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UOP FX Review (EA’s & Indicators)

UOP FX short for Unit of Prosperity Forex is service built to help traders reach their goals. They do so by offering trading education, expert advisors for automated trading and Forex indicators. On the website, they tell us that they’ll show us “how to turn a measly investment of $25 into literally thousands of dollars within days.” This sounds too good to be true, as Forex sales pitches almost always do. Today we will providing a complete review and letting you know if the numbers being promised are realistic, or just marketing tactics.

The creator of the service if Reginald Stinson, an internet marketer that found his way into the Forex market. He is located in Nashville, TN, USA, and likely runs the business from a home office as no address is provided. We are unsure how much Forex market experience Stinson possesses, as we’ve found little information about his trading in our additional research. On his own site,, it’s all about his skills as a marketer, not a trader. So, it’s possible that his skill set is more in online marketing than in trading, which we see too often.

There is a promise of 24/7 support, but there is no email provided by the developers. You must have to purchase the software first, before you can ask a question, which we find quite odd. As this does not give traders any room to ask sales questions.


UOP FX Review

Our first impression of the UOP FX service is positive. The sales page is well put together, aesthetically pleasing, with information about all the different services that come in the monthly membership program. That being said, there is a bit too much focus on the sales pitch, instead of the products themselves. Many promises of “earning 1k+ per day with Forex,” and not enough meat on the bone.

The monthly mentorship service appears to be packed with many different tools and features. Trader’s who sign up get access to the following:

  • 70+ Training Videos
  • 2 Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • FX Signals App
  • Trade Manager
  • UOP FX Scalp King EA
  • Hybrid Trading System
  • PRZ Scanner
  • Elliot Wave Pro
  • Sweet Box Fib Tool
  • FX Trade Finder
  • Mastermind Community Access

Let’s take a look at each of the systems, starting with the training.

Forex Training Academy

The UOP FX training academy is built on 9 different modules. Stinson claims that by going through the modules traders can expert to be “earning big profits in just days.” The modules include information on how to get started, Forex fundamentals, tradingview tutorials, intermediate and advanced level techniques.

There are no samples, so we cannot verify the quality of the modules. We hope that they will provide us with a sample video, so we can see the type of training that’s available before signing up.

UOP FX Scalp King EA

The FX Scalp King EA appears to be the software getting the most exposure out of all the systems provided. This robot is advertised a semi-automated trading product with a “cutting edge price action algorithm.” It has a built in news filter, and an advanced cost averaging system which is used to pull out of bad opportunities.

There is only a few lines about each of the systems provided, and no real trade examples of verified trading results.

UOP FX Sniper Pro

The Sniper Pro is another semi-automated trading software trader’s acquire as part of the package. This system uses directional trading functions, a built in news filter and offers traders the ability to set pending orders within the software.

Overall Strategy

Based on the tidbits of information, we believe that Reginald has knowledge of Forex trading strategies, but we would like to see more. Without any trade samples, or explanations of how to approach the markets, we are really in the dark until we purchase the full membership. Ideally, we would like to get a grasp of the tools, and overall trade approach before we shell out any funds.

Trading Results

There is a trading results section labeled “even more amazing proof.” In this section of the UOP FX website, there are a collection of screenshot images showing small sample size trading results. None of these results are verified by a third party like Myfbook, and none of them appear to be from 2020.

While we appreciate that they are trying, this type of trading result is frequently used by poorly performing products. That doesn’t mean that’s the case here, but it has to be considered.

If you want to see what type or trading results most vendors are providing, then see our recent reviews of Forex Truck, FX Delta and Elite FX Signals.


For the most part, the UOP FX presentation is professional and intriguing. Yet, there are clear areas that need attention, like their strategy explanations, examples and trading results. We like to see vendors prove that their products are viable before we have to spend money to sign up.

Currently, the membership is being sold for $125/month, with a 2 day money back guarantee. This is the shortest guarantee we’ve ever come across.

We are not going to provide a recommendation just yet, but we will keep our eye on this service for a few months to see how it progresses. If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please comment below the article now.

UOP FX $125/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


UOP FX is a service providing Forex training, expert advisors, coaching and indicators.

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70+ trainivn videos
Weekly coaching
Expert advisors
Forex indicators


Limited strategy insight
No verified results

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