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Edge Trading Review ( signals)

Edge Trading is a Forex signals service promising to offer “trading at your fingertips,” and the ability to earn extra income anywhere in the world. They offer their signals via telegram, providing notifications whenever trade opportunities arise. This makes their signals easy to access, and easy to use as well with multiple platforms. In today’s review we will be analyzing other aspects, like their strategy, results, and client feedback to see how the service performs in current market conditions.

The service is still very new, as it launched 2020-08-14, which as we write this review is just 70 days ago. Their portfolio results go all the way back to January some how, but that’s something we will discuss further in the trading results section of the review.

The creators tell us that their team started with two traders in the United Kingdom, but have now “expanded towards having a team of traders in the U.S, Tokyo, Canada, and other parts of the world.” They do not introduce us to any of these traders, and that’s really not a surprise, as we believe the story is being exaggerated. We don’t believe that this service has many analysts, as it’s brand new, and they simply wouldn’t have the resources to keep that many analysts happy. They also claim to have over 2000 premium members, which again is difficult to believe for a service that’s this new. Most signal services take a few years to acquire over 2000 clients, and we see no evidence to suggest that Edge Trading is anywhere near that number based on our research.

They do not provide an address for their business, but can be contacted for support via


Edge Trading Review

The creators of Edge Trading claim to have 25 years of trading experience, and “stable, sensible signals that have the highest success rate in the industry.” We really can’t verify the trading experience claim, as the vendor doesn’t provide the identity of any of their analysts. It is really unknown who is running the service at this time.

They make promises about their signal frequency, and win rate as well. They tell the community that they offer 2-5 signals per day, focusing on quality over quantity. We believe in this methodology as well, as there’s no reason to over-trade. The group also claims to make 1500+ pips per month with a success rate of 83%. As much as we would like to believe these numbers, it’s very difficult to, as they don’t have the proof to back it up. We’ll get more into that in the trading results section of the review.

At this point, we already don’t see this as a best Forex signals provider, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future.

Trading Strategy

The Edge Trading team claim that they use “a combination of algorithms and detailed analysis of the market” in order to provide trading opportunities. Sadly, this vague statement is all they tell us about their trade approach. We expect much more information about signal methodology.

In the FAQ they mention that they offer educational content in the members area which likely goes into more detail about their strategies. Yet, without seeing this information, it is difficult to see this group as experts in trading. They should really update their website, and provide more information about their trade approach if they want to be taken seriously. Many other signal providers provide much more detail, as you can see in our reviews of Lux Algo Trading, FX Premiere and Elite FX Signals NL.

Edge Trading Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $30/month
  • Strategy: Algorithmic
  • Founded: 2020
  • Signal Frequency: 2-5/day

At $30 per month the Edge Trading service comes with daily signals, a 14 day money-back guarantee, a free beginners pack, 2 take profits for each trade, and a monthly pip counter. They do not tell us what is in their beginners pack, or what the pip counter is. It would be nice to know what these elements are before signing up.

Trading Results

There is a “portfolio results” page on the Edge Trading website, that shows two separate charts. One chart shows the monthly profit in pips, and the other shows the accumulated returns in % over the same period of time.

Firstly, we find it strange that the results go back to January, when the service launched at the beginning of August. It’s possible they’ve been testing their algorithms, which could account for this, but that’s only a possibility and not a likelihood.

The first chart shows gains of around 1500 pips per month which are really impressive numbers, but they aren’t verified. They don’t show us any actual trading data, or trade examples, and none of the results are proven by a third party. The vendors could easily be fabricating the information on these charts, and until we see some Myfxbook results, we will lean to believing that’s the case.


Edge Trading is only a couple of months old, so we don’t want to too harsh in our judgement. That being said, they do need to be much more transparent with their overall presentation. We don’t know who they are, we haven’t seen any real trading results, and we have no information about their trade approach. All of these aspects needs to be addressed, and when they are we will revisit this review to update our ratings.

If you have anything you would like to add to our analysis, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by at Forex Robot Nation, and please comment your thoughts now.

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Edge trading is a signal service that provides signals frequently.

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