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Indicator Review: FX Delta

FX Delta is an indicator package and Forex trading system that wants to help traders “extract money from market trends.” The vendor believes that everyone knows the trend is your friend, but very few traders understand how to ride it properly. This software and trading system is built to fill that gap. Today we will provide a full review and breakdown all the important aspects of this Forex service.

The creator of the software is Yordan Kuzmanov. He started trading in 2019, and is now well known for his contributions as a chief trader for Vladimir Ribakov’s, Traders Academy Club. Kuzmanov is the sole team member for this project, and feels it allows him to put forth his distinct strategy, without any interruption from outside influences.

To get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the web site.


FX Delta Review

The FX Delta software is composed of two different elements, the Delta Scanner, and the Delta Dashboard. The scanner is a visual tool to help traders see the current market direction on. It covers “Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

The dashboard is a little more complicated as it’s comprised of three sections, navigation, trade management and 1 click trading. The navigation area shows the market direction. The trade management helps you visualize your current open positions, and the 1 click trading lets you place trades quickly, on the fly.

The first impression is strong, as the best Forex indicators generally provide multiple options as well.


The software is built for both “beginners and experienced traders.” In order for it to be accessible, and useful, Kuzmanov includes full video tutorials so traders can get more insight into the FX Delta methodology.

In terms of strategy, the software ” scans trends in long time-frames , while simultaneously looking for market corrections on short-timeframes. ” This approach, combined with volume, momentum, and price action are what’s utilized to identify the trend and provide ideal market entries.

The strategy outline isn’t in detail, but it’s better than most as you can see in our recent reviews of For-Exe and Dream Signals 3.

Indicator Analysis

  • Type: Forex Indicators
  • Owner: Yordan Kuzmanov
  • Founded: 2018
  • Price: $197

The FX Delta indicator package is currently available for $197, with a 20% discount for traders who purchase with digital coins. The product can also be acquired by signing up with a specific broker and depositing money with that broker, as long as they are accessible to your country. In my country, it says there are no brokers available, so we have to pay the $197.

The package comes with the software, a detailed strategy guide, video tutorials, free updates and access to live webinars.

Trading Results

Kuzmanov provides a performance section on the FX Delta website, which shows trading results going back to 2018, when the service was founded. The table is impressive, as it provides the entry price, stop loss, two take profit options, and the end result. It also includes images for the entry and the exit of each trade.

The approach is pretty solid, but it is missing verification. There is no Myfxbook account, or anything to stop the vendor from manipulating the trading results. In our estimation, we don’t believe the results are being manipulated, but in the Forex market, you always have to be skeptical first.

We do believe the vendor would benefit greatly, from providing verified Myfxbook results, so we know the trades aren’t being cherry picked.

Client Feedback

As it stands, the FX Delta service is showing a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on FPA. This is a very impressive rating, and the client feedback is very positive. It seems that the majority of their clients, are happy with the service.


Our first impression of the FX Delta indicator package is positive. We appreciate the information being provided, and are quite impressed by the positive client feedback, albeit from only 13 reviews.

The only concern we have with the service, and one that can be rectified quickly, is with the trading results. We believe that Kuzmanov should upload his trading account to Myfxbook, so that we can verify each trade in the results table on the website. Once this is completed, we will have a much better idea if we want to recommend the service or not.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments below the article now.

FX Delta $197
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FX Delta is a Forex indicator developed by Yordan Kuzmanov.

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Great client feedback
Developed by a known trader
Professional approach


Priced highly for an indicator system
No myfxbook results

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  1. Really like the look of the FX Delta website, it makes me want to purchase. I am a bit unsure about the trading results though. Does anyone have any of their own verified trading results for me to look at? This would help me greatly in making my final decision.

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