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Dream Signals 3 Review (FXA Trade)

Dream Signals 3 is a Forex indicator that provides trading signals that are touted as basic, powerful, accurate, easy use and fits all styles of traders. The vendors claim that the system your Forex dream has arrived, and that this has been “the most wanted to Forex system since 2009.” Considering we are just hearing about the first time this past week, we would have to argue this claim, but it’s just marketing, so it’s not a real concern.

The domain itself is only just over a month old, but we do believe that the system has been available for a long period of time, as been offered for years on the FXA Trade website. FXA Trade are the developers of this software, and a handful of others including their FX-Agency Advisor.

The creator of the specific strategy is David M., a chief strategist at FXA Trade. According to his bio, the original Dream Signals system was released in 2007, under the name The Ultimate Forex Mastersystem. Apparently this program is over 50,000 sales in a single week that this information doesn’t seem credible as a quick Google search shows little to no information about this other name. If a product truly sold that many copies, there would be hundreds of different websites discussing it, dated back to 2007. The background of the software, and the development team is all somewhat confusing and some sort of clearly would definitely be appreciated.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email


Dream Signals 3 Review

The goal of the Dream Signals 3 indicator is to win approximately 90 to 100 pips per trade. They believe that this is more than possible because they have developed to their strategy in great detail over many years.

They consider themselves one of the best Forex indicators available.


The system is built for scalping, midterm trading and the long-term trading. Traders can use any time frame between M1 and Monthly, so the possibilities are certainly boundless.

It’s worth noting though, that the vendor does provide a suggested strategy. They believe the best way is to use a combination of indicators, and ensure that they are matching or in line with each other before you place a potential trade. They feel that if the “Price Trend Candlesticks, External W.S Omnipotence Signal, and the Confirmation Arrow Signals” all confirm a single trade, that it has a very high potential of being a winner. Obviously, waiting for all of these indicators to match up at the exact right time will take a lot of patience and you won’t always get a ton of opportunities.

We do give the FXA Trade team credit though for providing a strategy and giving insight into the system, and multiple different approaches that can be utilized. This type of transparency is rare as you can see in our other recent indicator reviews of Fibo Quantum Scalper and Trend Pulse Pro.

Indicator Analysis

  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $149
  • Strategy: Scalping, midterm trading and the long-term trading
  • Timeframe: M1-Monthly
  • Pairs: All Pairs

According to the sales page, the Dream Signals 3 packages down from $599, and is now available for $149. This is a lifetime license, that also comes with a free bonus “candle sniper indicator,” which isn’t really discussed in much detail.

Trading Results

In terms of results, the vendor simply provides a single example of a live trade that won $133.53 back in 2009. While it is more difficult for vendors to live trading results for indicators than other Forex systems, that doesn’t mean that this is a viable excuse in 2019.

There is nothing stopping the FXA Trade team from utilizing the indicator for a few months in a row, providing daily live trade examples and even uploading their results to Myfxbook.

Considering the product is being sold for a high price tag of $149, we expect the vendor to prove that the system is still viable, and prove that they can grow trading account using it.


The overall approach of the Dream Signals 3 indicator is impressive, and we are happy that the vendor decided to give is detailed information about their strategy. Yet, they are severely lacking when it comes to trading results, and have been able to prove that the trading software can actually grow a trading account. Before signing up, we would love to see the vendor use their product, and prove to the marketplace that it works before we sign up.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, now would be the time.

Dream Signals 3 $149
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Dream Signals 3 is a signal service and indicator provider but their trading results are from 2009.

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