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Waw Forex Signals Review (400-1500 Pips)

Waw Forex Signals is a newer service in this market promising to be market leaders. They are made up of “top fundamental and technical analysts that provide the signals for you.” The main page of the website consists of some pretty aggressive guarantees, like 400-1500 guaranteed pips per month. Today we will be analyzing these numbers, and providing a complete review of the service.

Available at, the service first launched on 4-18-2020. There is no location provided for their headquarters, but they do tell us that they are located in the UK. They claim to be made up of Forex trading experts, but don’t provide an introduction to any of these team members. We opened up a chat to try and ask the customer support team to give us the identities of their analysts, but we got some weird run around. In the end, the gave us a link to their Telegram, and told us they would be happy to show us trading results there. The live chat appears to be useless. After berating the chat agent “Natalie,” she eventually told us “we have around 3 analysis and they have very good experience.” There are clear issues with the English here, and the response times were very slow between questions. Nearing the end of the conversation she told us that the team is made up of “Jon Brad, Matthew & Arun,” but then told us there are no bios on them, so we can’t verify their trading experience. So really, the conversation with live chat was a bit meaningless.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email


Waw Forex Signals Review

The Waw Forex Signals website is easy to navigate with sections about the service, testimonials, pricing, results and frequently asked questions. The service itself is a bit different than just signals, as they utilize a trade copier. Which means, the analysts on their end will provide the trades still, but they will be automatically placed in the trader’s platform.

You can see in the image above that trades are placed in the master account, and then copied to all of the slave accounts. The slave accounts are the client accounts. So, trader’s get the exact same signals that the vendor utilizes themselves.

There are a few reasons why the Waw group feels they are the best Forex signals provider. They believe it’s due to their manual trades, automation and different trading styles.

Trading Strategy

The Waw Forex Signals team don’t go into specific detail about their methodology, but do make mention of a few elements. They claim to use technical/fundamental analysis to provide both day trading and swing trading trade types. They also make mention of risk management, but never go into any detail about this either.

The vendor knows all the buzz words, but showing us some sample trades and walking us through their approach would be very helpful. At this point, without having any real information about the analysts, we just want them to prove that they know what they are doing. We aren’t asking for too much, just the basics. We ask the same of other Forex signal vendors as you can see in our recent reviews of Thunder 30 Signals, Edge Trading and Lux Algo.

Waw Forex Signals Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $55/month
  • Strategy: Technical/Fundamental Analysis
  • Founded: 2020
  • Signal Frequency: 3-8/week
  • Signal Time: Any Time

For traders interested in signing up for the Waw Forex Signals service, there are three plans available. All of the plans provide the signals, trade copier, a VPS and 24/7 support. The only difference is the price, and the subscription length. The monthly plan costs $55, the 3 month plan costs $144 and the 6 month plan $234. There are discounts of around $7-16 per month for longer subscription lengths.

Trading Results

The trading results section on the Waw Forex Signals website claims a 76% winning ratio, and a monthly guarantee of 450-1500 pips. Though, they do not actually provide any proof of these numbers. There are no trading statement, trade examples or verified Myfxbook accounts.

In our chat with support they told us that they can provide results in Telegram, but not on their website. We are unsure why this is, but we assume this just means that they want to show us unverified screenshots like other Telegram signal providers.


The majority of the Waw Forex Signals presentation is professional and intriguing. We like the idea of copy trading, because it’s automated like Forex robot trading, which we prefer above all else. That being said, they aren’t very transparent when it comes to the main areas of trading strategy, analyst introductions or verified trading results. We cannot provide a recommendation until all of these aspects meet our expectations.

If you have anything you would like to contribute, please leave your remarks below the article now.

Waw Forex Signals $55/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


Waw Forex Signals is a relatively new service hoping to identify reliable trading prospects for their clients.

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Trade copier service
VPS included
3-8 signals per week
450-1500 monthly pip guarantee


No verified results
Poor chat quality
Little strategy insight
No details about analysts

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  1. Dona Odini Anusha Liyanage

    Bogus Signal provider. Be careful Your money taken out

  2. Hi. Just to let you know. I get to hear of this company Waw forex copy signal service on this site forexrobotnation. So I decided to give them a try since then it has been fantastic since I started with them. Is almost 2 weeks now since I’ve been trading with Waw. There have not been a single lost on any trade. Uptill now am in profit. But I hope things continue this way.
    Honestly this waw guys are good. Thank you for bringing them to my attention. Please feel free to contact me should you need further information. Thanks.

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