector.

Just simply type and press enter.

The password is just hidden for privacy purposes.

If you struggle with doing it this way then put your password in a notepad, then copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it (CTRL + V) into the connector that way.

I actually had to do this myself, and it works.

Does this work on MAC?

Yes, the MAC installation guide is now included in the ZIP download file.

This installation guide was graciously provided by our member Joey G 💪

Why was it written?

The number one issue our VIP members face is “missing the signal.” So, we wrote this software to “copy and paste” the signal to their trading platform for them. It does this while they are working, driving, eating, sleeping, spending time with family and friends or watching Trade with Pat videos 🙂

Who is this for?

VIP members only who are serious about trading.

What does it cost?

Currently, it’s included with the membership. You’re welcome.

How do I get it?

Join the VIP group and follow the setup instructions.

Why do I have to be a VIP to get the software?

The Trade Copier is ideal for those traders who are trading multiple signals a day. It does not make sense for inactive traders.

Who is responsible if I lose money?

You are. You have always been responsible for losses, poor risk management and any other risky behavior in the market.

Will I get rich with this?

No. Many of our members use these signals to grow their accounts. Some, quite successfully. Even with the fantastic results our members see in the VIP group, it will not make you rich. Trading is a disciplined skill and only the most elite traders are able to become unreasonably wealthy by trading. However, if you want to grow your account and “earn while you learn” then VIP membership and the Trade Copier could be ideal for you.  

How are Results Reported?

Currently, we report results based on the best conditions of a single position.

Which is why, we recommend opening 1 position at a time, and managing the trade to the best of your ability.

If a trade hits SL it is triggered at -1%.

If a trade hits TP1 it is reported at +1%.

If a trade hits TP2 only TP2 is reported, so 2-3%, whatever the TP2 is.

So, if a trade hits TP2 and the TP2 is 3%, we don’t claim the trade won +4%, the same way we don’t claim -2% if we hit a SL.

I do believe this is the best way of reporting because it is in line with how the majority of our clients use our signals, and with proper trade management, these are the best possible results.


1) Check blinking white cursor on script
2) Check if that specific message was parsed corrrectly and visible into the script window
3) Check on MT4/MT5 if that signal was handled correctly

Solve problems

1) you have accidentally paused the script
2) internet connection problems or copier possible problem due to bad message format
3) if signal not arrived to metatrader, copier is very probably not installed correctly

If all 3 steps are ok, no reasons for not seeing trades opened rather than broker related or misconfiguration problems (like opening 100 lots with $100, set acceptable lot sizes / risk %)

The Main Trading Strategy Used in VIP

If there is anything else you would like to see in here, any questions, anything at all. I will make specific videos for each.

I look forward to growing your accounts!

Much love.


  1. I am now your member in VIP Room. I have download the telegram copier EA and installed in our MT4 account.
    I try to connect to telegram, but I can’T receive the CODE though my Telegram account. PLease kindly advise us on this matter

  2. hey Pat so the trade copier worked first few days and doesnt work anymore mt4 connectors shows the calls you make but doesnt get initiated in the mt4 for some reason, any idea what could be the problem? i checked all the settings seem to be correct..

    • Hi Linas, everything I know about the copier I put in the FAQ here. The only time I ever had issues, I just reinstalled, updated windows and it fixed.

      • I’m currently having issues making the copier talk with my mt4 platform. I’ve followed the instructions, but I haven’t received a trade. I’m stuck. please help.

    • I’ve noticed I have to refresh my mt4/5 on Sunday night, or else it will just be sitting there idle not getting a signal. Hope this helps with the issue.

  3. Can i use the bot on my iphone?

  4. Hey! I dont get the trade copier to work, I have the telegramtoMT4 program open, connected to my telegram. I have dragged the bot into a chart and its a smiley.. When a trade is up on telegram it shows up on the telegramtoMT4 but it dont take the trade. Do you know what I have done wrong?

  5. Can I use this on the meta trader 5?

  6. The telegram connector does not work for Mac, a pop up appears stating it is only supported by windows. I’ve followed all of the Mac instructions but this is the outcome. Has anyone managed to get it connected on Mac?

  7. hello, how to get telegram connection on MAC?

  8. Hi,
    I got this error on my MT4 for the today’s trade :

    EURAUD opening at 1.65006 sl: 1.64765 tp: 1.65246 failed Invalid S/L or T/P

    Can you please tell me how to fix this ?

    Thanks, have a good day

  9. The exe. file in the file section does not open on mac. It says its not supported and there isn’t a way to get it open. When I downloaded the other version months ago, it had the telegram_connector and other things in the file folder which I don’t see. Can anyone help?

  10. hey Pat i tried installing the telegramtomt4 and i put my number in properly with the + and my country code and then i recieved the telegram code and then it asked me for my password and it wouldnt let me type anything i tried multiple times only thing i can think of is because i actually use mt5 maybe thats why it wasnt working i would appreciate your advice. thanks pat 🙂

  11. Hi,
    How can i increase the risk to 5% / per trade of the copy trader , without choosing the tick value option ?

  12. if i want to increase the risk of each trade insted of 1% i want to risk 5% without using tick value ?

  13. Hello.
    Just joined the VIP.
    What is the risk management to get same results as published in the VIP ?
    Half position TP1 and half position TP2 ?
    Only TP2 ?

  14. On today’s GBPUSD trade I received the signal in the Telegram Connector, and under the Experts tab in MT4 I see it trying to place the trade. However, it fails with this error.

    TWP VIP COPIER 2023 MT4 ERUUSD.HKT,M15: Buy stop order failed! invalid stops retry…
    TWP VIP COPIER 2023 MT4 EURUSD.HKT,M15: Execute BUY on GBPUSD.HKT price: 1.31144 SL: 1.30991 TP1: 1.31297 TP2: 1.31450 TP3: -1.00000

    Any ideas?

  15. How do we increase risk per trade? Currently it’s default at .5 for both TP1 & TP2.
    I’ve changed both “Risk Factor TP1” and “…TP2” but nothing has changed. I’ve restarted the executable and relinked multiple times to my MT4. I see there’s a setting for increasing risk multiplier but it’s locked behind only doing it post-loss or gain.
    Also seems the docs are out of date for a few settings.

  16. hello pat i set everithing like it should be. but i am not sure abaut one thing i dont know where are is the forex robot vip room. thanks for your time

  17. Hey Pat I just subscribed for a year and downloaded the trade copier, when i try to run the mt4 to telegram it askes me for the phone number i entered it and made sure there is +1 in the beginning once i hit enter the window closes for some reason any idea why and how to fix that? i tried like 10 times and still window doesnt stay open…

  18. Hello. Today the copier only entered the TP2 for NZDJPY and EURCAD. It also didnt delete the NZDJPY trade after you sent the cancel. Please help

    • Sorry to hear that. It worked perfectly on all my accounts and analyst accounts. I’ll see if I can reproduce an error to see what can be done. Just keep an eye on it for the next week.

  19. Hi,
    why was my comment deleted?:)

    Just asked if the software that needs to be downloaded will potentially work on mobile so i know if makes sense to try.

  20. hi,
    does your app work on mobile phones?MT4 does but unsure if your 2 apps do too.

  21. Does the copier have to be installed on a chart for each pair I want to receive signals for?

    • No, just 1 chart, please see full guide / faq on this page to learn more.

    • Hey Pat….I’ve set up the copier correctly, it is showing it’s connected to telegram in the dialog box. I’m on a mql5 vps, ea is set up correctly….everything looks good, got the Smiley face, but your trade today didn’t trigger. Do i need to have mt4 open, and telegram open on the pc? Right now, I have my pc off because i figure the vps is going…but I can’t keep telegram open because the pc is off…please advise. Btw, love the vip!

  22. Hi Pat –

    I’ve been a VIP member for a couple of months and love the recommendations so far.

    In order to help subscribers more-easily manage risk, would you please also include the following in each recommendation, besides entry price, TP1, TP2 and stop-loss?:

    1) The anticipated amount of profit or loss (in USD) per lot for each Pip or tick of price movement (this varies with each pair) .

    2) The amount of risk and expected profit per lot based on the differential between the entry price and the TP/SL prices.

    These will help each subscriber more-easily (and quickly) calculate a lot-size that he/she is comfortable with. Given that the above amounts can fluctuate slightly within each pair, an approximation would still be helpful even if not exact.

    Thanks 🙂

  23. Hey, I am not being able to download MetaTrader 4 on my desktop. It’s almost as though the software defaults in MT5

  24. Paresh majethiya

    Hello sir I’m new subscriber
    But I can’t recived signals today why sir

  25. Hey Pat. Today i just joined the VIP room and i am very excited. I have subscribed to all your videos and very much enjoying them. The question i have is after i installed the zip file, i noticed that in the top right hand corner of your account you have “Forex Robot Nation Copier 1″ On my window i have ” TWP VIP Copier 2023″ Will that be the same as what you have? The “Forex Robot Nation Copier 1” that you have is not in the zip folder. Thanks a looking forward to winning some trades.

  26. Hi Pat, I receive the telegram signal on command prompt however my hanko trade demo account did not execute the trade even though TWP COPIER is On. What seems to be the issue here.

  27. Hi,
    I installed the copier today and now I am waiting for the first signal tomorrow and hope everythiing works!
    I have one question.
    How does the copier know how much money it will be placed in every trade. Or were can I change this?
    For example I have 6000€ in my account. Does the copier always trade with 6000€? But what happens if there is another trade opened before the first one is closes?

    Thank you in advance and please keep up the good work!

  28. Hi Pat,
    I just received the 1st trade this morning.
    The lot size was 0.01.
    So i assume something wrong on my setup.
    I just change the risk factor to 5 and 2.5 that’s it.

    Do you have any idea why i got so small lot size ?


  29. Only 2 days in since setting up the copy trader and the monthly fee is already paid for in just 2 trades! I was using the free signals before joining VIP and it is worth it to grow my account. Especially when I’m at work, sleeping, or just hanging out with family the copy trader automatically makes me money while I’m busy

  30. Ive tried doing this 4 times and it wont work on mt4, it doesn even show the file in metatrader when i open it. Ive followed all the instructions and it still not working. Why is there stuff for mt5 in there if we cant use it??? I use mt5 and would prefer to keep using it as all i ever have is problems with mt4. Can i please get sent an older version to see if thats the problem. the mt5 loads into mt5 with no issues. But will not show up in mt4.. I have the telegram connector working, but i cant do anything in my mt4… Would really appreciate some help with this

  31. Hi, I was wondering if the Telegram Connector is needed for MT5, too. I have it running and the Expert Advisor on my charts but I don’t get the signals automatically. I see the connector is working as it seems to send signals. These signals start with “MT4 Signal”. Is this how it’s supposed to be or should there be something for MT5, too?

  32. I’m on MT4, have Auto Trading Enabled, have a Smiley Face, and am seeing the trade signals come through on the console. However I am not getting any trades placed in MT4 on a live account.

    I’ve written an email to support but pretty much just got a ‘canned’ response saying to “Read the FAQ”.

    I’ve read the FAQ, and every user comment on here, to try and find something I can do to troubleshoot this further, but have run out of options.

    Please help.

    • Sorry to hear that. Sadly, there is no secret outside of the FAQ that I can give you. I recommend windows update, trying a different MT4, giving it a few days, checking for errors etc. Which I’m afraid is all in the FAQ.

  33. Hi does this work on ftmo

  34. Anders Tjornelund

    Hi Pat

    Which charts should I open?
    And – do I need to add the EA to one chart only, after opening the charts, or can I open charts afterwards and then the EA automatic applies to all open charts?


  35. Hey pat the instructions for the MAC don’t work, not able to open an exe file. I’ve emailed ur guys but no response

  36. Hi Pat, do I need to open the chart window for each pair and drag and drop the copier to activate it?

  37. Hello, on risk factor I have 1.0, but today it placed a trade at 0.01 for cadjpy. Why would it do that and what can I do to fix this?

    • today it did that again. EURGBP it put 0.01 and currently on GBPAUD it has 1.77. In the settings I have 1 on risk factor and a $200,000 account. Can you help me?

    • Who do I contact to get some help or to ask questions or to discuss things about the TWP? Do we have some discussion board or group? I would love some help with my questions.

  38. Never mind. I got it connect to Telegram. Now I just have to wait for a signal to see if it works.. 🙂

  39. Hi Pat,

    If i see ‘TWP VIP COPIER 2023 MT4’ (with a smiley face next to it) at the top right corner of my chart, does this mean it is working correctly?

  40. how do I know what suffix to use for my broker? Do i need to use .pro if I see that on all the pairs?

  41. Hi Pat 👋🏻 can the copy trader be used on phone?

  42. Hi Pat, I have a problem getting copy trade to work. I receive the signals but it does not insert them in the platform. Then I get some errors that I don’t understand. everything seems configured correctly to me. I have some screenshots, can you email me so I can send them to you? Thank you

  43. How many times must you add and delete the coper before it works? Number 3 for me. I can see the link is getting the information but NOT relaying to the broker account. Sever times I have emailed customer support. And no solution yet. Last answer received was to look at the frequently asked questions and I may need to delete and re install the program.
    Please advise.

    • HI Eric, sorry to hear it’s not working. You try windows update? Try MT4 instead of MT5? Download a version of MT4 from a different source / broker? All you can do here is keep trouble shooting, there is no magic fix but many solutions that if you keep going through you will find the one that works for you.

  44. If you use a VPS, does your MT4 have to reside there as well? Or is it just the TelegramToMT4?

    I guess I am confused as to whether MT4 and TelegramToMT4.exe have to be on the same device, whether it is a PC, Mac, or VPS.

    I just signed up with InterServer using your link.

  45. I just entered my phone number and the telegramtoMT4 is giving me this error message:

    DEBUG: ayncio: Using proactor: IocpProactor
    Please enter the code you received.

    I could not find a code on my phone or on Telegram. When I googled this error message it has something to do with Python programming.

    Any advice as to what to try or what code they are talking about?

    If you need screen shots, I could contact you by email.

    Thank you,

    William Hogg

  46. Hi,

    Im trying to set up the bot on Mac but im having two issues.

    firstly I don’t see the same folders within folder that has the telegram connector?

    and secondly mt4 will not operate on my Mac now I have transferred the files over, even when I uninstall and re-install

    • You will need to follow the MAC guide provided here. Maybe some other members can assist. I do not have any experience with MAC, but hundreds of our members use the copier on MAC.

      • The TelegramToMT4 file is Telegram_Connector_v1_01.exe. Being an “.exe” file, this will not run on a Mac, only on Windows.

      • I’ve written earlier about the Mac experience. The TelegramToMT4 is an EXE file and only runs on Windows, not a Mac.

        I’ve been doing some research and it looks like a VPS will be the best solution. It should pay for itself.

        The documentation you mention only explains how to install the EA into MT4 on a Mac. It does not address the TelegramToMT4 executable file that is missing for the Mac.

        Maybe there is a Mac version of TelegramToMT4 I’m unaware of that someone can recommend.

    • did you manage to solve this? Having the same problem

  47. Hie Pat.
    We do a video showing us how to install the bot on phone. Am a Mozambique, i don’t have a computer now so help me to install the bot on my phone.

  48. Hi Pat – I am setting up the MT4 copier. When I run the ‘TelegramToMT4’ exe I was able to enter my phone number but then the window closed. When I try to run it again it opens, runs a text prompt on the screen (too fast to read) and closes again almost immediatley.

  49. I’ve placed 3 comments on here this morning and they’ve all gotten deleted how do i reach out for support?

    • Hi Russell, I don’t delete comments, I see all of your comments. This is a normal website, every comment is moderated.

      • I understand now. My apologies, the comments would disappear due to the await of your approval.

        Thank you 🙏

        Ill go ahead and send over screen shots via email.

  50. Hey, Pat just got the trade copier set up on Friday. all is set up correctly. Properly connected to telegram and have the happy face yet still no trades coming through although I see them posting in trade signals on telegram. I’m currently on an MT4 Demo account with no suffixes after any symbols and after quadruple checking i set everything up correctly I can’t seem to find a reason as to why no trades are being reflected.

    • You could take screen shots of your setup, and I can look at them. You should look for any errors, make sure all the programs are open / running.

      • Can’t seem to attach images to this comment box or through the contact section of the website. What is the best method of sending? Thanks.

      • I now have the signal appearing in the (CHANNEL_) section of the telegramtoMT4.
        As it was not there before so will see if the next signal executes.

        Sorry for blowing up the feed.

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