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Thunder 30 Signals Review ($13,000 Profits)

Thunder 30 Signals is a new service developed by the team. They claim that their signals have “produced $13,000+ in pure profits already this year.” This type of return, in conjunction with ease of use are their main selling as points, as traders can get the signals delivered directly to their emails. Today we will be providing a complete review with information about their results, strategy and client feedback.

Trading Strategy Guides is a very popular Forex product developer that launched in late 2016. Their most-used systems include their Strike Trade Elite indicator, and EFC Indicator. The client feedback for both of these prior products is average, but there’s nothing to suggest that this group is running a scam. They clearly come up with trading strategies, and look to employ them for the benefit of their clients.

The service is owned by Casey Stubbs, who employs a handful of market experts to help him with this project. The company is located at Latrobe, PA. 816 Ligonier St. Latrobe, PA 15650. Trader’s can get in touch with support by emailing


Thunder 30 Signals Review

The Trading Strategy Guides team feels that their Thunder 30 Signals service eliminates a lot of the issues traders face daily in their manual trading. Traders don’t have to go through a frustrating trial and error phase, miss out on profit-producing trades, or lose money due to false signals. They promise that traders get the “exact signals” that the strategy identifies, during the same 30 minutes every day.

Unlike most signal services that trade a large window, or even the entire day, this service provides signals only 30 minutes a day. The developers feel that this gives traders stability, as there’s no excuse to miss signals when they are coming at the same time every day.

Most of the best Forex signal services we’ve reviewed to this point trade a much larger window, so it’ll be interesting to see if this works.

Trading Strategy

The Thunder 30 Signals strategy is based on four specific indicators working together to provide trading opportunities. Here are those indicators:

  1. Hull Moving Average
  2. Aroon Up and Down
  3. Keltner Channel
  4. Better Volume

The Hull Moving Average indicator is used in most cases to identify trends. If the HMA is rising then the prevailing trend is usually rising, and if the HMA is falling then the prevailing trend is usually falling. The Aroon Up and Down indicator is used to identify changes to an active trend and monitor the strength of that trend as well. It will measure the time between highs and lows over time, to assist in a trading strategy. The Keltner Channel indicator is used for price action analysis, which again is used for trend analysis. The Better Volume indicator is built to better analyze volume, which helps to show market turning points, pull backs and trend changes.

So, what we can surmise from analyzing each of the selected indicators individually, is that each of them will help in determining the trend. Yet, the vendor doesn’t really go into any detail about how they are using them, and why, which is information we would like to see before signing up.

They are keeping their sales page simple, and less technical, but should provide a technical area for the traders that want it. The readers here at Forex Robot Nation generally require a higher level of technical analysis, as they are more educated than the average trader.

Thunder 30 Signals Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $497/year
  • Strategy: Indicator-Based
  • Founded: 2020
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed
  • Signal Time: 3:30-4PM EST

For traders interested in the Thunder 30 Signals, the service is going for $497/year. At this price traders get access to the email alerts, the strategy guide, training videos, an indicator pack and a few bonuses. The bonuses include lifetime community access, advanced support, the epic trade manager tool for MT4, and a template package with “custom epic trade manager money management.”

Even with all of the bonuses, the package is still priced high in comparison to many of the recent signal services we’ve reviewed. You can see this in our recent reviews of Edge Trading, Lux Algo and FX Premiere.

Trading Results

Despite analyzing closely, we’ve been unable to find verified Thunder 30 Signals trading results. The vendor provides multiple screen shots, including one screen shot of a Myfxbook account, but it can’t be accessed.

We are unsure why they aren’t providing us with a direct link to their trading results, especially considering the large price tag. In order to provide any sort of recommendation we will have to see this account, and hopefully some client results too.

At this point, we will have to rate the service low on their trading results until they are provided.


The Thunder 30 Signals presentation is professional, and the team is a well-known developer. Yet, our analysis is hardly complete, as they don’t provide much transparency when it comes to their strategy and trading results this time around. We hope that they will see our review and make these additions to their sales page quickly.

Thanks for reading our review and please leave your comments, experiences and questions below the article now.

Thunder 30 Signals $497/year
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Thunder 30 signals is described as the ultimate plug & play Forex signal service. They want to provide trades with an easy signal service with no complex software to learn.

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Professional company
Specific trading window
Many bonuses


No verified trading results
Limited strategy insight

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